Giant Eagle: Get 4 Packs Of Tuna Fish And $9 Of Gasoline For 60 Cents!

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This seemed to good to be true, but I just tried it myself and it worked like a charm!  They also had plenty left in stock, but you can always ask for a rain check.

Through Wednesday Giant Eagle has packets of Starkist Tuna Fish in water or oil (OU Parve, but not bishul yisroel) on sale for $1.25 each.

Additionally for every 4 that you buy in one transaction with your Giant Eagle Advantage Loyalty Card (signup is free and easy) you receive 30 cents of fuelperks, good for a discount off gas at the GetGo gas locations (the same ones where I go to cash out my AMEX prepaid cards with no ATM fees) on up to 30 gallons of gas, or $9 of free gas.
There is no limit to how much much free gas you can get and of course it is stackable, so you can get completely free gas with this.

Click here to print a 55 cent coupon for the Tuna packets.
Giant Eagle will automatically double the coupon, as they do for all manufacturer’s coupons under $1. The price after the coupon per packet of Tuna is $1.25-$1.10=$0.15. The cost for 4 packets is thus $0.60, which also earns you $9 of free gas ($0.30 discount x 30 gallons)

The limiting factor to this deal is that you can only print out 2 of the coupons per computer. Additionally the fuel bonus will expire on 09/30/12.

Don’t forget that once you fillup 30 gallons of free gas you still get 3% off your next grocery trip (stackable up to 20% off groceries)

Gotta love Giant Eagle!

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In case anybody is wondering you can print more then one coupon by printing to a disconnected printer. The print job will be spooled in the folder C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS It will be a .spl file. You need SPLview to open it. Once you open it in SPLview you can print to PDF or whatever as many times as you want.


Don’t you mean 3 gallons of gas?


No, why would I mean that?


@Dan- Because $9 of gas gets you 3 gallons, not 30


It’s not a straight $9 of free gas.

If you buy 4 packs of Tuna for 60 cents you will get 30 cents off each gallon of gas, up to 30 gallons. Hence the $9 of free gas.

If you buy 8 packs for $1.20 you will have 60 cents off per gallon on up to 30 gallons.

If you buy 44 packs for $6.60 you will have $3.30 off per gallon on up to 30 gallons, or $99 of free gas. This would make the entire 30 gallons free at the current pump price of about $3.30 in CLE.


Even without coupons, you give them $5, they give you 4 packs of tuna and $9 of gas.

While you’re there, you can pick up cereal (wide selection) at 4/$10 or 4/$12. You get 20 cents off gas (=$6). With .50 coupons (doubled, of course), you can pay $6 for the 4/10 boxes. Net cost for cereal 4/$0.00.

If you have .75 coupons, you can effectively get the 4/$12 for free, or get paid $2 to take 4 boxes at 4/$10.

Don’t buy too many at once. If you buy 4 GM cereals, the register prints out a catelina coupon for $2 off 5 boxes. Also Giant Eagle has preloaded $1.50 off any 4 boxes onto the Advantage cards of many people.


“If you buy 44 packs for $6.60 you will have $3.30 off per gallon on up to 30 gallons, or $99 of free gas. This would make the entire 30 gallons free at the current pump price of about $3.30 in CLE.”

Is that what you did?


This deal is only good if you live around Cleveland, eh?


@Dan: Gotcha! I didn’t read the post carefully!


Gosh, I wish we had Giant Eagle here in NYC.



Just letting u know that I got my 6 (3+3) $25 amex GC on Friday.

Btw, I’m still looking for a free Atm in the Brooklyn (BP)area. If u know of 1 please post.



There are Giant Eagles in MD, OH, PA, and WV.


Dan i gotta ask is there anything in life you pay for:-)


Why are they giving away points so cheap? Don’t these things normally work by like 100$ for 100 points? (or 10 cents off a gallon)? Does every purchase give you so many points, or just tuna? And also anything like this on the west coast? 😀 thanx– sorry for ignorance.



You get 10 cents ($3 of gas) for every $50 spent, however they also run bonus promotions, like for the Tuna this week.


Also, why is the calculation based on 30gallons, most vans only take like 18 or something, you use two Ats in one purchase?


do you know of a free Atm in Brooklyn (BP) that you can take out cash from a prepaid cc or even a gift card?
with no charge??

If u know of 1 please post.
it would really make people happy
dont forget smile


2nd car or gas cans 😉


what? is that an answer to me?


@ Smile – there are no free ATM’s in Brooklyn.

Any WAWA , PNC Bank , or Quick Check in NJ has free atms.
If you are driving to the Mountains or to Lakewood you should be able to pass many of them .

Blaze king

I’m pretty sure you can only fill one vehicle so 15 gallons is more like it which would be $4.50 of free gas


Does anyone have a pdf of the coupon?


Also what difference does it make it you copy or reprint the coupon?


Works like a charm if you self checkout. The cashiers in Sq Hill go out of their way to cancel the doubling.



It is coupon fraud to copy a coupon. Additionally, you are stealing since the store will not get reimbursed for copied coupons.

Each coupon has a unique ID called a UID code which verifies authenticity.

Lastly, there are no pdf’s of these coupons because the coupon printing websites do not provide them in order to prevent fraud.


@Blaze King

Actually Giant Eagle allows you to fill 1 vehicle and up to 2 canisters. Most cars have an 18-20 gallon tank and 2 5 gallon canisters bring you close to the 30 gallons.


@e-lawyer: The getgo by me has never stopped be from filling 3+ gas cans. I used 12 coupons yesterday with no problems at self-checkout.


Is this at Stop + Shop, too?

I believe they are partner companies.


I’m guessing the Giant Eagle at legacy is sold out of tuna… but ill try anyways


@e-lawyer: I was talking in theory, I’m not a thief. Although there are ways to get a pdf of the coupons. Yes I am aware of the UID. I printed 12 Coupons legaly and got $1.80 off per gal in bonus fuel perks.


@MosheD: The GE warehouse was out of stock basically the moment the deal went live. The manager at my local store let me substitute for the multi-packs.