AT&T Slashes Prepaid Pay As You Go Plan Prices!!!

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Update: You can now get the F160, a quad-band world phone, for just $14.99 shipped!

AT&T is finally making prepaid competitive!

AT&T’s Go Phone Linky

They have lowered the cost of a minute of airtime when you have no plan or contract to just 10 cents a minute! Previously it was 25 cents a minute with no plan!

They have also lowered the cost of the plan that allows for unlimited usage on days that you use the phone from $3/day to just $2/day only on days that you use your phone. Unlimited domestic and international text messaging is free with this plan.

No contract, activation fees, or Social Security number is required to purchase a discounted prepaid phone!

Rollover Balance lets you carry over your unused account balance when you refill before your balance expires!
Refilling with following amounts of money extends your entire balance for:
$15: 30 days
$25: 90 days
$50: 90 days
$60: 90 days
$100: 1 year

If you want to use a prepaid phone many of these phones come with airtime cards to start you off! Or you can use any phone on a regular AT&T plan by just swapping your SIM card!

AT&T is currently having a promotion for up to a $50 prepaid card with the purchase of a GoPhone! According to the fine print regular AT&T post-paid customers may be able to exchange their prepaid cards for 150 bonus plan minutes!
You can see which phones come with a free prepaid card below. The free prepaid airtime won’t show up in your cart but will ship together with the phone.


1-Add the phone to your cart

2-Click on “Step 2: add a plan” in the pop-up window.

3-Enter your zip code

4-Select either pay as you go plan, it doesn’t matter which one if you don’t plan on using prepaid.

5-Skip steps 3 and 4 in the pop up window and click on checkout.

6-AT&T adds a $25 prepaid airtime card to your cart but this card is not required to purchase the prepaid phone and can be removed if you desire.

7-Follow the checkout process.

For the full lineup of Prepaid cell phones, see AT&T’s Go Phone page!

Current Lineup:
All GoPhones are locked to AT&T, but you can get an unlock code for it if you are an AT&T customer or you can buy an unlock code online.
(Phones are listed as New or Refurbished)

AT&T F160 (Refurb)- $89.99 Now just $14.99 Quad-Band World Phone

AT&T R225 (New)-29.99 Now just $14.99

Samsung A107 (New)-29.99 Now just $14.99

Samsung A777 (Refurb)- $129.99 Now just $29.99 Quad-Band World Phone

Nokia 6350 (Refurb)- $59.99 Now just $34.99 Quad-Band World Phone

Samsung A197 (New)- $59.99 Now just $49.99, Includes $15 Airtime!

Samsung A187 Full Keyboard (New)- $79.99 Includes $15 Airtime! Tri-Band World Phone

LG Neon (New)- $79.99 Includes $30 Airtime! Quad-Band World Phone

Plus many more phones (and details of free airtime) are available at AT&T’s Go Phone Page.

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Would these phones work in Israel? Can they use an Israeli SIM card? Do I still have to buy US minutes to keep the phone active?


Is there a way to make these prepaid phones work on a regular cellular plan with Verizon?


Beware! If you sign up for the new pay per minute plan, you have to remind them numerous times to charge you $0.10 per minute. I signed up about a month ago and asked for the $0.10 cent plan. Then, I couldn’t understand how the minutes were going so fast, they told me i was signed on to the .25 cents per minute plan and wouldn’t refund the difference.


i think the quad bands would work. but they would have to be unlocked

english blackberry

Does att also have pay as you go data service (blackberry)??

Deal Guy

Are the quad-band phones unlocked to use in Israel, with an Iraeli sim?


@ac: yes from the samsung a777 and up would work in Israel as they’re qaudband. they would just need to be unlocked. Just put in your israeli sim card and your done!

hye dan

I’m flying american and usair soon do I have to pay full for my bags?


ac, jack,yitz….

ATT will unlock it for free. Tell them u want to use it overseas will it work? they told me they wud hve to unlock it. I asked price. They said u have to prove u bought it from them, then it’s free. It could be done after u have it. They give u codes to punch in. Then any GSM – which all ATT phones are(as are all T-mobiles. VERIZON & SPRINT ARE NOT.) With Quad.(some with Tri/Dual)Band will work. I think the band u need is 1800 like UK not sure ATT should know. Panteck seems to b a great phone. ENJOY.


Are you able to get the 50 dollar credit even if you buy a $5.99 phone?








Any Deals On BlackBerrys? I’m Looking To Get A Prepaid BlackBerry, Any Suggestions On Which Carrier Is Best For This?


What pray tell are you talking about?
There is no promo code.


Do all of these phones have a free $50 prepaid card? The only free airtime I see mentioned is $15 and that is only on a couple of phones?


Are all the phones that you listed eligible for the $50 airtime credit?


Go phones ONLY work in the US and Mexico.


Absolutely not true.
If I labeled it as a world phone in the post it will work anywhere in the world.


I ordered one of the GoPhones you listed and got it without any $50 air time card. I have spoken with a few people at AT&T and they keep transferring me to different departments. What can I do? Weren’t all the phones you listed supposed to come with the $50 card?


No, not at all.

The ones that come with airtime say “Includes $xx Airtime”


So I can buy a quad-band world you have above and buy a sim card from and I’m done to make calls anywhere in world?


You just need to get it unlocked. Any AT&T customer can get the unlock code or you can buy an unlock code online.


So if I’m just buying for overseas, I can just select the Simple Rate Plan?


does the f160 phone work in israel,and will i be able to text from there to ny for free also does that phone come with the 50 dollar min card?


Looks like F160 is now $15. I grabbed it. Thanks Dan!


Still $9.99 for me.


where in the u.s. can i buy an israeli sim card to use on a prepaid plan? Also does anybody have information on which carriers are preferable? i.e. Orange, Pelephone etc.
Thank you


@Dan: 15 for me


15 4 me


Will the sim card work in my ATT blackberry? Meaning the data?


Who makes the F160? Is it worth anything?


If I choose the $2 a Day plan can I switch it to .10 cents a minute at a future date?




@Dan: Anytime during the month I can switch back and forth?


@abe: There are limits as to how many times per month you can switch.


The phone was $14.99 for me and AT&T will not unlock the phone until November 2011. What would be the cheapest way to unlock this phone now?


I’ve seen reports that DC-Unlocker will work for this model.


the reports for February say that but not the last one that I saw for March, but thanks


It may not “be supported” but the previous poster wrote that it worked for him by just selecting ZTE as the manufacturer and auto-detect for the phone model.


so please excuse my ignorance, can you please tell me how to use dc-unlocker?


or should I say, how do I get the dc-unlcoker?


@Dan: So has anyone else had luck unlocking The ATAT F160?

confused mover

we are moving to Israel and we want to know what is the cheapest way to set up a phone that can call Israel and America and have internet service.
Tizku Limitzvos for everything you do!