Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Core i5 With 512GB SSD Mini Desktop For $399 Shipped

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Core i5 With 512GB SSD Mini Desktop For $399 Shipped


  • 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265U Processor
  • 512 GB PCIe SSD
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620
  • Windows 10 Pro 64
  • 1 Year On-site Warranty

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This seems like a small-footprint desktop with a fair number of bells and whistles at a fairly high price point. I recently bought an overstock desktop from Dell for about a third of this price with slightly reduced specs. Who actually NEEDS this type of desktop and for what purpose? This isn’t good enough to be a “gaming computer,” right?


Your specs are definitely not “slightly reduced” if you got it for a third of this price.


I’d love to hear the specs of what you bought for a third of the price. I’m guessing it was a old refurb with a third or fourth gen intel processor with a SATA SSD, an ancient wifi card or dongle and 4-8gb DDR3 RAM.

To be fair, this has a laptop CPU, doesn’t look like upgradable RAM, and only 1 display port (no HDMI or VGA). You can get a similar amount of power in many 15.6 laptops that will actually have more ports than this does, while coming with a screen and portability to boot. If you need an actual desktop, there are better options out there that are more powerful and have much more upgrade potential should it be needed. This is absolutely minuscule, though, for anyone for whom portability and footprint is the primary concern.


Thanks Dan – good deal

Dr. S

Does this support dual monitors?


There is only 1 display port. You would have to purchase a splitter. Power wise it should be able to handle.


Display Port can be daisy chained.


It actually has 2 usb-c ports, which are usable as display ports (you just need an adapter or hub). So all together it has 3 display ports – which are all backwards compatible with hdmi, dvi-d, and vga…


Price is good, only thing I would want is 16gb- i dont think you can upgrade these yourself. and yes I use these in my office for 2 monitors. you shold check to see what they use hdmi, DP etc. in the back, i dont recall what I used to connect. Windows 10 pro, sounds good as well.
What was amazing for me, is that they are really small. If a small footprint is what you want, this is it. As to sound, I used the headphone out port for a cheapo speaker system from logitech. its fine.
Finally they offer these in a lot of differnt specs, so you should double check to see what you aorder.


This is a newer model then mine, I am not sure as to dual monitors, you should check the specs, i was correct about the memory it is soldered in. so you are stuck with 8. Myself I would pass as 16 for me is required.


love the Lenovo tiny.
buying it for all my costumers.


Do you think it’s good as a movie server? I have a nice oled tv and always wanted to buy a small computer to hook up behind the tv to play from my hard drive. I hate having my collection to watch movies on the tiny computer monitor. My WiFi isn’t that good to go with plex in our bonus room. I always have to hook up my laptop every time on movie night from purchases on iTunes to play offline. I am not tech person so I’m not sure if it’s not strong enough to handle it with the specs. I use VLC player to watch and increase by 10 percent speed and also listen to podcast on it. Thanks


Prob but don’t know for sure. Specs are simliar to mid line laptop.


Does anyone know if 8GB of RaM is sufficient & will still be a fast computer?


depending for what you need it for. For basic computing – Internet browsing, a few tabs open, movies etc… should be good enough.


QuickBooks, internet, Microsoft office, all at once…


It should be fine; might want to see if you can upgrade the RAM though. Not a 100% there is any slot for RAM


The SSD will add some speed. Definitely faster on start up. I have been using a desktop with 8gb of RAM for almost 6 years. Unless you are playing games or editing video, 8gb RAM will be fine.


Thanks Dan. Got it. Was looking for reasonable price 512GB SSD for some time.


I’m looking for a powerful laptop to take back and forth to work but I don’t want to pay a steep price. Does this make sense as an alternative?


No, get a laptop for convenience. You would need 2 monitors and that doesn’t make any sense.


For all those asking about dual display, this has a DisplayPort on the back, and comes with a USB C to HDMI dongle which will give you that second screen.

Also, this is a Lenovo “nano”, not “tiny” (the Tiny’s are bigger).