HURRY! PRICE MISTAKE? Save $250 AND 25% Off HP Envy Laptops!!!

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Buy this computer on a credit card like the Starwood AMEX Consumer Card, the Starwood AMEX Business Card or the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold and you’ll get a 2nd year of top notch warranty coverage from AMEX for free! Have a problem with the laptop during the AMEX warranty year? AMEX will pay to fix the problem or refund the entire purchase price of your computer!

Buy anything from HP with an American Express business card like the Starwood AMEX Business Card, the Simply Cash Business Card, the Open Gold Charge card, or the Platinum Charge card, and get 5% cash back on top of the regular points earned for the purchase with automatic Open Savings!

The 25% off coupon says in its terms that it negates any instant dollar off savings, however right now it is taking the 25% off and the $250 off as well!  All upgrades will also be 25% off as well.

“HP’s high-end Envy line of laptops is one of the few bright spots for laptop design in an industry currently filled with midprice plastic boxes.” -CNET

HP Envy 14: Normally $1,249.99, now $687.49! ($653.59 with AMEX Business)

HP Envy 14 Beats Edition: Normally $1,299.99, now $724.49! ($688.74 with AMEX Business)

HP Envy 17: Normally $1,499.99, now $874.99! ($831.24 with AMEX Business)

HP Envy 17 3D: Normally $1,899.99, now $1.137.49! ($1,080.62 with AMEX Business)

Use the following code for 25% off Envy 14 and Envy 14 Beats laptops with code (Exp: After 800 uses!): NB252525

Use the following code for 25% off Envy 17 and Envy 17 3D laptops with code (Exp: After 100 uses!): NB25ENVY17

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the deal is only on the 14 and 17 series?


I’m pretty sure those are the only sizes currently made by HP.


what about this one? HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition series


That’s not part of HP’s premium Envy line.


Thanks just bought a few, hope to flip them


Dan, which configuration? There are 3 choices for the envy 17 3d, one cost 1699 and one for 1599 but none for 1899



the beats edition 14inch comes out to 739 after 7% tax in nj and amex open 5% back. on amazon they have it for 809 and in nj I dont pay tax so its a good deal but not exactly flipping material.


I just ordered one two nights ago. Actually when I spoke to HP rep over the phone she did mention the $250 discount plus a coupon code NB1515 which gives you 15% off (obviously I went with the NB2525 with 25%off).

I believe the NB2525 coupon expires 10/19


@Yitzi: i have the same question


The one on Amazon for 809 has a slower processor and less ram then from HP, although the hard drive is slightly larger.

me of course

i tried both laptops and it keeps saying unable to process order looks to me like its dead


Just got the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition, Thanks for the heads up on this great deal!


I’m didn’t say the amazon deal was better. I just said that if you are paying 739 or 778 without amex open savings its a great deal if you want the laptop. However to buy a bunch to “flip” doesn’t seem to make sense to me when amazon has one very similar for a few dollars more. The processor speed is negligible and a 4gb ram module can be had for around 25 bucks on amazon then you replace the 2 gb module and have 8 gb ram. And a bigger hdd. Like I said I still agree the hp deal is better but not enough to make a flipping business out of this.


got one too