Split An HP Computer Purchase Between 2 AMEX Cards And Save $150 Off $700

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You can register your AMEX cards to get $75 off $350 as I wrote in this post.
You can register all of your primary and secondary cards as described in that post.

Additionally, as pointed out in the comments, you can split the charge of a computer onto 2 credit cards. During the checkout process select multiple credit cards and you can choose how much to charge to each card:











Take this Core i7 Quad core computer deal I posted earlier today for example.

If you add the backlit keyboard for $30 and Bluetooth or the extended battery for $10 the total will be $644.99 after applying the coupon (that can be found in that post).

If you live in NYC and pay an 8.875% tax rate your total will be $702.23.

Then just split the charge onto 2 registered AMEX cards (at least $350 needs to be charged to each one) to get back another $150, dropping the pre-tax price to $494.99 and the post-tax price to $552.33 shipped.

That’s $345 off the original price.

And you can get another 3%-10% cash back with an AMEX business card thanks to Open Savings.

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And what do i do if I need to use Amex purchase protection? Or extended warranty?


Meh, no hat tip…? 🙂

Dan's the Man

For the extended warranty benefit provided on some Amex cards will this still apply if you do this? It’s probably worth saving an extra $75 and forgoing the extended warranty but it’s something to keep in mind.


Was actually my idea on July 1st post,
but you won’t be covered with your extended warranty as Menachem writes



No worries, then. Great minds think alike? 🙂


You would still have full warranty coverage.

Basically if you have a minor claim on the computer you can just file a claim on either credit card.

In the case of a complete claim you would just make 2 claims on both of the AMEX cards to be fully covered.

Heard the idea from several people, comments, DDF, etc.
Don’t know who was first 😀


No worries at all. 🙂


Just one more note: There are two alternate promo codes: July75 and July100 to save $75 or $100 (instead of $25) if the original price of the configured PC or LT is $999+ or $1199+ respectively.


When I try to change the amount when using 2 cards, it just reverts back to 702? any tips


I’m having trouble enrolling both of my Amex’s with two different twitter accounts. For the second accnt I get the response “You’ve already enrolled in the #AmexHP offer. If this is an error, please contact @AskAmex.”

Anybody else having this issue?


You need to type in the card numbers before you can write how much to put on each one.

Read this again for the workaround: http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/46762


That worked for me, $702.23 split between two cards
got Amex confirmation on both
Thanks everyone

After you enter both credit card information go to the field which shows $702.23 and change it to $350 and tab out of the field, it then shows the right amount for both cards


@dan and @YY
Thanks it worked. BTW tax in Monsey is a little lower (comes out to $699) so you have to add both the battery and the bluetooth (it will come out to around $710).


Genius idea. If you are looking for a laptop buy the HP Dan posted earlier and use the above recommendations. Hard to come buy an HP with these specs at this price point.


mouse at 5 bucks for you monsey people


why “you monsey people”? don’t get it..


sorry… overlooked post #13


If you buy a laptop with this credit and then return it, will amex claw back the $75 credit? Thanks

Jason Smith

Will the $75 Amex credit also work on buying laptops, from the hp small business part of the site?

varun agarwal

I have 2 AMEX cards under the same login id. But when I selected the offer on one AMEX then it is not showing for the other card anymore. Can someone help what need to be done.