Have A Continental OnePass Plus Or United MileagePlus Explorer Card? Here’s How To Still Get A $99 Or $149 TouchPad!

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Update 2: You should be able to order through the Amazon marketplace and still qualify for the Price Protection!

Update: PC Connection has TouchPads at full price:
You can use screenshots from Office Depot to use for price protection.

Any other stores have them in stock or have good screenshots to use for matching?

Originally posted on 08/21:

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Chase Continental OnePass Plus Card Linky
United MileagePlus Explorer Card Linky

Keep missing out on the $100/$150 TouchPad tablets?  Here’s another way to get one and is worthwhile to keep in mind when making other purchases.


The Continental and United cards are loaded with travel benefits.  Free checked luggage, Free primary car rental CDW insurance. unexpiring miles, Last-seat easypass award availability, Priority Boarding, United Club passes, In-flight discounts on alcohol and Live-TV, Upgrades on award tickets for elite members, Delayed baggage insurance, Trip delay insurance, Trip Cancellation Insurance, Lost or damaged luggage insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, Roadside assistance, etc.

Besides for all of that though they come with a number of purchase benefits such as return protection and price protection.
With price protection if an item you buy goes down in price in a retail store or online (auction sites excluded) then you can get a refund of up to $500 per item and $1,500 per year.
If after you buy an item you find a lower price within 90 days you call 800-419-8027 and let the claims administrator know about it. You should call to file the claim within 10 days of finding the lower price. Then just fax or send in your receipt and a printout of a lower price.

You can grab a screenshot of the 32GB TouchPad for $149.99 with this Google Cache page.
Post a comment if you can find a Google Cached page of the 16GB TouchPad for $99.99 and I’ll update this post.

Plus you’ll actually get to keep the miles on the added cost as they will cut you a check for the price protection difference…

32GB TouchPad For $499.99 at Buy.com

16GB TouchPad For $439.99 at Buy.com

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can you still match to 50k miles on the continental and united cards?



On the screenshot it says availabilty as of 6:49 pm. Wont that be a conflict to something that you buy at 10:49 pm?


You can try sending an SM. Matching will always be YMMV, but I was able to match the Continental OnePass Plus and the United Visa Sig to 50k via SM last month.

That’s just the site’s availability as of then and doesn’t have to be the time of the screenshot, which will be displayed on your computer monitor.
I don’t think that will be an issue.


Does not the amex platinum have a price protection? Can the same thing be done with an amex plat?


Ok, just one more question. On the buy.com link the mfg is FB359UA and on costcentral its FB356UT, will that be a problem as i do not see in the codes any similarity between the items.



CMIIW, but I don’t think any AMEX has price protection.

Hmm…I wonder why that would be different.
Anyone have any other $99/$149 screenshots to be safe?


I bought one on barnes and Nobles. Prob will get price adjustment,


Why not just buy it from this site? Why do you need to pricematch? Or are you saying I can get the check from chase and then return it?


Why not do the price to staples I saw it there for 49.99 (it was sold out)


B&N now has 16gb for $101, $113 shipped to MD


Does the continental presidential plus have this benefit?




How long does it take to get the money back from Chase Continental?

danny K

Dan- what does you mean when you send a secure message to continenetal. YMMV to match the 50K is that the code?


Dan, your awesome. This site is mamish the best


As far as price protection:

Do they only look at cost, or cost + S&H?

Meaning, if I buy something for $90 + $10 S&H ($100), but find it somewhere else for $85 + $20 S&H ($105), will they refund me $5?


@danny K: When you sign on to the chase website after signing up for the card, you can send a SM, secure message, requesting that they match the 50,000 mile offer. YMMv = your points may vary, meaning that they may or may not match the miles. Not sure what the code is for the continental card, but prob should not be too hard to find on this site.
good luck


sorry, ymmv = your miles may vary


Dan, I just got off the phone with presidential plus and they said that they only cover $250 peritem up to $1000 a year. Does that make sense?


I ordered 3 from Barnes and Noble last night and and I checked my order status just now and it say there was a problem and to call their 800 which hangs up on you due to high call volume….lame.

meech b

theres print screens for 32 gig all over- but any for the 16 gig?


something fishy going on… BUY.com just pulled the touchpad?


Most price protections Ive seen exclude closeouts, are you sure this will work?


Dan I posted a CDW screenshot on the forums….


You were misinformed. I have the latest benefit guide and it says $500 per item, $1,500 per year.

From what I understand, Closeouts means like costumes bought after Halloween. Not tablet computers.


if it gets available again put a new post beacuse i only get it on twitter so would like to be updated on the spot

meech b

uch. i need to cancel mine now cus my CO card has been downgraded and the card type changed- and they never told me. so when i called up about the price protection, they told me i dont qualify… i wish they wudda warned me b4 hand!




“The Price Protection benefit does not apply to advertisements for close-out sales, flea markets, fire sales, cash-only sales, limited quantity promotions, liquidation sales, going-out-of-business sales, seasonal sales, or advertisements on the Internet.”

This is being called a fire-sale so I don’t see why they would honor it.


Did it say “fire-sale” on any site? Amazon? B&N? CDW? HP?
Anyway where are you quoting from? The price protection the CO card says that non-auction advertisements on the internet are valid.


