SIZZLING!!! Today Only! Complete Full Size Schottenstein Edition Of The Talmud (73 Volume Hardcover Set) For Just $1,369 Shipped From Borders After 50% And 10% Off Coupon!

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Update 7: Apparently Borders decided to expire everyone’s Borders Bucks on 06/25 instead of 06/30 as promised. If you call them you may be able to get them to reinstate the Borders Bucks.

Update 6: Be sure to login to your Borders account ASAP to check if you received Borders Bucks for your purchase!  Accounts have been reporting getting $130, $260, or even $390 in Borders Bucks!  There Borders Bucks will expire as early as 06/25 or 06/30 according to most reports!  You can use the Borders Bucks online or in store!
DansDeals Forum members report that they have been successful in calling Borders to get the Bucks extended for another month!

Enjoy the free bonus money on top of this amazing deal to everyone who grabbed it! Please post a comment with how many Borders Bucks you have in your account!

Update 5: A set that I ordered is now on the Fedex truck!

Update 4: I recently called Borders asking why they cancelled so many people’s orders and they said that they would look into it. They are now confirming that they will be honoring the deal! If your order was cancelled just give Borders a call and they will reinstate your order!

Originally posted on 05/24:


Update 2: A commenter confirmed with Artscroll that this is the new “Oz V’hadar” edition and that this appears to be the lowest price ever for this set!

Update: If you sign up for a Borders Plus membership ($20) you will get a another stackable 10% off of all your Borders purchases, bringing the price for the set down to just $1,349 with free shipping!!!
Plus after you upgrade to Borders Plus you’ll get:
-A free $10 Borders Bucks certificate!
-A bonus 10% off at Borders for a year!
-Free shipping on all purchases with no minimum order size for a year!

At $1,369 ($1,499 after the 50% off, plus the $20 Plus upgrade fee to get another $150 off the set) you are only paying $18.75 per volume.  Compare that price to your local Judaica store where it will be significantly more expensive!

Before you add Borders Plus to your cart just click on “No thanks, I DO NOT wish to take advantage of the annual automatic renewal of my membership.” And then the membership will expire in 1 year, it won’t auto-renew!
When you add both the Borders Plus for $20 to your cart along with the Artscroll set and it will automatically drop the price of the set down to $1,349.

Complete Full Size Schottenstein Edition Of The Talmud (73 Volume Set)

Use code: BRR5721N

This sells for $2,099 shipped from Amazon!

HT: david g.

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uncle sam

i don’t think it is accurate to write $1499 shipped, when the reality is that you pay another $133 in tax for where i live (ny)


@uncle sam:
Sales tax differs by every state and even within counties and doesn’t apply everywhere.

Should I write plus tax next to every deal? On many sites (Amazon,, etc) tax only applies in a couple of states nationwide…

And if a non-profit shul buys this set they don’t have to pay sales tax. Well that’s in NY at least, but not in CA as CA doesn’t have a non-profit sales tax exemption!

Of course even if you don’t have to pay sales tax to the store, according to the laws of every state that normally collect a sales tax you need to declare it as a use tax on your state income tax return.

It all gets quite complicated…better to let everyone figure out taxes on their own!

Bery S.

if you sign up for plus (for $20) you get another $150 off


How can I justify getting this if I already have 20/73 at home? Return to ArtScroll? Resell?


How long is this 50% off coupon code good for?


this is really tempting. Where to put it though. It comes out to a little more than 18 per volume. Thats amazing!


There are also other seforim that you can get this deal on as well. Umm, what to get.


How much is it in a normal judaica store?


@uncle sam: find a friend in NJ to ship to…


Because getting the other 53 volumes individually will cost you significantly more than $1,369.

My recommendation? Donate your 20 volumes to your local synagogue who will be glad to take them and give you a tax-deductible receipt for them which will offset your costs.

Wayyyyy more.
Even with the 30% sales they run it will cost $2,100.


How can I get the hebrew one?


are there different options like all hebrew,


I am missing 13 vol from my set
Can I buy individual volumes or its only a full set?


do they sell the daf yomi size full set?


