Dell 27″ Gaming Monitor And $125 Dell Promo eGift Card For $199.99, Or $159.99-$179.99 With AMEX Business Cards And Free With Business Platinum!

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Dell 27″ Gaming Monitor And $125 Dell Gift Card For $199.99, Or $159.99-$179.99 With AMEX Business Cards And Free With Business Platinum!

Add the monitor to your cart and a $125 eGift card will be added automatically.

  • Through 3/26/23most AMEX business cards have 10% off Dell, dropping the price to just $179.99.
  • There is also a targeted AMEX offer on primary and authorized user cards for 20% off at Dell, dropping the price to just $159.99.
  • The AMEX Business Platinum card now offers $200 Dell credit to spend every January-June and $200 Dell credit to spend every July-December, dropping the price to free. You need to register here for the Dell benefit. 
  • Dell allows you to split a charge among 3 credit cards at checkout. If you have multiple Platinum cards that means you can get a credit on each one by splitting the charge among multiple cards!

You can sell your Dell eGift cards for cash on this DDF thread.

Dell promo eGift Cards ship separately from purchase and typically arrives in 10-20 days from ship date via email. They carry a 90 day expiration (except where prohibited by law) and are valid for anything sold on

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What’s the full value of the monitor its self?


I’m not seeing the gift card in my cart


Normal. Just take a screenshot.
I didn’t my my last eGift card, but emailed Dell the screenshot via the order support page and they send the eGift card the next day.


Screenshot? of what? A cart with just a monitor? Presumably this is dead now.



I don’t see the $125 e gift card added anywhere when I check out?


can this be used as a regular pc monitor?




Is it exactly the same? Why is it called Gaming monitor?


Because it has features like flicker free and better ventilation for extended use.

It ain\'t your father\'s Dell.

Only buy this if you don’t expect to get any value out of the gift card. Their recent fiasco with cancelled orders and XBOX Gift card redemptions being cancelled should be a cautionary tale to everyone.


What’s the connection between Dell GCs and XBox GCs?
Never had an issue using Dell GCs.

It ain\'t your father\'s Dell.

The Simpsons Arcade1up deal (as well as other similar deals to this one) from December left many people with $150 Dell gift cards. Many people attempted to convert those gift cards to Xbox gift cards. Nearly everyone experienced cancellations on multiple attempts to get the Xbox cards.

That led to stories that Dell had restricted everyone’s accounts to something like 6 purchases in a 6 month period before classifying accounts as resellers and cancelling all purchases. Even those that weren’t near or past the 6 purchase limit were getting cancelled too… clearly a bigger issue.

Lots of people stressed at this point with potentially expiring gift card credits.

Some persevered but most people gave up… until earlier this week when people started getting notifications that their cancelled Xbox purchases were now available in their digital locker. Pure chaos at this point.

Xbox gift cards now removed from Dell’s site.

Lots of trust eroded.


We all know the story, but I still can’t see your reasoning: “Only buy this if you don’t expect to get any value out of the gift card.” There are plenty of useful stuff on the dell website (other than Xbox or other GCs) that can be purchased with the $125 gift card.

It ain\'t your father\'s Dell.

XBox cards is only one part of that story. Dell cancelling orders is another. At least if the monitor order is cancelled, you don’t pay anything. If you wind up getting the monitor order but can’t use the gift card because of some shadow restriction on your account or the item, you just got no value out of it.

DELL is untrustworthy now. Buyer beware.


I think the Dell cancelling orders is only regarding XBox GCs.

I have made several dozen Dell orders and have no cancellations.


how do i know if i have 10% off in amex bus?


Check your AMEX Offers.


Sweet deal – thank you.


Nothing besides the (overpriced) Monitor show in the cart.

tim grable

With Dell you can use three credit cards per order. Is there a data point of using three credit cards plus egift cards? Is it possible to use three cc’s and 1 or 2 egift cards on the same order?


No, the eGC takes up one of your forms of payment leaving you two slots for credit cards.

Selling my gift card

Anyone interested in $125 Dell GC for $105?
Save $20 on your next Dell order!


Got the gift card today and it’s only for $100.


Did anyone actually receive their Dell G2723HN 27 Curved Gaming Monitor and the $125 gift card?


Contact dell if you didn’t get it.


Thanks Dan! I’ll let you know how I make out.