HP ENVY 700-215xt Core i7 Windows 7 Desktop PC For $649.99 Shipped

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HP ENVY 700-215xt Core i7 Windows 7 Desktop PC Linky

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-Windows 7 Home Premium 64
-4th Generation Intel Core i7-4770 processor quad-core 3.4GHz
-Intel HD Graphics
Upgrade available to 4GB Nvidia GeForce GT640 for $134.
-8GB RAM (1 slot used)
-1TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
-SuperMulti DVD Burner
-15-in-1 Multi-slot Media Card Reader
-4 USB Ports: Front 2 USB2.0, Top 2 USB3.0
-Integrated Sound, Envy Audio; Beats Audio
-HP USB Keyboard and USB Optical Mouse
-Wireless-N LAN card and Bluetooth

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You keep posting deals on laptops and computers
I want to buy a new computer and laptop but Im ignorant on whats a good deal and whats not
Can you maybe rate the deal like how good they are so if Im not in a rush I know if I should grab or wait?



I’m in the same boat as TII. Looking to buy a new laptop, but my best way of rating so far is how much more it would be before the deal.

Could you please give ratings on them since I dont understand the specs so well?


This computer has a top of the line processor and a very large hard drive to store things on.
It runs Windows 7 which most people prefer to 8.

It has a good amount of RAM and you easily add more later on.

The one thing you may want to consider upgrading is the Intel HD Graphics to the 4GB Nvidia GeForce though if the computer is just for internet browsing and word processing that’s probably unnecessary.


Thank you Dan!
If I’m not in a rush is this a great buy?


Depends on whether you care about Windows 7. It’s being phased out and deals are going to keep getting harder to get.

A techie can put Win 7 on a Win 8 computer with the right drivers (and there may be better deals for a Win 8 computer), but that’s not for most.

Faye Lipsky

I bought this EXACT computer from HP two days ago for a lot more (sigh). Some days you just can’t win.


@Faye Lipsky:
Did it ship yet?
Try to cancel it or get a refund?

Faye Lipsky

It didn’t ship yet, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to cancel since it’s a “custom” order (I asked them to swap in the NVIDIA graphics card, since I have an HDMI monitor). I guess I could call and ask if they would refund the difference.


Tll and Katz: I won’t go so far as to guarantee the product being beyond your wildest dream(s), but if I had to replace the mini-tower sitting in front of me, I’d pick this one. (They’re basically identical). If I could find a laptop Win 7 and a 1TB hard drive at this price, I’d be waking my wife up right now for the appropriate credit card.

Win 8 vs. Win 7? Let’s put it this way: Steve Ballmer, FORMER Microsoft CEO basically was shown the door for two actions: Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 – let’s say well over $1B in the previous 2-3 years. Someone has to take the fall for these mistakes. His net worth is in the double-digit billions so losing that job isn’t going to kill him.

Typically, businesses will buy new machines and adapt new versions when they have to – unless it’s a really good new version (see: XP albeit 14 years old). The sell-through rate in the business sector is pretty indicative of the operating system quality. Right now, 8 is a definite downer and will remain that way until Windows 9, which won’t really start getting attention within Microsoft until April. IOW, they’re going to starve as many people into buying Windows 8 as they possibly can. They have to cover their expenses in some way.

I’m almost ready to just buy a Macbook (ca. $1,200+) and turn it into what’s known as a “Hackintosh” which will run OS X (Apple’s equivalent to Windows) and Windows equally well. I have friends who are also in the tech sector who bought Macbooks for the purpose of running Windows simply because the hardware is _that_ nice.

The problem with buying an 8 is the manufacturers have made it known that their hardware may or may not have the ability to run Windows 7 without problems. So I’m not buying a laptop with Win 8 to install my current Win 7 and have problems. If I won hardware with 8, I’d try to backload it with 7, as I’d have nothing to lose. Other products (Surface, Windows Phone, Zune) I’d put on eBay just to see what I could get (anything would be a profit).

If I were to create a “Zune Scale”, I’d put 8 a few notches above Zune, Windows Phone just above Zune, and put Surface on par with Zune).


1. Win are coming soon with a newer and hopefully better version
2. buying old stuff (win 7) is a prob when they stop supporting it, has compatibility issues etc
3. this desktop cost as much as a laptop. why is that? desktop usually should go for much less than laptops. (compare on sale to on sale).

will await win news.


If i use AMEX business gold and then cancel the card, but still have regular AMEX blue cash, do i get the AMEX warranty and purchase protection?


how about HP over DELL?



I’ll wait for 9. Anything they do to 8 will be:

1) lipstick on a pig
2) a “pass the hat” version; see: Windows 98, where they added some shareware and called them SE and ME, then collected the $$$ when the new versions were sold to everyone wanting to stay “current”.

Right now, I have forgone (as have many of my peers) Windows 8 and Windows Phone without a sizable increase the rate for the contract. I still have clients who are running XP, so I keep a copy running on an older machine. BTW, have you seen how many ATMs will be out of service because XP is going away? Microsoft would be better off to charge a higher rate for the support and keep XP around.


You need to realize that you are getting much better performance in this desktop than most laptops in this price range.
An i7 in a desktop is a much more powerful processor than the ones you get in a laptop which are made to save battery power.

Jim Lewis

Dan, I happened on your site while looking for a Windows 7 desktop. I wand to buy this but don’t see any “Purchase” link. How do I buy?

Lou Allen

Dan I’m in the same boat as Jim Lewis, I’d like to buy this computer. Is it still available for $649.99, and how do I go about purchasing it. Thank you