Will You Spend $549 On Apple Airpods Max?

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Apple released the Airpods Max for preorder today.

If you want them, you’ll need to part with $549.

That’s a whopping $350 more than the recent sale price for my favorite over-ear headphones, the Bose QC35s.

I find the Bose headphones to be ultra comfortable with excellent noise cancellation and sound quality. So what can the Airpods Max do better to justify the price tag other than having an Apple logo?

Apple says that each ear cushion uses acoustically engineered memory foam to create an effective seal.

They also say they have put an H1 chip into each ear cup, for the best listening experience ever. “The Airpods Max use spatial audio with dynamic head tracking to place sounds virtually anywhere in a space, delivering an immersive, theaterlike experience.”

I mean, I guess that sounds cool on paper, but $549 good? The jury is out on this one, but to be fair, I also thought the original iPhone was overpriced and wouldn’t be a hit. 😀

Will you buy an Airpods Max?

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Hell no.


Good thing Apple/BB/Amazon have a holiday return policy. Guess we can try and find out




Please ship outside of zip code 08701

Moish Picklestein

lol.. I just figured out it’s lakewood!


Would love to try it in the apple store lol


They getting ahead of themselves because they did way better than they thought they would with the AirPods but the were pioneers with the wireless in ear headphones (sort of). This will fail!


Why would that make you think they will fail? They know very well what they’re doing. This is also a very profitable item, aside from initial R&D costs, doesn’t cost more than $40-50 for them to make


yes, but they have also put out a homepod and homepod mini which sound quality is unreal so its just the fitting they have to get right which they seem to have mastered


Nebech on all those ppl tied down to the apple train!






Wow @dan, I was waiting for you to give your input! I personally don’t like headphones, so I definitely can’t see myself spending on them.
While I was skeptical about the AirPods, which I currently have, I would keep them over AirPods Max.

Mod hash

By the way the Bose nc700 and the Sony wh1000xm4 and xm3s all have dynamic head tracking they can literally make the sound “sound” like it’s coming from anywhere in the room

Malka beila

You know when will happen. Bose will go up in price to match Apple.


I’ll wait for the AirPods Mini

~King Lake~

AirPods Max Mini…

Texas Totty

They call it nano.




First time that I can remember Apple releasing a product with radical design innovation. Bose and other have spent years designing headphones and a huge part of their business relies on that, so I predict this a failure



There is much competition in this space and much innovation+ higher price


I’ll stick with the Sony WH-1000XM3


Not a chance, especially with the brand new Sony XM4s available as low as $225 at Target. These seem like a joke, but Apple has top marketing ppl so they must know something we dont. Im very curious who the target market here is, since Apple fanboys only make up a relatively small segment

Norman H

Where do u see them at $225 at Target ?

FYI – according to EVERY reviewer the Sony XM4’s are the king, can’t imagine Apple beating them


They are currently $279, and if you got the 10% off Gift cards plus your 10% target circle coupon, its reduced to $225.99 plus tax.


No song is worth that much 🙂


Ill stick to my QC35ii

ah giten

These are going out of style sooner than later. Might be good, but will look old very soon.


Based on the poll, they already have 25 customers 🙂


More then double the AirPod pro with basically the same features besides probably better sound quality and anc( bec their over ear)and less ideal for out of home use Apple for some reason thinks we all lost our mind during quarantine this will fail like the HomePod except maybe the factor people will buy this to show off an luxury item


Apple has lost their mind and so have their fans. I will not buy it but the crazies will cause it’s Apple


I will not buy it I’m sure million crazies will. People spend 1k for a phone let’s face it there are enough Apple crazies out there in the world who will. People spend $500 on shoes just cause they are yeezy by some crazy rap singer. Let’s face it Apple does their Homework? Crazies out number smart people by a lot and they will sell.. smart people should buy Apple stocks instead


It will be on discount like the Apple watch in the past few months

If I’m not mistaken there is a post about apple watch on sale every week here


You can buy pretty much anything from apple and return no questions asked within 2 weeks.
I’m in for one.


Just did 😮

Voter fraud

“You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #51”
Who voted for me?


Dans got better protocols then the feds

Y 51

Voter fraud

Now the poll worked for me. Thank you

Tuli G.



Is this Tuli Goldstein?

M. G.

Is this Avremi Goldstein?


Moishy Goldstein, is that you?


Dr. Goldstein?


Happy to see that 82% of DD voters are not insane.


Those 82% voters also don’t believe in masks.

Texas Totty

Happened again. They think I voted already. “You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #51”. No I hadn’t.
Are you using Dominion?


Same happening to me. Seems like there’s a glitch…


Poll is closed! Stopped the counting? #StopTheSteal

If poll would be open, I would vote No

Polls are a scam

Voting Fruad.
Biden and apple.


$500+ for a pair of headphones? I am not going to be a buyer of them at anything close to that price. I’m not such a sound connoisseur as to be willing to pay for — or run around — with such an expensive and big set of headphones.


The original iPhone was wildly overpriced, at $500-$600 after AT&T carrier subsidy/contract lock-in. They dropped the price almost $200 a few months after release. Phones are mostly unsubsidized these days, so it’s not a 1-to-1 comparison.


Although I won’t be buying them since I don’t like over-the-hear, I really think that they are going to be the best when it comes to comfort and noise cancellation.


Just get a bose for half the price


I’ll wait for price mistake.

Dr Goould

The Bose were originally $349 if i recall maybe $399. Beats Studio have a msrp of $349 yet you can get them on sale for $175-$199. The homepod was $399 i think before dropping to $299, I just got one for $199. So I can see the headphones droppiing to $449 at some point and I see black friday deals at $299


Heck no, for that price one can buy two Sony XM4 and they are not even Pro version.


wannabe types will gobble it up in spades


Not gonna get them, but for an audiophile- spending $549 on a great pair of headphones isn’t crazy. The quality will have to match the premium price, like regular Airpods do.


I want one but its sold out everywhere already.


If you Google “audiophile headphones” you will find many at $1000+. So there is certainly a market for high end, if these live up to the hype. Price will come down over time to expand the market. (I worked at Apple in the 70s). Prediction: they will be successful on Apples timetable.

Moish Picklestein

I think you guys don’t understand that one who has the financial means will buy this in a second over beats or bose! it’s the tried and true brand name. take it from me….