Purchased! Thanks!


Do they have the complete daf yomi size set?

Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg


that sounds like it’s teh seed for a great pilpul drasha “on the inyan of not including the sales tax when quoting prices online.”



Just ordered one for $1,444.49 shipped to NJ. I will leave a post inviting everyone when I make the siyum. Thanks Dan


What to do… What to do… I have 36 daf yomi size and I don’t itemize deductions.


What a wonderful deal to post in close proximity to Zman Matan Toraseinu. Perhaps, we can make a DDF-Do sometime soon to make a “chalukas HaShas”.


any way to get the daf yomi size instead?


What’s their return policy? I just put in for the YTC Chinese Auction (that you posted) and I really hope to win.


Doesn’t look like they sell the smaller daf-yomi edition.

But ask any older person and they will say to get the full size. When you’re in your 40s they say your eyes will thank you…

I think its 30 days.


@Dan: Och un Vey, if you plan on waiting till youre 40 to start learning. “Al tomar Lecheshefna eshna…Shema lo tipone”


Och un Vey to you!
Who said anything about waiting till 40 to learn?
Do you plan on learning all of shas and then throwing the set away?

I would hope anyone buying this set will use it for life. And that being said you shouldn’t just think of what’s practical as a 15, 25, or 35 year old, but as a middle-aged person who might not be able to read the smaller daf-yomi print as easily as the full size print.


how much does it go for when artscroll has their yearly sale?


I just bought one for $1454.61 including shipping to Ohio.
What a deal !!!

Dan , Thanks for posting !!!


Any way to pay not all at once… ie layaway plan


With the 30% off sale it’s $2,100.


Buy it on a credit card with 0% APR for 21 months like this one?


I just ordered to FL and there was NO sales TAX – 1369.99 EVEN
Order Subtotal $2,119.99
Tax $0.00
Shipping $0.00
Promotions -$750.00
ORDER TOTAL $1,369.99


That’s amazing!
You really have it made in FL between that and no state income tax…


Thanx Dan – Is there a way to get credit card number right away if apply for it today?


anyone know how long this promo will last?


oops today only sorry



So Dan, you plan on moving down here anytime soon?


Thanks for the notification – I just ordered a set .. Now I have to go order a bookcase …

Total 2119 – 750 discount + Tax 121.59 = 1491.78

1491.78 / 73 = 20.44 per volume .. still a great deal

$1.66 per book in tax so I don’t have to shlep , good deal


Dan is this the OZ VHADAR SET with the pesukim on the side or is this the old edeition? Is there anyway to confirm bc once they come its going to be a major pain to send back 30 boxes if its the old edition!


Doubt it, although it does have 0% apr balance transfers from other cards as well, but there is a 1 time 3% fee for that (about 1.7% APR over 21 months).

Too humid!

Borders sources this from Artscroll. Being that it’s on backorder they likely direct drop ship it from Artscroll to you.

Meaning that you should get a brand new set, but there are no guarantees of course. You can always return it as a backup plan though.


thanks bc the date says june 2005 which means the old version


@tt: whwer do u get $56

Are there any other good deals on seforim


That’s the original publishing date for the set. It doesn’t mean the set you get was published in 2005 gathering dust since then.

Grubey has the same June 2005 date … and it looks like the new version


How much can I get for this on ebay?



Dan, the plus is auto renew. how soon can cancel? thanx


How can you tell?

You can cancel right away, but why would you want to? You can get a bonus 10% off at Borders for a whole year.

Just call them up and see if they can turn off auto-renew.


confirmed with artscroll this has to be new set “oz vhador” and they said it must be a mistake or something and we should grab it. The cheapast its ever been is $1900





Just tried it and it still works fine.


what does “oz vhador” mean with regard to this


You can also get the small Gutnick Chumashim set for under $90, with same promo.


can we get this is hebrew ?


How does it work with the Borders gift cards from Plastic Jungle? Can I buy about 10-15 cards worth $1,400 and then apply them all and use the 50% coupon? That will take another 15% off the price.


