$150 Off Any HP Envy 14 or Envy 14 Beats Laptop!

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Buy this computer on a credit card like the Starwood AMEX Consumer Card, the Starwood AMEX Business Card or the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold and you’ll get a 2nd year of top notch warranty coverage from AMEX for free! Have a problem with the laptop during the AMEX warranty year? AMEX will pay to fix the problem or refund the entire purchase price of your computer!

HP Envy 14 Series Linky

Use the following code for $150 Off Envy 14 laptops with code (Exp: After 300 uses!): NBCR9933

You can also save 30% off $1,399+ HP Envy 17 and HP Envy 3D laptops with code (Exp: After 600 uses!): NBN6288

You can also save 30% off $999+ HP Laptops (excluding Envy and dv6z Quad, but including dv6t Quad 15.6″ and dv7t Quad 17.3″.) with code (Exp: After 1,800 uses!): NBCR9933

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the code is not working on any envy 14 laptops, have been waiting a while for a deal on this laptop, please help