SMOKING HOT! HURRY! Uppa Baby Vista Stroller, Normally $679.99, Now Just $366.45 Shipped From Zulily!

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Uppa Baby Vista Stroller Linky (Zulily login required, click on “already a member-sign in” to go to the product page or see the link below to create a new Zulily account if you do not have one yet.)

If you are new to Zulily click here to make a new account, as you need to create an account before you can see the page. And thanks for allowing me to refer you to their great site !

Buy this stroller on a credit card like the Starwood American Express Consumer Card, the Starwood American Express Business Card or the American Express Premier Rewards Gold and you’ll get a 3rd year of top notch warranty coverage from AMEX for free! Have a problem with it during the AMEX warranty year? AMEX will pay to fix the problem or refund the entire purchase price!

The Uppa Baby Vista is one of the top rated strollers out there today.  It normally sells for $679.99 plus tax.  From Zulily right now you can get it for just $384.99+$19.95 shipping=$404.94!
You can’t use any Zulily coupon codes for this deal.

The Uppa Baby Vista is a breeze to push, has an adjustable handle so that both parents can push it with ease no matter what their height differential is, can easily be switched so that you can face your child when pushing or your child can face out, can easily be switched between the bassinet or infant seat, and has a massive basket to hold stuff in. You can buy a rumble seat for just $100 to push 2 kids at the same time. Plus it will last for years and will retain a great resale value as well when you are done with it, especially because you are buying it for over 40% off!

Adapters are also available for about $35-$40 so that your car seat will be able to snap right onto the frame, saving you from having to take your baby out of the car seat and into the bassinet or infant seat when you drive to the store for example.

Sales tax is only collected in for order going to WA & KY!

It is available in Green, Wheat, Black, Red, or Silver.

This is for the 2011 model. The 2012 model will be released in 02/12. The 2012 model will sell for $699.99+tax and will basically be exactly the same but you will be able to lift up the bassinet canopy to allow for more air-flow, there will be an adjustable seat canopy, and there will be improved front shock absorption. Hardly worth paying an extra $300 and waiting 4 months for it!

-Includes interchangeable bassinet and seat, stroller rain shield, stroller bug shield and bassinet bug shield.
• Bassinet age limitations: birth to six months
• Seat limitations: three months to 50 lbs.
• Two-year warranty
• Four seat recline positions
• Frame supports interchangeable bassinet and seat
• Three handle height positions
• One step fold
• Adjustable seat height
• 50 SPF extended sunshade on bassinet and seat
• Easy foot brake system
• Shock absorbing front and rear suspension
• Easily accessible cell phone pocket
• Frame only: 19 lbs.
• Bassinet: 9.45 lbs.
• Seat: 6 lbs.
• 18” W x 37.75” H x 22” D
• Frame: aluminum
• Bassinet liner: organic cotton / soybean
• Frame: wipe clean
• Fabric: machine wash

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Hey Dan and other readers with Babies. You don’t need a fancy expensive stroller. Your wife bought into the hype Save yourself money. The ones from target for 200 dollars are just as good. I have a 600 one, a 400 one and a cheap target one. Totally the same.


Thanks Tons! I ordered this stroller yesterday for $499 and cancelled it-now I see it for this price and ordered it again! Thanks


if you think that a $200 stroller is anywhere near as good as the uppa you are truly crazy!

i wish i had gotten our uppa for this price, amazing deal, grab it folks! divide the $400 cost by the number of kids you’ll use it for every single day for years and you will see how worthwhile it is to have an amazing stroller.


Dan – I ordered and then called to have the 10% coupon code applied, and they said that the coupon could not be applied to the stroller order, but that they would givem e a $10 store credit for my next purchase. How did you get the full 10% back?


Try calling again?

×—× ×”

the vista is a ,much better stroller than any 200$ target one u just probably never pushed one…there is a reason ppl buy good strollers

david g

this is a great deal but a little miss leading the msrp is $679.99 but can be bought from amazon direct for $479.99 with free shipping and free 365 days return again this is a great deal because you save $75!


@david g:
I went on Amazon earlier and didn’t see that kind of pricing, seems like they have lowered their price to compete!

Here’s the link by the way:

Still this is $75 less and you should be able to get another $38 credit on top of that with a 2 minute phone call.

With Sapphire Preferred you’ll also have $500 return protection or with AMEX Premium Return Protection they’ll take back items up to $600.


excellent stroller!!! just bought it…my favorite part about it is the rumble seat that is easily attachable and can turn it into a double stroller for just $100


Does anyone know if this stroller fits in the trunk of a midsize car (civic)?


anyone have any experience with using this as a double stroller with the added rumble seat? Is it good enough to use regularly as your (only) double stroller?



When they tell you $10, tell them you would like the full amount that it would have been. The guy I spoke with kindly obliged.


Just spoke with a representative and she said the reason why it did not work is because its a bulk item and the coupon cannot be applied to such an item.. she said that alot of people have been calling about it she is really sorry but nothing can be done, I purchased it for the use of a double stroller eventually and I too was wondering what peoples experience was with the rumble seat.


I just watched a video on youtube and the rumble seat faces back toward s the pusher-my toddler would NOT be interested in that so I not going to buy it. Is there a way to put in the rumble seat the other way? Does the stroller fold with the rumble seat installed or do you have to take it out to fold it?


Bought and got 10% credit as well by talking to a manager, thanks Dan!


@ergel: You need to take off the runmble seat to fold, but it is easy to put on and take off and is not bulky. The main seat faces forward or backward, so if you have a child that does not like facing the pusher, he/she can sit in the main seat.


the rumble seat works a whole lot better than the bugaboo donkey those people cant even fit their stroller down the aisle!


I have the UB stroller for over a year. Love all the great features. Worth every penny (of course I paid more than this, those I got a great deal at that time of $500). This is a great deal. Grab it!


They said the coupon isnt accepted with the stroller, but for the inconvenience, they would give me $10 credit. I didnt want to fight, so I took the $10 credit.


thay also gave me 10$
but i ask a manager and i got the fuel 38.40$


update on website:
We’re sorry! Everything in this category has sold out.

×—× ×”

Back in stock in black green and wheat for $394


Not really related, but Amazon now only gives a 20 percent discount with amazon mom and subscribe and save for new subscriptions on diapers. It used to be 30.


Just called zulily today and got $40 back, thanks!


Does anyone know where I could get this for a comparable price? (It’s no longer on Zulily) Everywhere I look it’s a least $469!


Dan I just got the stroller from zulily. Problem is it is a 2010. Did they ever advertise that it was the 2011 model? Does anyone else know what the differences are?


Amazon is the best deal at $475 with no tax for most people and a 1 year return policy even if you use it.

There are no differences at all between 2010 and 2011.


@Jeremy: I have no intention of keeping a $360 stroller but there are plenty of people out there who would be happy to buy it from me on craigslist for $500 and think they got a steal.