Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit For Just $429 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals!

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Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit For Just $429 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals!

This is the lowest price that we’ve ever posted the a6000 kit for. This sells for $598 from Amazon.

Why get a real camera if you have a smartphone?

A baby deer was born in my front yard and this picture was taken of it with a Galaxy phone:

When I got home later, I took a picture of it with the telephoto lens on my Sony a6000:

I haven’t edited these pictures at all. You can tell the difference in quality that you can get from a phone’s camera versus a mirrorless camera.

I’ve been using the A6000 for several years and love it, it takes fantastic pictures very quickly. The quality of pictures in low-light situations and with zoom are far better than from even the most advanced smartphones. And I can easily transfer the pictures to my phone over WiFi or even use my phone as a remote with the phone displaying the camera screen. The electronic viewfinder also does wonders when it’s sunny out.

Mirrorless digital cameras offer SLR type performance and sensor size in a compact and intuitive package. In fact it even does things better than an SLR, such as video. It’s bigger than the point and shoot you might be used to, but the pictures it takes are just incredible. In a pinch it can still fit into your pocket even with the 16-50 lens on, something that can’t be done with an SLR.

What kind of camera do you use?

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Dan, one of the best mirroroless for the price, a lot of tech dudes praise this too especially, but I think I read its successor is just released or being released now


Gv Dan,

You’re posting the same camera for a couple years. Isn’t there a newer model?


can you tell us what you paid for it?


I know you have/had the nex-6, and I bought it on your recommendation and love it! The only problem is that in my house all the pictures come out yellow from the lighting is there an easy fix for that?


No doubt a great price on a great camera, but there’s much more than Sony to mirrorless cameras.

Equivalent models from Olympus and Panasonic routinely sell for this price point and offer more features such as MUCH better image stabilization (and in-body to boot!) and 4K video and are even more compact with no difference in image quality (unless you’re making large poster size prints), arguably better value for 9/10 people here.

I’ve enjoyed using the a6000. But my Olympus EM10 has taken tack sharp 2-second exposures HAND HELD for silky smooth waterfalls. Even the a6500 will struggle with that.


That picture was taken with your s6… we are now up to years into S9. Now how does it compare

Back Alive!!

It’s alive using the same link.


Before you go running out buying this cam. Just keep in mind ull still have to buy the telephoto zoom,


Dan, sorry for this unrelated topic. Looking for a destination anywhere in north America with a large beautiful house rental for approx 20 people, a shul (preferably within walking distance) and the availability of kosher food. Besides miami, Orlando or Los Angeles. Thanks