Do any amex cards have this price protection? ie:Spg or Gold


Not that I know of.


ok, since barnes and nobel cancelled my order i guess i’ll buy these and hopefully get the price protection. BTW, dan, what would happen if i don’t get the price reduced? what’s the return policy? Is it like amex’s? Also, are the ones from amazon being shipped?


oh, i just clicked on the links from pc connection and its not giving me the item page… guess their all sold out


If i buy it from this site will my mileage explorer card match it?
Sorry about all these questions i have a feeling i’m driving you nuts


I don’t see why not!


There is return protection, but just $300/item.


Here is proof of the 99 dollars price


I just don’t know how to take a screen shot


On your keyboard is a Prt Scr button. Press that and then open up a program like Paint and then click Ctrl-V or Paste and then save the screen shot.


Thank you Dan
I really appreciate all your help


omg this product isn’t available anywhere!!!


What about the amazon link you posted?


I just boughht one from a seller on amazon.com for $260 and 5 bucks shipping on my united mileage plus explorer card!
i’ll let u know how it goes
thanks again


Now get that price protection claim filed ASAP.
Because you’re under $300 if you get denied for any reason you can still file a return protection claim!

Claim Form

The claim form says that you need to provide proof of lower price by showing the advertisement with the date.

The only site I came across that shows the date is HP, but on HP it says “out of stock”. Does anyone have a screenshot or a cached image from Aug 22 of HP.com 16gb touchpad?


Would this work on Chase Continental One Pass cc or just One Pass plus


I believe just OnePass Plus, Presidential Plus, or MileagePlus Explorer, but feel free to call Chase and ask.


The screen shots i have do not have dates, which i believe is needed. Any screen shots with dates that I’ve missed?


Can someone help me get a screen shot with the date? I’m so excited about this but also nervous. This is the first time I’m doing anything so cool ! What a thrill


Dan, what about my Q?

Love free stuff

This only works on the Continental One Pass Plus WORLD card not the Platinum card.


should i purchase highest priced one so I can get the most for my refund?


would the Barnes & Noble receipt work as proof of the price? or does it have to be a website screen shot? my order got cancelled, but i printed a copy of the receipt showing my order and the price, tax and shipping.


Helpp I really need a screenshot for the 99 dollar touchpad!


Not sure if you mentioned it before, just noticed that the insurance for auto rental coverage with chase continental and with chase sapphire preferred does not work in Israel


I just spoke to a rep who said that as long as the printout has the time stamp on the bottom (which most printers by default print on the bottom of the page) thats good enough


Just got an email from Amazon. No explanation, but they cncelled my order! I am pissed!


Of course, I called Amazon and they said screw you



Do you still suggest doing this? Is it a gambe?



I’m trying it… It just might work


@Watcher: Where did you buy it from and what are you using to price match?


Hi Dan,
Thank you for your great blog!
I did purchase 2 32gb touchpad tablets through this deal, and did fill out my price protection form through my chase continental card. I’m a bit worried since I just went on Buy.com and it states that there are no returns or price matches on these. I’m just thinking ahead of what would happen if the claim is rejected for some reason (insufficient evidence from the screenshot for example). Any advise to ease my mind?


@Ami: Ami, How did it go?




They are NOT honoring this. I tried, sent in all the screenshots etc…

They responded that the terms and conditions state that the price protection “DOES NOT APPLY TO DISCONTINUED ITEMS”

I tried arguing that since HP announced that they will be manufacturing more of them, it is not technically “discontinued”. They replied that it is still considered discontinued and they will NOT honor it.


That’s BS!
Show them this WSJ article, HP is still manufacturing touchpads so it’s not discontinued!

To Dan


I showed them the same (very similar) article from the Huffington Post here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/31/hp-announces-more-cheap-touchpads_n_943355.html.

They called me up 5 minutes after I sent them the email with the link, and they said that it is still considered “discontinued”, because it says in the article, in the second paragraph that “Hewlett-Packard is manufacturing more of its discontinued TouchPads”, so it means that it is “discontinued”.

Dan, if you have an idea for me, I am open to trying it.


Hi Dan,
I haven’t yet heard from Chase price protection, but now I’m assuming that my worries are correct and they will not honor my claim. I have not yet picked up my touchpads from the post office (they left a note that they tried to deliver them). What would happen if I refuse the package and they are returned to sender? I did talk to Buy.com and told them that their “warehouse seller” did not specify in the original sales page that there will be no returns or price matches as there are now. I got a reply that the seller is willing to make an exception and take them back for a 25% restocking fee (they were $590, so $150/touchpad). What is my best course of action? Should I refuse to pick up the item and then dispute the charge? Does return protection with Chase have an effect in this situation? Any help would be welcome as I’m freaking out!


If it didn’t say no returns tell the seller that you will file a chargeback if he won’t take it back. See what he says and just file a chargeback if he won’t take it back without a restock fee.

Alternatively fight with Chase to show HP is still making them so they are not discontinued.

Alternatively signup for Premium Return Protection which lets you return items up to $600: http://www.dansdeals.com/forums/index.php?topic=9845.msg118754#msg118754


Thanks for your quick reply!
I talked to Buy.com again, and told them I will refuse the package because of the return terms and they said that by doing that I should receive the full refund. They are going to contact the seller and let them know, and will contact me tomorrow to let me know what the seller said. My wife also ordered two so between the two of us it’s quite the daunting total.
Thanks for your help, and let me know if you have any more suggestions.


Good luck, keep us posted!


chase denied me


the link does not work anymore. a new one?