Ends Soon: Here’s How To Make An Apple Store Reservation To Get A New iPhone Battery For $29

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Update: This offer ends in 3 days, starting January 1st 2019 it will cost $49 for a battery replacement, be sure to get your iPhone batteries replaced before then.

Originally posted on 1/3/18.

Apple has been under fire for throttling iPhone performance as their batteries age. Class action lawsuits are popping up by the dozen.

I’ll never forgive Steve Jobs for deciding that phones needed sealed batteries. I was a big fan of having a spare battery charger and never needing to tether my phone to a charger.


The benefit of sealed batteries for the phone manufacturers is huge though. They can use pretty (and fragile!) glass sandwiches to seal their phones. And customers need to replace their phones with sealed batteries more frequently as they are hard for users to replace as they degrade. It’s perfect planned obsolescence. Though it wound up burning Samsung when they had to recall the Note7 rather than send out replacement batteries.

Apple apologized, though it’s not clear what they are apologizing for. They announced that they will continue to throttle the performance of phones this older batteries in order to avoid phones from shutting down.

However if you do have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, Apple will replace your battery for just $29, regardless of whether the battery fails in diagnostic testing.

You can make a reservation to get your battery replaced by going to Apple’s support page, clicking on iPhone, clicking on Battery, Power & Charging, clicking on Battery replacement, and clicking on Bring in for Repair. Then login to your Apple account to select your phone and make an appointment.

Will you get a new battery for $29?

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Yes, I will.


So we pay them more money for their screw-up?

Charlie M

think about it this way you are spending money for a brand new battery instead of paying 30 a month for a brand new phone


You couldn’t say it better! I actually did upgrade to a new phone for higher monthly payments just because of the battery issue!


Batteries that fail need to be replaced, regardless of model. I have a Samsung, my son has an LG, both needed new batteries after 2 years of use.


Will they replace for the iPhone 5s that are still in use?


A few weeks ago I saw a groupon for a new 5S battery for $23.


A tweak to your post. I just did this. You can make an appointment but they most probably won’t change your battery on the spot, even if you have an appointment, and even if you have done the troubleshooting over the phone previously (as I did). Unless their techs are not so busy, then they might. You go down for your appointment and they will re-trouble shoot your phone and order the battery. Then you will get an email a couple of days later that the part is in and you can come in anytime after that to get it installed. This was my experience this week. They said especially when they are running a battery replacement program, they are super busy and don’t usually do it on the spot.

Charlie M

that’s not true as i was just there and they had the battery instock and was willing to change it for me on the spot wait time of 1 Hr which is normal for this type of change


Depends on the store. I had Liz’s experience a while back.


I’ve done it twice where I’ve made the appointment a week in advance, gone to the store, and they didn’t have a battery when I arrived. Even called the second time to make sure they did…then showed up and they didn’t. It’s frustrating.

Moshe Y

Yes, I have no choice, by 6s is terrible slow


And yes, it’s only costing me $29.99

Cle iphone x

Apparently Iphone X screen turn off under when outside temp is 30 and below. Guess can’t use them for half the year in Cleveland:/


That was the case originally… (Happened to me)… But they fixed that the first post iPhone x software update.


Where does it say whether or not the battery fails in diagnostic testing? I went to the Apple store 2 days ago and was told my phone had to fail diagnostic testing before I could get a replacement. The wait was 2 hours so I left.


Last night, I went to the apple store in Downtown Brooklyn (123 Flatbush ave, Brooklyn NY) to get my new battery. When I went to my appointment using the same instructions as above, they said they have to order the battery as they are overloaded with new battery requests. They made me sign a contract to purchase the $29 battery and they will email me when its ready for pickup.
In summary, while I do get a new battery for my Iphone 6 Plus, it will take me to 2 trips to the apple store to get it. But for only $29, its probably still worth it …..


