Garmin Nuvi 2555LMT 5″ GPS With Lifetime Map And Traffic Updates For Just $89.95 Shipped With V.Me

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Garmin Nuvi 2555LMT 5″ GPS With Lifetime Map And Traffic Updates

Use $20 off code: VMEVDAY20

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Sells for $119.99 on Amazon.

-Lifetime map and traffic updates (the vehicle power cable is also the 3D traffic receiver)
-Speed limit indicator – unit displays speed limits for most major roads,Card Reader: microSD
-Lane assist with photoReal junction views
-Park position recall – find your car where you left it
-Preloaded City Navigator NT North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bahamas)

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Will this gps also work in israel?


Sure, but you would have to purchase an SD card with Israel maps like this one:


Who still uses a GPS that is not on their phone?

And I have to snicker a little when I see a guarantee that says “lifetime”. Who’s lifetime: yours, the device’s, or Garmin’s?




Obviously you’ve never tried making a phone call while needing navigation. Trust me, there’s nothing worse.

Plus if you’re in Maxico and data is expensive you may not want to find places whehn it costs you $$$.

Lifetime is lifetime of the device.


Whichever is shortest.


how does this compare to GARMIN NUVI 50LM (which is the same price but doesnt have traffic)


50LM is a cheaper model without traffic that also doesn’t have maps for Alaska, Canada, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bahamas built in.


Any deals on the 2595LMT ( Bluetooth and voice activated)?


If you are considering driving in Mexico (and you don’t look like a Mexican….well, maybe even if you do), you have bigger problems than cost of data. 😉

That said, if you have a Garmin when driving in Europe, you will probably recoup the cost the first time it tells you exactly where the speed guns are!

“Which is shortest”…ha! Ain’t it the truth!


what the differences between the 2595LMT and 2555LMT?
Is it only the voice activated and BT-are the preloaded maps the same?




@chbow the Bluetooth is making very slow the gps



Thanks dan. issue is i have one of those back in the states, but staples doesnt want to take it back…. thank gd for AMEX 🙂

im in for one. paid!



thanks. im in for 1 (not i have to return my old one thats still in the packaging)




Thanks it’s not for me but the person I’m looking for had wanted Bluetooth, I’ll pass along your advice. I’ll assume you have the 2595 and you mean it doesn’t work smoothly, correct?


i want some more is it possible to buy lg qty like 10?



– coupon vmevday20 is a limited use coupon and can only be used once. our records indicate you have used this coupon on 02-17-2014.


@Dan: meaning that if the device would stop to function, the lifetime would be over! together with the warranty!!???


This is for a NEW product, not refurbished? I searched google for this device, found same vendor, but page listed the product for same price, but it’s a refurbished one.


V.Me is not working. I cannot check out.


after all, does this pay to buy it? does it work well and not like all others that don’t have good directions and can’t get valid signals?

Bal habus

Had the same problem, try again in an hour or from a different computer.

thanks Dan!!


GPS users should always brush up on their maps if they r traveling in unfamiliar territory.
I was using a new Garmin with LMT in Orlando – and the GPS directed to a prison gate-(there were no signs at all to advertise that)-there was no way out except for the guards who probably are used to directing poor old tourists like myself out of there.
Of course now when the kids get rowdy, I can tell them I know how to get back to the prison to drop them off so they can cool off (even without Garmin’s help).
Other instances over the years of how to get lost WITH a GPS—Too Numerous To Count


This link is for the brand new version.