Save An Additional $150 On MacBooks, iMacs, And More From Best Buy: MacBook Air From $649.99 Shipped

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Step 1: You’ll need a .edu email address for this deal. If you don’t have one you can signup for a free .edu address here. That link isn’t working for me in Firefox, but it worked fine in Internet Explorer and in Chrome when using Incognito mode.

I just wrote that I am am a working adult and was able to signup for an email address instantly.

You can then click here to go straight to your email inbox.

Step 2: Enter your .edu address on this page to get coupons for all of the Best Buy offers listed on the page.

Step 3: Check your email for a link from Best Buy to confirm your .edu address.

Step 4: You’ll get another email from Best Buy. Mine wasn’t legible but I clicked on “Shop all the deals on the gear you need to make the grade” and got a page with all of the promotion codes.

Step 5:
Using the promotion codes from that email you can save:
-Save $150 on these Macbooks
-Save $150 on these iMacs
-Save $100 on these Portable All-In-One Computers
-Save $100 on these Surface Pro Tablets
-Save 25% on these Keyboards for iPad
-Save $50 on an Insignia 24″ LED 720p HDTV/DVD Combo
-Free Google Chromecast with Google Nexus 7 Tablet
-Save $20 with 12-Month Xbox Live Card and Select Xbox One Game

For example after using the $150 promo code:
-This last-gen 11.6″ MacBook Air will be just $649.99
-This current-gen 11.6″ MacBook Air will be just $749.99
-This last-gen 13.3″ MacBook Air will be just $749.99
-This current-gen 13.3″ MacBook Air will be just $849.99
-This 13.3″ Macbook Pro will be just $1,049.99
This 21.5″ iMac will be just $1,149.99

During checkout on the payment page just scroll down to promo codes and apply the correct code for the item you’re buying.

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The difference between the last generation MacBook Air and the current one is a speed bump of 100Mhz something most people won’t notice or care about…. Otherwise they are identical, something to keep in mind before shelling out an extra $100!

Something Fishy

The savings on the iPad keyboards is actually 25%, not $100.

Osborne Greene

Dan, are u a Mac or PC guy?


Yaks- are you referring to difference bw mac air and mac pro?

Thanks dan

Just ordered the last gen air 13 inch for 750.
Thx so much dan!!


No the diff between the old air and the one that came out 2 days ago. The differences between the air and pro are much more significant.


It’s coming out to 820 with tax


Dan, can i use my old account, or i have to make a new account under the edu email address?


Is that really the only difference?
Definitely not the worth the $100 in that case.

@Something Fishy:
Yup, was a typo, thanks.

@Osborne Greene:

You can use your old account.


Promo code not working on new 2014 macbook airs for me, anyone else get it to work?



There will be a new MBA coming out June time, likely with 12″ retina display.

No HT šŸ™


I believe so.

Yaakov H

Thanks Dan, so Kind of you. Got a imac and air. Appreciate the post


Why is it charging me tax when i ship to jersey?



I did everything you said above, but when I go to check out and put in the promo code, it doesn’t accept it and says as follows:

“Your order does not qualify for the promotional code entered. Please review the rules of the promotion.”


i dont know

how long should I wait for the second email? I only got the first one
thanks Dan

thanks dan

@adam, make sure your putting in the right code for the right deal. I was putting in the code for the imac into the macbook air and it wasn’t going, took me a minute to realize


@thanks dan: I am. I thought it was maybe because the e-mail addresses didn’t match up, but I tried to buy it using the .edu e-mail address and that didn’t work either.


How long do you have to wait for email. I signed up and entered email address at Best Buy and it still says “your inbox is currently empty”


Dan – something was definitely wrong with the web site, so they said I should call in the order, which I did and it worked. Thanks.


I assume this .edu account would also work to sign up for amazon student


@jack: but you are not a student, Jack


@Emma: sure i am. I just dont have a .edu account, thats all


@Emma: We are all students in one way or another.
For example, today I learned that people in Brooklyn, NY act like jerks when they drive.

i dont know




And today I learned how to rip off best buy and say I’m a student


Actually the only requirement is having a .edu, but thanks for playing.


The Macbook Pro listed above is a terrible deal. Its a mid 2012 model, I purchased it in November 2012 for $960 with no coupons…

thanks dan

best buy lowered the price on some of the macs.


they lowered the prices on the macs


Is the promo still up ?