Yep, that’s where I went, same story

Charlie M

for something like this i would have gone to a bigger one say apple 5th ave for a change as they are for sure going to have them in stock yes its a further drive but saves you a trip


What about a 5s


this sounds like the Experian scandal.


I went through the process, but i don’t see anything about it only costing $29. Where did you get that from?


Is this for Canada too?


Be sure to have them check for any recalls before buying a new one. I took my 6s in back in August and they replaced battery for free even though I had used like 990 recharge cycles!


How do you see the number of recharge cycles?


My phone battery seems to drain quickly but I’m not sure if it’s that battery that’s an issue or perhaps my usage in some way. Is there any way without going to the store to tell if I need to reply my battery? Thanks I’m advance!


Would this resolve an issue I’m having with my iPhone 6 that it has flaky wifi detection and GPS driving apps (not location services) stopped working?


In my experience those issues are hardware related. It’s usually the actual on board wifi chip that is defective.

Sometimes a clean reset and restore will fix it, but that hasn’t ever worked for me.

Charlie M

i just got back from the apple store in Edison NJ it turns out my battery was severely degraded but lucky for me my screen was messed up and being out of warrenty they offered to swap out for a measly $149 which i quickly said yes to so i saved myself the $29 and $169 in order to fix my OLD phone that’s over 3 years old to a same model Refurbished phone with a brand new battery and screen Win win for me


Does “thank you sir, may I please have another” ring a bell to anyone? lol


Will certainly replace my horrible battery. I already booked an appointment yesterday for next week.
Do we know if they replace it on the spot once they order the battery for you?


Yes, absolutely. My 6S is over two years old and still works like a charm. The battery life is definitely declining, but what do you expect after probably almost 1,000 charging cycles? I think the 6S is probably their best built model, plus I still have the earphone jack.


I would do it. Do you know if this offer is valid in Canada too?


Will a new battery prevent the performance slowdown?? The slowdown is by design for older phones, Does Apple run a diagnostic test before slowing down the phone to check whether you have a new or old battery?


The new software that came out in the last update the text if the battery is overused and then slows down but when you replace the battery it won’t slow down anymore


I was wondering the same thing


I literally was walking into an Apple Store to do exactly this when the DDMS post popped up on my phone. Long line for walk-ins but it’s moving along.

Ariel Eckstein

do we know if they’ll give a loaner phone while replacing?


You can’t not use your phone for an hour?


Definitely will get new batteries for DW and myself.


Will they change the exact phone’s battery on the spot or will they hand you a refurbished phone?


This deal is going on until the end of 2018 at least so I would wait if you don’t want to have to wait in line or come back twice


I plan on waiting until ~Sept/Oct to replace. That way I’ll have a new battery that can stretch me for another year, maybe 2.


Do you think they will replace my battery for $29 on an old iPhone 6 which died of falling into water?


Bottom line you will have to go to Apple & make an appt with Genis bar for replacement or they will send to a box & will take 7-10 days.


I have heard on news yesterday that you have to give Apple your phone for 5 days to replace battery. That’s crazy!


Who really knows if they will actually change the battery or just say they did and collect $29? Is there any way of telling if the battery has actually been changed? I’m skeptical


Will new battery help for a phone that seemed to have died. Won’t charge at all.


What about my iPhone 5s? Is it covered?


I took my phone in about 2 weeks ago. They tested it and said the battery was fine. Battery still depletes very quickly by 11 a.m. I have to recharge it. Seems battery should last longer in an iPhone 7 plus…


After you get an appointment and show up, a tech will run a diagnostic test and send you home to wait for apple to get a battery for you in stock , they will call or e mail a time and date (usually 3-5 business days ) . To return to have your battery installed .


clicked on battery replacement and nothing happened

Liam K. Nuj

I have a surefire way to avoid Apple’s $29 moneygrab and their nanny software:
Don’t buy an iPhone.
I totally agree with Dan when it comes to Apple’s condescending attitude. In our family we tell Apple: “Thanks, but no thanks”


I was a fan of changeable batteries also but apparently having the sealed battery helps the phone be more water resistant.