Ahh… I see that Plastic Jungle is out of Borders electronic gift cards.

joe shmoe

@Grubey: if you live in Brooklyn in a apt YOU WILL SHLEP! USPS will not take it upstairs, they will leave it downstairs and just ring your doorbell and give you 10 seconds to run downstairs….


shipped to australia for $1388.96!!!!!!!!!


Just ordered a set Dan, thank you very much. This a great great deal and everyone should jump on it. The guys at Arstcroll dont get how Borders is letting these orders go through


just ordered….tried shipping to New Jersey but there was still $95 tax, dont know why….Just ended up shipping to BK for $30 more


GRUBEY- Oz Vhador means the layout of the each daf has the pesukim that are referenced in the gemara on the side and other features so u dont have to go searching for it in a chumash


Before you add Borders Plus to your cart just click on
“No thanks, I DO NOT wish to take advantage of the annual automatic renewal of my membership.”

And then it won’t auto-renew!


I spoke to borders they said you have to buy the borders plus separate order, and after 24 hours it will be active to let you take 10% off.

know anything about that?



Definitely not true.
Add both the Borders Plus and the Artscroll set to your cart and it will charge you $20 but take $150 off of the Artscroll set instantly.


also she told me that if you return it they don’t refund you on shipping and taxes. does that make sense?


Again, definitely not true. That rep (as most reps are) was completely clueless!
They can’t just keep the tax, of course it will be refunded if you return an item.
And shipping is free, what’s to refund there?


just ordered thanx dan


Just ordered it for our shul. I will try to find someone to donate it. If not, I will return it. I sent it to a nearby store, so that if no one comes forward to donate it, I can return it easily- without having to schlep it at all.
p.s. I hope its returnable!!


Thanks! just ordered a set.


Dan Just bought it and thrilled! always said if i just had an artscroll shas i would learn,Thanks to you i have no more excuses!


If someone can figure out if they have the hebrew set too, I’d buy that now. Anyone know for certain if they have it?


Dan: your whole site was worth making just for this deal alone! major zechusim!


Wisconsin- $1449.
Thanks Dan!


just bought it!


I just use the regular shas its much cheaper.


like hendel (post #56), I got it for $1388.96 to Australia !
But, we will pay Customs duty (5% on cost of books), plus GST -equiv of sales tax – (10% of total order+duty).
So total works out to be:

Shas Set $1,369.99
Import Customs Duty $ 68.50
Shipping $ 18.97
GST (Sales tax) $ 145.75

Total $1,603.21

AND, because our Australian dollar is stronger than the greenback atm, even at 1.05 aud per usd, (was as high as 1.09 2 weeks ago !) will mean the whole set costs AUD$1526.86.
Which is only 20.92 per vlume !

>>>>> Beware though; a few orders have been canceled by Borders (even after sending confirmation emails !
Perhaps we can start a class action or something ?… !!


Just spoke to a mate who called some rep from artscroll.

The Artscroll guy said he doesn’t know how Borders are going to be filling these orders (not just the int’l ones, but also to US), as Artscroll doesn’t supply Borders, and that Borders would be losing 100’s or dollars on each sale !

Maybe that’s why Borders (at least here in Australia) went broke and liquidated recently…

They were’nt even honoring full price on the gift cards that ppl had !

Any reports from anyone in America who has received a confirmation eail, and then a cancellation notification ?

I know some ppl in Australia have received cancellations, just wonderig if it was in US too ?…


I haven’t heard of any cancellations in the US.


Ordered the set late last night with confirmation, in the morning got an email saying it was cancelled…


Artscroll sells to some people and some stores for 50% off list price on a regular bases. They wont be losing 100’s of nothing! maybe the shipping………..

I ordered two sets! Lets hope the orders go thru!!


Im in Australia also, mine was cancelled. MM are you US or international?


I ordered something from Border’s recently, using a great coupon from dansdeals, but it said it was on Backorder and will ship in 2-4 weeks, just like it says on this page. I waited over 2 months and then they canceled my order…… don’t get your hopes up.


@eee The point is that Artscroll says that they don’t glhave any special deals with borders to give it for cheap!


