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Update: Just 2 days remaining to signup for this offer!

Carbonite Offer Linky

Carbonite has a limited time offer running through 01/03/13 for a free $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up via my link above.  They’ll also give me a $20 Amazon gift card if you use my link above and I thank you in advance for your support as always.

I don’t need to tell you how critical it is to backup your data.  Trying to recover data from a damaged hard drive or solid state drive can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars and is often not even possible. A friend of mine recently dropped their laptop and it cost them hundreds of dollars just to retrieve some pictures off of it and none of the pictures were in the original folders so that became another hassle to deal with.

A hard drive works with moving parts and has a limited life expectancy.  Eventually they do die.  Even if you backup data onto an external hard drive those can die as well (it’s happened to me already a couple times unfortunately) and to lose precious documents and pictures is never fun.

I’ve been using Carbonite for some time now and it works in the background of your computer to automatically backup your data remotely.  That way you don’t have to worry about something happening to your hard drive, or to your house for that matter, as you can remotely access your backed up data from anywhere.

A basic plan is $59/year, so effectively $39 for the first year with the $20 gift card you’ll receive.  You can start with a free 2 week trial with no credit card required, though you’ll only get the gift card once the paid subscription starts.

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did it!


Do you think I can call and receive this offer if I signed up for carbonite within the last 14 days?


I would assume that for most people the 25 or 50gb that can be had for free should suffice for them. Unlimited storage of pics and videos is offered on Picasa. Google Music offers the same for you music files. Between all of these free services I find it hard to justify paying money for backup services. Plus if you have a SSD the chance of failure is very slim.


Videos are no longer backed up by default. One needs to manually select each video file and tell Carbonite to back it up. Carbonite ignores files with “special characters” in their file name, like underscores. Carbonite was “never designed to backup program files”, so it ignores .exe’s and dozens of other file types.


what if you already have carbonite – can you still do this? or is this only for new customers?


Us this more bid oriented? How does it compare to Google drive? I have been close to signing up for google drive but will check this out


Does carbonite provide free access to government agencies?

Not that I did anything wrong…


Probably not, but you can always cancel that new account and make a new one if you want.

The point of Carbonite and other backup services is that they are proactive.
If you are organized enough to backup your photos, docs, and music every time you update then then kol hakavod, but 99% of us don’t do that and are sorry when something catastrophic happens.

Also while SSDs don’t fail as often, they still can fail (too many times deleting/rewriting to the same sector, etc) and when they do it’s even harder and more challenging to recover than from a hard drive.

just wondering

So lets say for arguments sake 1000 people sign up from this link. That means you make an easy 20,000. Just curious, how much of that goes to charity? Or is my estimate way off? (chill out I am just wondering)


@just wondering:
Lol, your estimate is wayyyyyy off though that would be really nice. And these referral offers rarely track properly on the referrer’s end…

But either way I always give between 10-20% of all income derived from this site to 501c3 charities, even if I don’t brag about it as some other bloggers do. In my upbringing, giving charity was never something that was something to be talked about amongst others (then again neither was asking about someone else’s income and charitable practices). It’s something done because it’s the right thing to do, not to stroke your own ego.


If your have some tech savvy and want to save money you can create your own carbonite like system by using a second computer and a free program called Crashplan. They allow free backups to friends computers or other computers owned by you. So if you have an old computer that you can make your backup computer plug it in and follow Crashplan’s easy instructions. If you want offsite backup in different location then set the backup computer up at your parents house like I did!!


Dan- love your response to just wondering. Love your website too.

Janice TheGeek

@HSS: backing up your computer to your friends computer doesnt mean that your friend wont drop hot coffee on his laptop and screw up your “backed up” stuff. A company like Carbonite probably backs up your files to multiple servers (that are way safer then your friends computer) in case on fails.


@Dan does this plan come with multiple licenses for different computers, or do I have to pay extra if I want Carbonite on multiple computers?


Where is the best place to back up my pics 4 free?



@Janice TheGeek:
Much safer to have it professionally backed up.

You have to pay extra for additional computers.
Best thing if you just want to pay the minimum and have peace of mind is to move all important files onto one computer and have that one be backed up.



bought it. was plannng on buying this service anyway, so this was just icing.



can anyone tell me the difference of using Carbonite vs. a “cloud”? I really don’t know anything about it, but have heard of people saving to a “cloud”. TIA.


what about dropbox vs. carbonite?


@babs: Carbonite is part of the “cloud”. The cloud refers to not actually saving something directly to your computer, rather things get saved to remote servers run by different companies. For example: when you save stuff to your Iphone or Android, it gets saved to Apple or Google’s servers, respectively.


@Jerry: thank you!

DZ The Telzer

I use dropbox the free version because I don’t back up to much. I love it.


How do you get Picasa unlimited? It only give me 5120 MB


Anyway to do a group account with this offer Dan for more than 1 computer


@just wondering:At least Dan is being honest about the link. This is how ( or part of ) Dan earns a living.Does anyone question you how you are spending your paycheck?Better yet ask a mohel right before the bris, the same question. Ask your rabbi why he collects s salary. Ask the funeral home how can they make money off of someone’s misery?Dan performs a wonderful service of pointing out some great deals that we wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. If he gets paid to that I say great and thanks Dan.


Can I sign up for an account on my current computer, then switch to my new computer when I buy it in a month from now?


@EFI — Solid State does not guard from machine ruin in cases like fire or flood.


@DZ The Telzer:
You only have 2GB worth of stuff to back up? My pictures may be more than 6GB alone.



As per Carbonite, You can change it anytime to any computer. As long as its windows to windows.

Purchasing it now.