Spend $200 At Best Buy With AMEX And Get $20 Back!

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Sync your American Express card with your twitter account and get bonus savings!

Just tweet the hashtag below and within a minute you will got confirmation (by clicking on @connect) that you have successfully enrolled in the promotion. A link to promo terms will be included in the confirmation tweet.

Tweet #AmexBestBuyOffer, get back $20 on $200+ purchases at Best Buy.
Registration is limited, a single $200+ purchase must be made online or in store by 12/31.

Forgot which card is synced to your account? You can unsync and resync cards here.

Best Buy sells gift cards to places like Amazon (Kindle gift cards work for everything at Amazon) so you can effectively save 10% at Amazon with this promotion. Alternatively you can always earn 5 or more Ultimate Rewards points per dollar (which can easily be worth 2+ cents each when you redeem them for flights or hotels) at Amazon by buying Amazon (or any other) gift cards with Ink cards at office supply stores like Staples or Office Max or in Q4 at Best Buy with your Freedom card.

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dan- can i person who has a best buy gc go into best buy and buy an amazon gc with it ?


how can you spend $ at best buy when they openly donate to Palestinian causes???


You can also sync your card through Facebook and Foursquare.


@mm: Look at their stock maybe thats why it has fallen off a cliff recently….


Thanks for the unsync link


Does Best buy sell Kindle/amazon gift cards? Cant seem to find them on thier site???


whats wrong with donating to palestanian cause? whats wrong with donating to a hungry child? donating to terrorists is wrong but donating to innocent child of any nationality is GOOD thing.

Can’t believe the hatred! I am not muslim, nor jew or christian. what you are saying it totally wrong


@yupy: I cant find it either!
Dan, please post a link to the kindle gift cards on bestbuy.com


In-store only.

J. Rubin

@Tony: Boy do you ever have your facts wrong. You can’t believe the hatred? What about the hatred that Palestinians have toward Israel? I suggest you take a look at history before you cast the first stone.


@J. Rubin: all Palestinians have hatred towards Israelis? Your presumption is wrong. Both sides have done bad things actually.


@Tony:First of all you are on the wrong site and location to start an argument.Now, I will stick my two cents in. If all the money that was spent on building and launching missiles was spent on infrastructure,hospitals,schools, agriculture, etc Gaza could be turned into a desirable place to live. People of all religions (or no religion) can seek treatment in Israel. Name one Muslim charity that helps out someone who is Jewish or Christian. I bet you couldn’t even name one charity that helps out a Muslim child. They rather teach them to hate and kill then help them or educate them. Oh wait, I forget they also try to kill Muslim girls that seek a higher education.


Can I get discount for amex purchase made yesterday online before i do this link


I tweeted it but then wasnt sure which card was synced so I unsynced and resynced but know twitter soesnt let me retweet it. the give me msg that i tweeted that already?


Try adding some text afterward like:

#AmexBestBuyOffer can’t wait


@Dan: thanks!


anyone have the direct link for facebook?


Do you know if we receive a text message confirmation that we made the $200 purchase like on facebook link like love


Dan is that what iam looking for?

Congratulations! You’ve successfully synced your American Express® Card ending in with Twitter.

Visit American Express on Twitter to find out about the latest offers and Tweet your way to savings today.


Not getting the email for some reason does this mean I am not registered?

batter bat

I tweeted….How do I know if it will work or it went through? should they be sending me some sort of confirmation?


are these stackable? Im looking to purchase a 1k$ camera


I bought the Thanksgiving IPod deal from Best Buy using my Amex, and hoping to get the $20 back. I didn’t realize that I had to sign up. Is it too late??


yes it is

Jim Neidorf

Dan: On $20 rebate for $200+ Amex Best Buy purchase, how far back can the qualifying purchase be? I bought washing machine at Best Buy at end of OCT; CAN I claim $20 rebate? Thanks.


This Amex best buy deal is dead; they had a limited number. If you didn’t grab one awhile ago then you are out of luck. If you have the offer and haven’t used it, then you’ve got to act quick.