Bought! Thank you…been wanting this for years. This is a set for life.


actually 80


I just tried buying a set, it seems that it’s not available @ 50% off anymore, rather it’s only 30% off. (at 11:40pm May/25)


Order Subtotal $2,119.99
Tax (NY) $121.59
Shipping $0.00
Promotions -$750.00
ORDER TOTAL $1,491.58

Not too shabby, Thanks Dan! 🙂
BTW, FF wouldn’t let me submit order, IE worked though.


Thanks! Been waiting for a deal like this for years! Hope it goes through! Rule #1 never call the seller on such deals! It kills the deal! Let it slip through the cracks! Cmon guys this is Alef Bais!


Wat time is this deal ending?


Sometime soon, whenever they turn off the 50% coupon…





Hope it goes thru for everyone, with no cancellations.
Note: I once ordered a back ordered kehos book (with a 40% of code)and after ages of emails saying that the estimated delivery has been postponed they canceled it!


If they do cancel these orders, then I wonder if we can in fact take action against Borders ?
I’ll check my credit card to see if they charge it at all.
Even if it gets cancelled – once they put a charge through, then I’m going to fight them… 🙂


Thanks Dan! I just bought it and it is being sent to a NJ address. I paid total $1,465.89.
(Sales tax in NJ is $95.90. It’s like $120. in NY.)

Does anyone know how many boxes to expect?


@aussie: Big talker, what the heck are you gonna fight?


I would say a fair few… LOL !!
73 vols in total ! Each one weighs around 2kg? (thats 4.4 pounds?)

Let’s assume 6 vols per box (otherwise each box would be too heavy!) = 12kg, or 26pounds oer box.

So it would be around 12-13 boxes !!



i’m in australia. mine went through

herb farkas

what about to montreal quebec


Dont expect any boxes. My earliest artscroll orders from Borders since their bankruptcy still haven’t been filled 5 months later. The good news is they don’t charge your credit card until they supposedly ship


Yes its about 30 boxes . I do hope you enjoy your $25 sales tax saving while shlepping these boxes home after paying for gas and tolls.


Did anyone talk to borders .




which they had this offer for the hebrew adition as well discounted retail price just went from 27.00 to 30.00per volume


called them to ask for a refund on the tax for tax exempt – they said they’ll make an exception just this time…
don’t rely on this however


ok, not ‘fight’… but ill be very jeen to try getting them to honour the sale 🙂


update: i think my credit card has ‘taken hold’ of the money, although i don’t see the full charge appearing on my statement yet.

also, when i check my order status, it shows that the shas is ‘on backprder’, whereas the membership is now showing as ‘in progress’
So here’s hoping that it goes through ok iyh !!


@ Itche

What number did you call? They (actually a rep in the Philippines) told me they don’t refund taxes if you buy through the online store. Tx.


Dan, if they cancel our order do you think we can get a refund on the Borders plus card?


Like I said Aussie, I think the Artscroll stuff is on permanent backorder (5 months now for me)


Order cancelled! Anything to do?


I got a cancel notification .. can I do anything


I just got a cancellation from Borders saying it is out of stock.


They sent me a email canceling the order. Item not avail. Dan are you gonna make a big deal like that daily deal story… Maybe borders will be pressured into honoring…


My order was canceled today.


@ Shmuli

I also got one of those guys… I gave it to them strong over the head and was very firm (tax money goes to the government weather I but it in store or online…”) and they made an exception…


cancelled :{


cancelled too. i just emailed borders to refund my borders plus membership as well. that was not cancelled along with the shas so don’t forget to ask for a refund.


Is there anyone whose order is still standing?


Mine still says in process….. We’ll See


in process…

get real

Ordered 6… Still in progress


cancelled! all 3 of my orders!

Sara in Monroe

We ordered two, and just found out that “in process” has become “canceled.” After calling and arguing with customer service, we’re anticipating disappointment. DO WE HAVE ANY RECOURSE? Does anyone know of another deal that’s almost the metzia this woulda/coulda/shoulda been?


