$100 BP Gas Gift Card For $90 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals

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$100 BP Gas Gift Card For $90 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals

Limit 3 per account.

HT: mendy from lakewood, via DDF

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8 Comments On "$100 BP Gas Gift Card For $90 Shipped Via eBay Daily Deals"

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I get 3% on my amex costco for gas stations, does the same apply here?

Also, why is it better to search for 1 seat on airplane trips and work your way up instead of searching for all the seats desired and work your way down?




I’ll take this one Dan.

Regarding your first question, the answer is no because you’re buying from eBay and not a gas station.

To address your second question, it’s obviously because of maalin b’kodesh v’lo moridin.


Guys, don’t forget to buy ebay gift cards first from paypal_digital_gifts using your ink card to get 5x points and then use those cards to buy these BP gift cards 🙂


Don’t they charge you the credit rate which is 10 cents more per gallon? How is thia worth it?


@dovid: If you use a gift card you get the cash rate


@abe, LOL

However, lo moridin doesn’t apply in this case because unavailability on the max seats is not a realized object and the next attempt with one less seat is not diminishing anything that was actualized where as by candles going from 8 to 7 is a descent in an actualized object, i.e. the fulfillment of the mitzva…


@Yitz: Not always true. The BP near me charges CC rate for gift card purchases.

Chana k

@dovid: You search for 1 seat and work your way up, so you can see right off what is available. You can then jump up to search for your whole party and see if there are enough sale seats for all of you.

Most BP stations that I’ve seen charge the same for cash and credit, so a BP GC will get the credit card/ cash price. 🙂 My experience has been that almost every time I’ve used a gas GC I’ve gotten the cash price.