Get 5% Back On BP Purchases With Your American Express Card!

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-Valid though 01/31/12.

Use your Starwood card for example and you’ll get 5% cash back on top of regular Starpoints for purchases at BP!  Use your Premier Rewards Gold card and get 5% cash back on top of double Membership Rewards points for purchases at BP!

If your local BP sells gift cards it might be a good time to stock up!

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26 Comments On "Get 5% Back On BP Purchases With Your American Express Card!"

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Most deals like this I jump at, but I hate BP so much that I won’t ever go back to them.


Site says you need to be invited


Why do you hate them so much?

Did yo try to register? As long as it lets you register you’ll be fine in my experience.


I have a hard time finding a BP that isn’t overpriced, and I can get 5% back on my Penfed card at any gas station.


What type of gcs does this work for? regular amex gcs if they are sold by bp?


Costco by me is a good 10% cheaper for me than other stations, so Penfed wouldn’t do much good for me…


Well Dan the difference between Costco and BP in jersey is $0.25 a gallon so this deal is out for us I guess……


Premier Rewards Gold card is the rewards good on that card for travel



I don’t think Costco does gas in the NYC area. There are some BJs stores here with gas, but they seem to be just a couple of cents cheaper then the rest



Why can’t you use Penfed at Costco? Do they only accept Amex?


Yes, you can transfer them into miles.

Costco only takes AMEX.


does amco take amex?


Thanks! 7 points per buck on PRG is like 10.5%!


Scratch that. Apparently its 5% actual cash back and 2 points, so like 8%. Still pretty solid!


.25 cents a gallon would equal .8 cents per dollar. The above promo gives an additional 5% per dollar – not per gallon.


What’s your point


BP in Lakewood charges 8 cents more, per gallon if you use a credit card.
Regular gasoline is $2.99 a gallon if you pay with cash. Paying with a credit card the price goes up to $3.07 per gallon.
So using this card puts you back down to $2.92, which is a pretty good deal. (($3.07 * 5% = .15) ($3.07-.15 = $2.92))


If I have the Amex Blue cash card and Im getting 5% cash back right now on gas purchases, is this an additional 5% back?


There are only ARCOs in the West and they don’t take credit card — but are always the cheapest gas (pretty close to Costco prices and more convienent). Any idea if a BP gift card purchased online (which I think would work at ARCO) qualifies?

go gate 99

would this work at BP brands such as AM-PM or ARCO as we dont really have BPs close to us – but they own AM-PM and ARCO. Thank you!


ARCOs don’t take credit cards so it won’t work. Not sure if AM/PM counts since it’s not gas — but a convenience store. I’m not sure they take cc either.


@Dan Something having to do with them destroying the Gulf and killing 11 men.


@MacDan: I guess to each their own. I made a point to go to them after the spill. I thought they were railroaded to make drilling look bad.

I figured spend by them and give them money for the cleanup.


Just letting u know that’s it’s only on ur first purchase of gas! I bought gas twice and complained that didn’t know so they gave me 1500 Starwood points!!



This is offer is better than you think!!!
Thsi offer gives you 5% cash back on ALL purchases once you registered your card and use it once at BP!

Thsi is a crazy deal!
I verified it!


How did u verify this?
Btw wat state do u live in?