My “in process” just went back to backorder


My order status page shows on backorder estimated shipping June 8th – June 23rd – any chance they will actually send it??

get real

My 6 were shipped!
I hope I can get them before shavous….. One for me- 5 for ebay!


Did anyones shas get shipped yet?


@get real: Double check,
Borders Rewards Plus Membership Shipped,
Shas On Backorder Estimated shipping: Jun 8, 2011 – Jun 22, 2011


“get real” my order also said shipped but it was for the borders card not the shas


@fred: I’m with Fred


Borders has done this before with Seforim. They say its on back order ad infinitum. Dont expect the Shas any time soon.


Did anyone get the shas yet? mine still says its on backorder.


Got a call from borders corp that there were 45 orders for this item canceled because of a system order and I have till june 15 to confirm I still want to resume the order, I have to call 855-295-2630 it will ship in 8 days fedex 7 boxes. I called and it should be coming. Fingers crossed


Thanks Dan!!! This is great news!


I have been in touch with Borders as well and basically my understanding is they are only able to fill 45 orders and only if you were from the first 45 orders would your order be reinstated if you would still like to receive the order. I am hoping to receive my order as they claim it should be processed by end of next week. I am really looking forward to getting the shas. Let’s hope it goes through.


link ‘Complete Full Size Schottenstein Edition Of The Talmud (73 Volume Set)’ above DEAD and says loading. Tried info from Amazon (# Publisher: Mesorah Pubns Ltd; 2 Blg edition (June 30, 2005)
# Language: English; # ISBN-10: 1578190673; # ISBN-13: 978-1578190676) and both ISBN’s say ‘NOT found’. Deal Must be dead and items removed. Then tried doing a search and all I could find was individual volumes, even when did a high to low search!


Link is dead. 🙁


My order status shows:
Complete Full Size Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud: The Forman Edition of Sever Zera’im SKU:0681029390 On Backorder

Estimated shipping:
Jun 9, 2011 – Jun 23, 2011

I really hope it actually will ship!

@Moish: When you had this “eternal backorder” done to you previously, they put estimated ship dates?


Just got a call from Borders that they are reinstating my order and it will ship late next week. 73 volumes in 7 boxes, fedex and signature required! My other order still says active……..

chaim ber

i spoke to them on friday and it is supposed to be reinstated and ship next week but online its still showing cancelled, anyone else seeing this?


I spoke to borders and they said that they are only going to fill the orders that were cancelled. My order wasn’t cancelled it still says its on back order and they said they will not fill my order but only the that got cancelled by accident. Is that the same by everyone? Does anyone know of a way that i can receive the Sahas thanx.


@nd: My order as well is still on backorder, not cancelled. The people I spoke to on the phone are clueless. But according to Dan’s update, they should be honoring all of the deal, not just the cancelled ones.


Dan, did borders say they would be honoring all of the orders or the only the ones they cancelled?


My understanding based on conversations with Borders is only a limited amount of orders will be filled based on availability. Only those orders that can be filled will be reinstated. Your ability to have your order reinstated or filled is based on when you placed the order (first come first served).

chaim ber

I spoke to them today and they said its a first in first out policy, only the first to order are being honored…


@chaim ber: To confirm what Chaim ber said…. I spoke to borders as well. They said that the 45 orders that were cancelled were actually the 1st 45 orders placed. These are the ones that will be filled 1st. They received a total of 216 orders. The other orders will be filled based on what they can get from the publisher. They said that they are not sure when they will know how many orders they can actually fill. I hope this helps.


Thanks Dan! I’m in NY and this came out to $1,491 if my memory serves me right.

chaim ber


Did your order status online get updated from “cancelled” to something else?


@chaim ber: My order status was “backorder” and still is.


So I called them and they said that only those who were canceled are from the first 45 orders, and the rest will be updated if one of the 45 don’t want it or if they source more.

I know I ordered mine approx 4pm on the day of the deal, did anyone order before me and not yet get canceled?


I called them and they seemed clueless…what number are you guys calling that they know about 45 orders and 216 ordered in total??

get real

I should be getting my 6 this week! Being shipped fedex.
Here we go ebay!! Not sure what to do, each volume separately or whole set at once…. Any input?



