Buy 3 Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Downloads For Negative $25 After Rebate Or Negative $45 With AMEX Offers From Staples

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Update: The Staples $25 Visa Checkout offer is now dead.

Staples has the downloadable Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 and the boxed version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 on sale for $45.01 with a limit of 3.
There is also an Easy Rebate you can file online to receive a $45 Visa gift card on up to 3 copies purchased per household. You can open the rebate page in an Incognito/Private browser if you get an error message.

If you use Visa Checkout you’ll get $25 off instantly, so you’ll pay $110.03 and you’ll get back $135 in Visa gift cards, making the total after rebate negative $24.97.

If you previously registered for $20 off $100 with AMEX you’ll get back another $20, making the total after rebate negative $44.97.

Alternatively you can also use an Ink Cash/Plus card to earn 5 points per dollar.

There is sales tax in some states, though Staples is showing tax even in states that don’t have sales tax for downloaded software. In these states the final price will drop after you checkout and will be reflected in the amount paid.

There are reports from NY shoppers that it shows sales tax before you checkout for the downloadable version but then isn’t charging sales tax on the final receipt. Share your experience in the comments!

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The amex offer works with visa checkout?


Isn’t the boxed one also on the same sale?



Yes, but more states have tax on those.


Can you request a check instead of visa gift card? Had that option before.


It’s not allowing me to add an Amex in visa checkout


Doesn’t let visa checkout with the digital copies (was hoping to save tax). Only the boxed versions


Try another browser.

Sure it does, just select Visa Checkout at final checkout instead of a credit card.


looks like it is gone:
The requested resource
does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.


Still there, try incognito or another browser.


Limit of 3 copies; 3 per download + 3 boxed or 3 total? Tks


Can the rebate address be different than the shipping to avoid tax?

Worked for me

Paid 8.80 in tax in NY

Worked for me

Emailed receipt showed no charge

Mimi K.

Request Entity Too Large

The requested resource
does not allow request data with GET requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.


Dan, if i ordered 3 in a order, do i need to fill out a rebate form for each one or 1 rebate form includes all 3?

David R

@Tammy: 3 total

David R

For my order shipped to CO, the emailed order confirmation has higher tax than what was on the final checkout page.


Did it in NY. No tax after checkout!


Thank you Dan. Best use of 1 of 5 Amex offers so far!


How soon after we place the order can we submit the rebate?


I ordered 3 at once. I submitted the rebate. Do I need to do it 3 times? Or does it go per order.


I got the free $45, with the gift cards shipping to Canada. Great deal! (The only catch is you will have to wait 9-11 weeks).

Household is determined by Post Office

Correct? Apartment 1, 2, 3 only works if they’re legal 🙂


The amex offer will work with the visa checkout?


Just once.



great deal, thanks dan

Shlomy Reich

Am I missing a step how does visa checkout work? My total isnt getting lowered from 135? I’m on mobile website does that matter?


Sorry for sounding so ignorant but how do I do visa checkout?


It worked. But it takes 9-11 weeks for the rebate to arrive.


Any way to submit/apply for the rebate online or do you have to mail it in? I can’t find an online submission


Not working for me. Chat saying its for full price items only.


for download im getting 9.45 for tax in NJ


Dan, I am trying to add a chapshire card to visa checkout but its not working. Could it be visa knows it my wifes card and not mine?




Representative says $25 off $100 with visa checkout is sold out


@dan Did about 4 of these to different households in NY. All showed tax on final checkout, but email receipt shows 0. [Downloads]. 1 order of boxed shows tax.




For e-purchase, rebate is online. Check your order summary for the link to the rebate.


I just purchased 3 of the boxed version using my Amex Card on Visa Checkout. I did NOT get $25 off instantly. However, waiting in my in box was an email from American Express with the subject line: Great news! You just used your Amex Offer. In the email it said: Look out for a $20.00 statement credit, which will automatically be applied to your statement … The deal sure would have been sweeter had I also received the “Instant” $25 off from Visa Checkout. I don’t know what I did wrong as I followed your (Dan’s) directions as noted above. I’m still making a profit, just not as much.


Hi – There was a little blurb that said $25 would be credited for orders of $100 or more by using Visa checkout but it did not reduce my order total at the point of ordering. I placed the order and I see an authorization of $135 on my card (no tax charged in NYC). My order shows I paid through Visa Checkout. Is there a way for me to get the $25 from Visa Checkout or has that ship sailed once order is placed?


Tried it (Boxed version, no AMEX) and the VISA checkout discount did not go through. As per a Staples rep “That product wouldn’t apply as there is a rebate with the offer. They take that into consideration.”


The $25 Visa checkout offer is dead.


Do I need to do 3 separate rebates or just 1


the visa checkout worked for me now thanks


@Sam: online order you only need your order number


Seems the visa checkout is back up I just did it and it worked


how do i see if i will got visa checkout offer?


@shloime: its shows on the order summery


Do I need to fill in one rebate form or three? The answers on this thread are not clear thank you


During check out it showed the 25 off 100 visa check out but I got an invoice for 135 emailed to me ?


Just got a email from staples that the download version is out of stock


Got an email from Staples informing me that my order for 3 downloads has been cancelled as the item was out of stock when the order was processed

David Lowenstein

My order was also cancelled. I don’t understand how a software download could be out of stock.


Also got cancelled. I just wanted one. I think people being greedy ruined this for everyone


Do i fill out 1 rebate or 3x?


Dan answered more than one time already that you only need to fill out one.

I wonder if there’s anywhere clear stated that you’ll get rebated for all the three. All it says on my rebate tracking page is “Get a $45 Visa” no mention that there are three of it. Anyone knows?


@Yisroel: wasn’t this part of my question? The 1st paragraph has 1 tone, the 2nd another…


I said that there was an answer to your question since Dan said that you only do it once. And in fact, there is no way really to do it thrice because trying to resubmit a rebate with the same order number gives an error.

But my question was, that since you can only submit it once, where does someone see that this one submission will give $135 rebate?


The rebate status now says “Invalid. Kaspersky Internet Security 1 Missing UPC. ” … what is going on?


@aradisc: mine too


So I just ordered 3 and they went thru. I am in NYC and no tax was charged. Going to do the rebate as usual and don’t expect any issues


Also got rejected for rebate – missing upc. Not sure what that even means given that it’s software.


Try calling 877-266-6483.
Or just wait for them to sort it out.


@Dan Thanks! I just called and they sorted it all out. Just wanted to confirm the order# and that I received the download email.


Status now changed for me to “Validation in progress” without the need to contact them.



Oops. Does it appear they sorted it out?


Since my status online still says “Validation in progress,” I contacted them via email and they answered me as follows: “As I was checking your submission, I could verify that your rebate is valid at this moment. The rebate is for $135.00 on a Visa prepaid card. It is being processed for the Kaspersky Internet Security 1 user that you purchased. Please allow up to January 31st for us to send your rebate due to the coming holiday season.”