Ooma Telo Lifetime Free Telephone Service For Just $169.99 Shipped From J&R!

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Ooma Telo Lifetime Free Telephone Service Linky

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Have an Ooma? Let’s hear what you think about it in the comments!

“-Revolutionary device that gives you free calls within U.S. and very low rates for international calls with no monthly charges or contracts.
-Works with any corded or cordless phone.
-Easy installation with no computer required.
-Includes caller-ID, call-waiting, 911, and many other calling features.
-Free Answering Machine/Voicemail.
-With the Ooma Telo, you’ll be ready to start calling within minutes.

You are able to port in your current number to Ooma should you desire for a one-time $39.99 fee or else you will get a new local number.

Ooma also offers a paid plan for $10/month which bonus features.  If you buy this plan you can port your number to Ooman for free.  These bonus features include:
-Advanced Voicemail Options for voicemail forwarding and added privacy.
-Instant Second Line for large households with busy phone lines.
-Personal Numbers for all family members so you’ll know who a call is for.
-Call Blocking and Community Blacklist to help rid yourself of telemarketers.
-Multi-ring lets you forward calls to your cell phone or any other phone.
-Three-way Conference Calls so you can add a third person to your calls.
-And much, much more.”

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Have had an Ooma for over a year with no issues. Voice quality is great and it works using regular phones plugged into standard jacks in the house. It’s a no brainer. P.S> If you have an alarm system it may not be able to run over VOIP.


Really great service. Just one small caveat: after the first year, there is a small monthly fee. $3.75 in NY.


I have the Ooma and live in Canada. Overall it’s great, but I find that often there is a delay in the conversations. Sometimes that can be annoying. But not quite sure where the problem is from, could be the phone, or the line, I don’t necessarily know that it’s an “ooma” problem.


I had Magic Jack, It sucked. Now I got Ooma. It is great. Just be aware, It does cost $3 a month for tax no matter where u live.


Just upgraded to Ooma this week.

I actually purchased the ooma hub from bestbuy. I got the refurbished one for about 140 after tax. (new ones were going for over 200). usually I’m not too concerned with refurbs when it comes to routers or phones.

setup was a bit confusing for me, bc i wanted to plug the hub to the computer and a phone outlet, without actually having a phone in that room. which was possible. it just has to be hooked up to a phone jack that powers all the other jacks.

I bought this to save myself over $20 a month, and to get myself some neat features which i didn’t have before. home answering machine. call blocking, call forwarding straight to voice mail or to a cell phone. Proper management on the web plus a whole lot more. the audio is crisp.

highly recommended.

joe the shmoe

I have ooma, works great BUT you should know:

1. They charge approx $3 a month in “taxes” (as far as I know there are no taxes on VOIP)

2. I have never been able to send a fax over ooma, they advise you to dial #99 or something like that, but it still dosnt help. search it online you will see many complaining about it. If you need fax capabilities then stay away.

3. When you sign up they automatically enroll you in a free trial of premium services, and if you forget to cancel they will just start charging you with out warning. They will only credit 1 month back if you forget to cancel the premium services.


@moshe- arent those features only for premium subscribers which costs an extra 9.99+tx per month?


According to their website, you don’t need a computer but you do need an internet connection.

(Just so you know that you shouldn’t buy it for your mother and then find out that she doesn’t have an internet connection.)


i have verizon dsl and if i wanna port the # i lose the dsl service… so how do i go about doing this??

which is the cheapest high speed internet? dsl, cable, optimum or other


had for over a year exellent service, never has to be reset better than vonage. and its free.
the ooma hub has no monthly charge ever.

jeff baum

Can you sign up for premium for 1st month for free port, and then switch to lifetime?


can I switch to and from the premium package whenever I want(like if I want my call forwarded one month when I leave the country etc.?)


I got the ooma hub which i believe has monthly tax ever, the ooma telo i think has a $2-3 monthly tax. Ther sound quality is great, never had a prob. with it however the one prob. is that i have had my caller id coming in to other peoples phones as some weird “taylorooma” so my freinds are confused as to who is calling them. Bottom line, one time phone service fee is awsome!!! and worth any small inconvienicew that may come with it


in reply to Yaakov:

No the features I listed aren’t premium as far as i can tell.

check the website to be sure.
people dont be scared about the premium auto subscribe thingi. it’s only $10 so even if u forget one month, you still pay less than your normal phone bill.


@moshe: Verizon should allow you to cancel your phone line and leave your dsl line active – they call it a “dry loop”. However they will probably charge you a higher monthly fee.
Personally, I used to use Verizon until they lied and cheated me enough that I canceled and swithched to Optimum. $50/mo no taxes or fees, no contract, faster speed, and for another $15/mo a crystal clear phone line.
Hope this helps!