As I posted earlier 855-295-2630.


@David: I called the regular customer service number who connected me to corporate.


@get real: I don’t think you’re telling the truth. No frum Jew who would be learning torah is that greedy considering that there are so many people who will not be getting the shas at all.


I couldn’t agree more and then to shove it into everyones face




Ijust spoke to borders for the third time they told me that my ordered was cancelled by mistake and will be reinstated.It will ship by end of week via fedex 7 boxes and signature will be required.I hope that since 3 different representatives told me the same thing that it is true.



did anyone get theirs shipped yet?

wats up with the 130 bonus bucks?

any ideas wat to use it on-jewish?


chaim ber

any delivers yet?


BORDERS told me today that they all shipped already


I just received a phone call from FEDEX to schedule delivery for a skid of books.I am very excited that these are coming.

Meir : Did you see if they charged your CC yet ? The reason I ask is because there is no update on the Borders account to show that the orders were reinstated or shipped.


got an email today, saying they were shipped.


delivered today!


I was charged and got a call fromf ed ex they are on the way

chaim ber

did anyone else receive theirs today? my order still shows canceled, i spoke to them and they told me it shipped…


Got it delivered this afternoon; extremely excited!!!
Got to thank Dan and my favorite nephew for showing me this deal…


Just got mine delivered !!


06/24/2011 1:00 pm Link not working!!!!!!


Looks like I somehow don’t have an account, even though I signed up for that 10% off thing and just received the shas today. Wasn’t the 10% off part only for signing up? How could I not have an account?…


Dan , I received $140 Total borders bucks.There is not a lot of jewish stuff to use it on (Rabbi Berel Weins New books are availlable) There is actually a 40% coupon promo going on now which can be used with the borders bucks.They do carry board games as well as workbooks and learning materials which can be very useful to many for their children over the summer.



Same thing happened to me on one 1 account.
You need to find out your Borders Rewards number and then attach it your account.
The Borders Bucks will then be there waiting for you!


Fed ex callem me to deliver in Lakewood for this coming monday. They wans $86 bucks to bring it in the house or else the tractor trailor will leave it on the sidewalk! Any body have this issue? Is this standard? They want me to call them back by mon morning if I want pay extra to have it brought from truck 20 feet up 2 stairs into my house. Please advise


how do i get it today at that price?


Link not working, any other link?


hi. is this deal still alive?
i trieds the links but they dont work

Michoel A.


Was your order officially “cancelled” and the reinstated? I spoke to borders like someone here posted, and they told me it shipped, but online it still says cancelled and I did not get a phone call from fedex like everyone else is.

Is there anything I can do? The number that was posted here goes to a voicemail and I could not get a human to actually answer.


Can people here not read?

THE DEAL IS DEAD!!!!…it is just an update for those who paid attention the first time


Delivered full 73 Volumes by FedEx LTL


Account Summary
Please allow 24-48 hours for transactions to appear on the website.
Borders Bucks
Your cumulative Qualifying Purchases toward your next $5 in Borders Bucksâ„¢
Borders Bucks â„¢ available for redemption now through June 30, 2011.
Borders Bucks â„¢ available for redemption July 01, 2011 through July 31, 2011.
Personal Shopping Day
Your Personal Shopping Day expires July 07, 2011.


I recieved 130 border bucks what is it worth, i don’t understand how it works.

also my account still says on backorder its been like that since the day iv’e ordered it although i did get an email sometime last week that they didnt forget about me and its gonna come, does’t say when though.

Danny boy

whee did i go wrong? i didn’t get the $130:

Account Summary

Please allow 24-48 hours for transactions to appear on the website.
Borders Bucks

Your cumulative Qualifying Purchases toward your next $5 in Borders Bucksâ„¢

Borders Bucks â„¢ available for redemption now through June 30, 2011.

