Open A Key Student Checking Account And A Credit Card And Get A Free 8GB iPod Nano!

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If you don’t get approved for the credit card you can also add a parent to the account to get the ipod.

The details about the ipod are in the 2nd paragraph about the fine print.

Key says that is will be the 8GB iPod nano and it will have a reported value of $140.

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14 Comments On "Open A Key Student Checking Account And A Credit Card And Get A Free 8GB iPod Nano!"

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They apparently just changed the offer to a 1GB FLASH DRIVE!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! What is KeyBank thinking??? Their promos are usually awesome. So far from them I have
gotten a 3rd Gen Ipod Nano, iPod Touch 8gb, and Nuvi 265wt!!! A 1gb Flash drive is an embarrassment to themselves!!!!


It’s still a nano, read the 2nd paragraph in the fine print.


Dan, Is this offer valid for New Jersey Residents?
The credit card – Is it Visa, or American Express, Mastercard?I have a hard time getting approved for American Exoress.


DAN— how do you know its a 8 GIG…. maybe its a 2 gig?? all it says “ipod nano”


no more 2 gig-ers only 8 or 16…………..unless there giving an old generation nano, hey u never know… (since the new nano 8 gig is valued at 150 NOT 140)


They have Visa and MC.

It was actually quite ingenious-I called them up and asked!

Key is nice enough to round down from the actual retail, they did the same for the recent Nuvi deal.

I and S

Can I open an account and just add on a parent even if I could technically could qualify for a credit card and still get the nano? Or do I need to sign up first?


just got papers in the mail,
they write, only for new accounts to Key bank.


They say that in order to open a credit card, you need to be 18. The account is a joint account with my father. If he opens a credit card, can we still get the ipod?




i called custoemr service and they say we need to do 2 bill pays (over $100 each) within time slot as well. can you confirm wether it is true?


If it doesn’t say it in the terms it’s not true.


@Dan/Ctownbochur: We opened a joint bank account, a credit card, a debit card, and enrolled in online banking and statements, which is what they told me I need to do when I called them. They confirmed that we qualify for the iPod, and then we got a 1GB memory stick in the mail. We sent them a letter but have not heard back from them. Is there anything we can do?


Have you tried calling and speaking to a manager?