Free Handmark Pocket Express Service For Your Cellphone!

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You’ll be able to download the software over the air via SMS and start using it right away.

You will get access to tons of useful info (weather, flight status, sports scores, etc.) quickly and efficiently with this free program!

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6 Comments On "Free Handmark Pocket Express Service For Your Cellphone!"

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Sprint Palm

Ialready had it loaded on my phone – which was a trial for 30 day and then it expired. I just downloaded now via you link and loaded it – and still getting an expired message! 🙁


@Sprint Palm:
Try deleting it before downloading. The program is totally free now.


Do you need a data plan on your phone? Does it have access to the internet?


Looks like the Search, Travel, Maps and Assist from the Pocket Express still requires subscription.
I had it before but I deleted it and reinstalled it and it’s still requesting subscription.


Ok, i figured it all out. Got a Palm Centro, and when i tried deleting and reinstalling it, it still said expired. Then i realized that when deleting it, i had erased only the files (Ex:Maps, Ex:News…..) and had not deleted the main program which is listed simply as ‘Express’. I tried again after deleting everything, and now all the features work fine!!