Borders Bucks â„¢ available for redemption July 01, 2011 through July 31, 2011.


hi i am OS and didnt get mine yet, did the guys who DID get theirs delivered get an email saying its out for delivery, or was your order online updated from Backorder to something else, or not? thanks


MIKE H, did they bring it into your house or they make u pay extra to bring it in? Fed ex called me and wants to charge me $86


Received full set on Friday . Driver said hes got a whole truck load of these boxes with 11 deliveries to make in midwood!



Did you check out as a guest when you completed your purchase? because I did and my account reads exactly like your. I emailed then but don’t expect too positive of a response. Borders Customer service sucks

Danny boy

Yep, checked out as a quest.


@chaim: Delivered to Commercial Address


@Jack: Got an email saying shipped with tracking 00000000000


Eli, did fedex bring into your house or did he make u shlep it?


I got the bucks! There is also a 40% off code now BGW9311K which you get in addition to your 10% off for being a member…then you can apply your bucks against your purchase!…some of the bucks are only usable during July, so you’ll have to wait.


@Dan: So I made a new account and linked my Rewards # to it, thanks!
Now when I log in though it says:

Your cumulative Qualifying Purchases toward your next $5 in Borders Bucks: $19.99
Borders Bucks available for redemption now through June 30, 2011: $0.00
Borders Bucks available for redemption July 01, 2011 through July 31, 2011: $65.00

And when I go to my history it doesn’t show any expired points or anything. Does it make sense that I only got $65?
Thanks! 🙂


last night i had 530 borders bucks! it was too late to use it on anything and when i signed on this morning they vanished! anyone know how i can open up offline browser history in firefox to send a copy of what my account looked like from the night before? thanks a mill!

get real

I got them delivered. Had to pay extra $86 for them to bring it into my house- but it was better than shleping 5 sets on my own!! Also I ordered 6 but they are only giving me 5 🙁


@ Chaim – Driver brought it to my front steps not into the house. Freight deliveries are paid to bring things to loading docks not into warehouses or houses. They are used to pulling up to loading docks , not driving down 1way Brooklyn streets with double parked cars and shlepping boxes off their truck


nevermind – it was reinstated – dan any tips on what to do with $530 i see they pulled all artscroll off their website! what an accomplishment!

i wish i could put it towards the motorola xoom but it wont register…


I didn’t get any borders bucks from my order. But then again, by order is still on backorder. Congrats to all who got some free cash!


I didn’t receive it yet. It still says on backorder. Is there anyone else who has the same problem?


Is there any way to know if I was given borders bucks that expired?


Indeed they did pull all the artsroll books off their site! Hmm…

You probably were, give them a call.


Called borders…they said it was a system error that initially issued the $130 and they wouldn’t put it back…spoke to supervisor after supervisor and finally got one to manually credit it back…now have to spend it or get another rep to extend it.


Hi guys, i called them up today to try and work out my Border Bucks and then got an email a few hours later- my order for the Shas is cancelled. I asked them why, and they said they only got limited numbers of stock and first come first served. My order was placed 25th May, I’m sure there are people on this forum who got theirs delivered and placed order AFTER 25 May? Can anyone speak up who did? thanks….


i ordered may 25 at 6pm and im getting mine today

Moshe Shmiel

I live in Crown Heights and my super just called that a large truck dropped of 7 boxes for me and will not bring it up, its sitting outside now, I hope it doesn’t rain.


After speaking to Borders for about the 25th time and them continually insisting that they are still waiting to hear from Artscroll about the supply they can get, I decided to call Artscroll. The lady with whom I spoke at Artscroll told me that whatever Borders orders they
send. Sounds to me that this is not a supply issue, but rather an issue of Borders deciding to fill certain orders and not others. Dan, as a very influential blogger, is there anything you can do to help those of us who have not received our shas yet? Borders tells me that there are 105 of us still waiting. I would really appreciate it as I know you have a lot of clout with these companies. Thanks.


I ordered my Artscroll set, at 11:58 pm right before the Promotion expired. On the order details it shows that it was ordered on may 26th.
I got my full set on Friday, and the guy was nice off to bring the boxes inside my home!!! (of course i offered my help which he refused, but i helped anyway.)

