LG HBM-235 Bluetooth Headset For Just $0.01 Shipped After Coupon And $20 Rebate!

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Update: Limit of ten rebate claim submissions per person or address.

Currently posting from: Melbourne, Australia

LG HBM-235 Bluetooth Headset Linky

$20 Rebate Linky (Purchase by 12/31. Postmark rebate within 60 days of purchase)

Use the following code to drop the price down to $20.01 before the $20 rebate: MLC211958122730NL1

This bluetooth 3.0 headset is backwards-compatible with previous bluetooth versions.

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24 Comments On "LG HBM-235 Bluetooth Headset For Just $0.01 Shipped After Coupon And $20 Rebate!"

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Can I order 2 and 2 rebates?


Looks like you can only order 1 at a time…

…I was looking forward to buying 100 of them and using it in my “Blue Themed” Shalach Manos….


You can order up to 10!


… you would have to order them all seperatly – the code is only per 1!!!!!


Would LG Rebates honor more than one rebate to the same person?


Yes, up to 10.


So it seems that I can order 10 and get a rebate on each one. However, each one of the ten needs to be ordered separately.


Woops, it won’t let me re-order with that coupon code. I guess it’ll only work if I order under a new account, something I don’t feel right doing.


Price went up by $5


No it didn’t. You need to use the coupon.


Is this a good quality Bluetooth for my Blackberry?


it expires 12/31. doese that mean from when i get it or purchase online?


What coupon? I see a rebate but don’t know what coupon you’re referring to. Thanks in advance.


this is a scam rebate expires dec 31st and you need to send upc code in no way its coming before then


somone just told me they bought 2 tvs on amazon.com for a dolar on a price mistake????????????


I bought one. Used coupon code for $20.01 . I live in California so I paid $1.95 tax too.


Purchase by 12/31, postmark within 60 days of purchase.

You guys need to work on your reading skills…


dead = out of stock


The coupon code is expired


Update: I sent the MIR completely filled out the day I got it, and I’m still waiting for a rebate. It’s been 8 weeks.
Also, this headset may not have the best audio quality, as the sound is sometimes choppy or weak and the person on the other side of the call usually says I sound loud. However. I left this headset in my pocket and it went through a wash and dry and still works perfectly.
Another side benefit: I use this as my primary phone charger as its cord is much longer than the one supplied with my evo.
Now if only that rebate would come….


Just checked http://www.acbpromotions.com/lgacc and I show as submitted on 1/28/11 and approved on 2/1/11. So hopefully its either in the mail or just about to be!


Never received my rebate. They claim they haven’t received my submission. I googled a little and found out that they did this to many people. What a scam.


Write to your state’s attorney general.


Will do.

They did give me an option to resubmit by fax, for whatever that’s worth. Unfortunately I didn’t keep a copy of the UPC.