[WiFi Adapter On Sale For Just $19.99] OBi200 Google Voice Phone System Now Just $36.99 Shipped From Amazon: Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls For $0/Month!

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Update, 11/23: You can now get a WiFi adapter for just $19.99 after a $10 Black Friday discount. This is now its lowest price ever from Amazon. The adapter allows you to wirelessly connect the OBi200 and a landline phone to a WiFi network instead of plugging them into an internet router.

The OBi200 provides you with free landline service and is also on sale for just $36.99 after a $21 Black Friday discount. This is now its lowest price ever from Amazon.

Update: DEAD!

OBi200 Google Voice Phone System For $48.99 Shipped From Amazon

I use an OBi200 to get free landline service and it works great!

Quick FAQ’s about this device:

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Hi Dan,
I’m from Toronto. It seems you need a us number to get a Google voice number. When I tried entering my Canadian number to receive the verification code, is says that only us based numbers work. Is this right?


If i connect the wifi adapter will it be the same clear as if it’s connected with wire ?


How can i have incoming caller with Name ?


Can this be used in Israel to receive and send calls to US for an Oleh Chadash if I have a US google number already? Thanks.

Yechiel Z

a) Is Google voice the only way to set up a number ?

b) Need to use a second gmail account for the second line ?

David R

a) No, it’s compatible with other SIP based services that allow you to use your own device.
b) No, you can use the same Google Voice account for the second line, or you can use any other SIP service.

Hillel Abraham

It’s not true that’s it’s totally free, there is a monthly tax depending where you live. I pay around $4.50 every month.


If this device is brought outside the US, does it ring the same as when operated in the US?
When someone calls the device, does it say the same type of message with the Google Voice app on the phone, ie “your call is being connected by google”?

Jack Leberger

Yes, though if you want to try it out, you can just run google voice on your cell phone, which will use the data plan you have, to see how it works. There is no cost from google for the base plan.


BTW, If you don’t want the message, you can take off the “your call is being connected by Google” message in Google Voice settings its under “call screening”

Shoel Eitzah

What’s in the OBi202 over the OBi200, anything else besides for the 2 lines?

David R

A router.

Shoel Eitzah

Don’t they both need to be connected to a router themselves to function?
Please elaborate Thank you

David R

Suppose your cable modem or whatever other device brings internet into your home provides one Ethernet port and one IP address. You can plug either the Obi200 or the Obi202 directly into that Ethernet port without a router in between. If using the Obi200, nothing else can use your internet connection. If using the Obi202, you can plug another device (or devices via a switch) into its LAN port because the Obi202 is a router.


I know there has been some changes recently to Google Voice. I’m not exactly sure what changed, but it no longer works as a stand alone app to make and receive calls on my mobile phone. Anybody know more about that?


If i am using 2 obi devices with the same goolge voice account in 2 different locations how will it work with 911 ?


Loads of info in the comments of the previous posts for this device



What is the regular price for these devices?


Can I transfer my landline number to this machine?

half dead

the 202 is back up to $99


Can u use this from israel and have an israeli landline nunber and call the US?


I got it last week at 49, any chance theyll price match?


Price is $48.99


Can this work with just a router and without a local landline? Meaning just over WiFi


Is it $0 a month just for a year or forever?


Hi, also does your number stay the same forever?
I have Google voice on my cellphone and they changed my Google voice number a few times already…
Thank you!

Lisa A

Can I use this with a wifi hotspot (from my cell)?


What is the advantage over using my Google number on my cell phone?


I bought this today as I see the day where i cut the cord finally coming. I was able to save an add’l $15 off the price by using 1 Ultimate Reward point, so it cost me $21.99 + tax. Thanks Dan and JJ!


how do i do that to get the extra $15 off i added 1 point and nothing came off

Lisa A

Great idea! Just reordered mine using your method and saved $15 by redeeming one point 🙂


I don’t know where else to post this but I just wanted to thank you for always hooking us up with everything!
Got so many good deals from dansdeals and I love it. I appreciate it. Thank you!!


Thank you for sharing how to get 911 services. Is it just me or does GV911 seem like fake scammers website or a website made by 5th graders. Please confirm this is legit. Thanks.


Does this work with previous OBi models?


can you port current verizon phone number ?

Lisa A

@dan do you what would be my cheapest route for internet service if all I’ll be using it for is this phone?

Lisa A

Do you have experience porting a number out of Google talk and back onto a cellphone ? I see conflicting reports online and don’t want to give up that number…

Israel dansdeals fan

Is there any option of the adapter that would ship to Israel


any idea when their will be the next good deal for this?


hey @dan what do you suggest for Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls as obi will reach its End of Service on December 18, 2023