It may “help” in terms of making it cheaper to manufacture, and perhaps with form factor. But there are plenty of waterproof devices with easily replaceable batteries (e.g. GoPro).


Does anyone know if the battery replacement is available while in Israel? I bought the iPhone 6 while in the US though.



Does this have an expiration? There’s literally no appointments available for any location near me in NJ or while on vacation in FL!


Is my iPhone 4 included?


Buyer beware…I paid $30 for the new battery but what they put in is not new…perhaps recycled. It does stay charged a little longer than the original one but definitely not a new battery. Another Apple trick.


If this for iPad also? Or only iPhone?


I have the Galaxy Note 9, I have no problems


thanks for the reminder!


Contacted a friend of mine that works inside of an apple store and he recommends everyone who has these phones to replace the battery. Thanks Dan for the reminder


Are we getting a better battery, or just a replacement?


A new battery is better than a 2 year old battery, so yes.


I went to bestbuy and was told that my phone should have all OEM components to be qualified for this program. Basically I have got my screen replaced twice (from third party) and the guy mentioned that because of that I am not eligible for battery replacement. Is that true?

Where do you see this?

“regardless of whether the battery fails in diagnostic testing.” Where do you see this in their post? It says only if it fails. I went to the Apple store and they said they wouldn’t do it for me because it didn’t fail.

Robert Marcus

I did it 2 weeks ago at Grand Central and my Battery came up as 85% good. They did the change but did ask me if I wanted to proceed. I am not planning on a new phone soon so a new battery can only be a better investment. Try another location.


Are these batteries better then what’s in the phone now meaning will they last a lot longer? Or are they just a new battery same as what’s in my phone now?


I believe will go up to $79, not $49.


Have a brand new iPhone 6
Should I replace ? Reason ?


Can I make a reservation before Dec 31 but have the replacement scheduled for later in Jan 2019?


I went in yesterday and there was a 3 hour wait! They created a Service Ticket and said they will hold the battery for 5-7 days and I will still be charged $29.


Went in yesterday. Half hour of waiting (with an appointment) and they told me because I have a small crack on the corner of my screen, chances are the screen with fracture when they remove the battery. The battery tested at 85%. I decided to pass on replacement.


My experience:
No appointment. Waited 10 minutes to be seen. Tested phone and battery was 72%. Under 70% they strongly recommend replacing. Went ahead with replacement. Told me 1-1.5 hours to complete.
(Had to drive somewhere used their computer and asked for pen and paper and wrote down instructions – really appreciating my old car gps right then)

Came back 2 hours later and was ready for pick up. I see a HUGE difference. Battery used to last half a day and now lasts all day! (I am not an Apple employee, nor was I compensated for this review )


The store replaced my 256gig iPhone X instead of a battery change, since the necessary speaker part that had to be changed was out of stock.


Dan – does the battery need to be placed by Jan 1, or does the appointment need to be made? No availability near me until Wednesday.


If your brining 2 phones make sure to make 2 appointments as they will only work on one phone per appointment.

David Addi

Do you have to have it replaced before the 1st or just make an appointment before the 1st

Laurent Bensimon

I’d like to know the same! Won’t be near an Apple store before then and I am sure my battery could use some love!


replaced by the first


Free battery replacement if you qualify



Awesome!!! Works for me!


If you have broken/ cracked screen,they won’t replace it for you.


This is bad for $aapl profits. I changed my battery for the $29 and don’t plan to get a new $850 iPhone for another 2-3 yrs


Thank you so much for posting this Dan, I got my battery changed and then 2 months later my phone died completely. Thankfully this put a new 3 month warranty on my phone and they handed me a brand new phone. This was a life saver and saved me so much money and hedache. I had also back up my phone because of this so I did not lose too much of my information.

thanks so much Dan!