So i don’t think it has to do in a first come first serve basis… it’s my guess as good as yours who’s were filled and why???


mine and my friends came today…its 7 heavy boxes…my friend actually got his set for free!!! Yes for free!!! His credit card ahd some problem at the time of his purchase and his order was cancelled…apprantly when they reinstated everyone’s orders they still sent him one but he was never charged! he called them and told them but they’re so stupid and said it cant be…morons! Now he got a $2100 set for free (well, besides the $20 membership fee)


@Spoketoborders: It may still come even if it shows canceled. mine came


@AMool: Mine was never cancelled. It’s still on backorder.


Just had mine delivered in Lakewood, fedex guy brought them into my dining room with a trolly and refused even a tip. Don’t fall for fedex phone call asking if u want pay $86 to have it delivered to your door unless u live in an apt building and don’t want to risk it


@remloo79: They may still charge him for it.


Did everyone’s credit cards get charged? I still have no pending charges and it was delivered Friday.


I received mine today as well….


Great site!! Just spent $130.00 on Borders Bucks! Thanks for and all followers! next month another $65.00.

Btw you can get kosher cook books, Just search Kosher n you will find all there, try as well Rosh Hashona, Purim, Chanukah…… you might find something for your family.


Oz vehadar? Or old print?


I just got my borders bucks back


@moe: Oz Vehadar!!!


Hi Dan,

Do you have any advice for those of us who did not yet receive the Shas?



Did everyone get charged ?


@Jeter: Still no charge on my BA 100k Bonus Miles Credit Card – I thought this purchase would help me spend $3k in 3 months… now I need to splurge on some other items.


i feel ur pain


Well I only got $65 in Bucks, but I gotta say im still pretty happy with that!

GMAT Verbal Review: The Official Guide $14.36
GMAT Quantitative Review: The Only Study Guide With 300 Past… $14.36
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide… $11.99
Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of… $9.59
Tis: A Memoir $12.80
What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures $10.19
Order Subtotal $73.29
Borders Bucks -$65.00
Tax $0.11
Shipping $0.00
Promotions -$7.33
Thanks Dan!! 🙂


Has anyone gotten it or are you guys all still waiting for it?

get real

I got the 5 sets but I never applied for the “borders bux” is it too late?
(I would appreciate something to make up for ebay fees)


@get real: I was actually wondering if you keep hocking about your 5 or 6 sets or if you are saying the truth, it did sound fishy because the orig 50pct coupon was for 1 item, so how would you order 6 of them?

When I spoke to borders corp about my order, they assured me my order was on my way and at that point they can only process 45 orders.. I asked if there was anyone who ordered a few of the sets, and they said that there was 2 orders to the same address and are honoring one of them, but there was no other multiple orders to the same address…

Stop hocking.


we got ours last week. after not hearing anything since the phone call that it was reinstated, and then seeing that other people were getting theirs, we called borders. they gave us the tracking number and we tracked it and found out it had been sitting at fedex for a week because they didn’t have our phone number to call and schedule delivery! we called fedex and got the shas the next day. Thanks dan! very exciting! we also got our $130 of free books from borders!


@Ebbs: i agree with you this get real guy is full of it i got my set and i thin it would be a great idea that anyone who received a set to start learning something new from the set in the merit of DAN to show appreciation


still have not been charged!!


@get real: So they canceled my order due to their liquidation, how much are you selling yours for on eBay? Could you email meat


They canceled my order on shabbos would it help if i called them, or is it too late since their closing.
how about the membership plus can i ask to get back the money would it help


They recently canceled my order and after a lot of back and forth they told me that there’s nothing they can do.

Is there a better chance if call them? It seems futile because they’re going out of business.

I even tried cancelling my borders rewards card and they wouldn’t do that for me either. I’m still fighting it with amex.

Chaim Bin Nun

Hi, I tried ordering this but the link says that borders closed, is this a mistake? I am very interested in this deal. I am wiling to spare you $10 to get the deal working again for me.

I have seen in the past a deal that was declared dead and then you sometimes are able to revive it and write “alive again”.

Please do your magic.

I will front $5 now and the other $5 I will pay once the order is shipped.

please send a paypal invoice to my email address above.