HOT! Save $60 Off $99+ Orders From Shoebuy; Ecco, Florsheim, And Rockport Dress Shoes From $39.95 Shipped!

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Limit of 1 coupon code per order:
-Use the following code for $40 off $99+ Orders (Exp: 12/13): EML40OFFDEC
-Use the following code for 30% off (Exp: 12/13): FLASH30

Additionally in your cart you’ll find a free magazine subscription with $25+ orders. Click on this link and then click on “this form” and you’ll be able to request a $20 rebate instead of the magazine subscription!

The magazine rebate only appears on the desktop site, so click to request the desktop site if you’re using a mobile browser.

A $99 pair of shoes will be just $39 after the $40 coupon and $20 magazine rebate.

There’s a limit of 1 magazine rebate per household.

Shoebuy offers free shipping and free exchanges.

Shop from hundreds of men’s dress shoes including brands like Bostonian, Clarks, Ecco, Rockport, and Florsheim.

Sample deals:

Ecco Loafers:
Prices after $40 off $99 coupon and $20 magazine rebate:
-ECCO Atlanta Tie Wing-Tip: $41.95
-ECCO Classic Moc: $49.95
-ECCO New Jersey Slip On: $59.95

Price after 30% off and $20 magazine rebate:
-ECCO Edinburgh Bike Toe Slip: $84.97

Ecco Tie Shoes:
Prices after $40 off $99 coupon and $20 magazine rebate:
-ECCO Edinburgh Cap Toe Brogue: $59.95
-ECCO Seattle Apron Toe Tie: $69.45
-ECCO Seattle Bicycle Toe Tie: $69.45
-ECCO Faro Plain Toe Tie Shoe: $69.45

Prices after 30% off and $20 magazine rebate:
-ECCO Edinburgh Bike Toe Tie: $84.97
-ECCO Inglewood Tie Oxford: $91.97

Florsheim Loafers:
Prices after $40 off $99 coupon and $20 magazine rebate:
-Florsheim Rally Moc Slip: $39.95
-Florsheim Bogan Slip: $39.95
-Florsheim Richfield Loafer: $39.95
-Florsheim Forum Moc Toe Slip On: $49.95
-Florsheim Como Strap: $49.95
-Florsheim Lexington Cap Toe: $49.95
-Florsheim Castellano Bike Ox : $49.95
-Florsheim Forum Bit Slip On: $49.95
-Florsheim Mogul Moc Slip On: $49.95

Florsheim Tie Shoes:
Prices after $40 off $99 coupon and $20 magazine rebate:
-Florsheim Billings: $39.95
-Florsheim Pacer Moc Lace Up : $39.95
-Florsheim Pacer Plain Oxford: $39.95
-Florsheim Castellano Wing Tip: $49.95
-Florsheim Mogul Cap Oxford: $49.95

Rockport Loafers:
Prices after 30% off and $20 magazine rebate:
-Rockport Classic Penny Loafer: $35.99
-Rockport Style Leader 2 Bike Slip On: $42.99
-Rockport Alpenglow: $47.87

Prices after $40 off $99 coupon and $20 magazine rebate:
-Rockport Essential Details Waterproof Slip On: $39.95
-Rockport Dressports Business Bike Toe Slip On: $40.95
-Rockport Dressports 2 Lite Bicycle Toe Slip On: $59.95

Rockport Tie Shoes:
Prices after $40 off $99 coupon and $20 magazine rebate:
-Rockport Margin Oxford : $39.95
-Rockport Essential Details Waterproof Apron Toe: $39.95
-Rockport Evander Waterproof: $49.95
-Rockport Dressports 2 Lite Cap Toe Oxford: $59.95

Price after 30% off and $20 magazine rebate:
-Rockport Style Leader 2 Bike Toe Oxford : $42.99

Post what deals you find!

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It seems that codes are not stackable.

@Dan, Can you comment on this, please?


Where did I say the codes were stackable?


You can’t stack two promos

Mic tomey

How combined both codes?


@Mic tomey:
Who said anything about stacking codes??
Read the post again.


how do you add 2 codes, its only letting me add 1…


Read the post again.


Dan your prices arent accurate if they aren’t stackable


Just fyi:
Returns are simple, too. If you choose to return a U.S. order for a refund, we’ll give you a prepaid return-shipping label and a refund for the amount you paid for the returning item, minus a $6.95 restocking fee per item.



opps 🙂


Anyone else have issues with shoe buy, it just wont let me check out


You wrote $60 off $99


@Dan: do you ever feel like making a personal policy that if a stupid question is asked, making it clear they didn’t read the post, that you won’t respond to the question? You’re so busy, I hate that you have to answer laziness


It says to get the $20 I must send in the order confirmation page. I dont have that, Can I send the confirmation instead?


How do you save $60 if you cant use both codes?


Yes they are, read the post.

And that is correct, read the post.

I wish.

That should work.

There is a $20 rebate, read the post.


I guess the post is somehow misleading…
(you don’t have that much dumb readers)


How is the post misleading?

A $99 shoe is $39 after the $40 coupon and the $20 rebate.

How many times do I need to write “Prices after $40 off $99 coupon and $20 magazine rebate” in this post?

And clearly you have not read this thread


same here. have you figured it out. not letting me sign in or create new account


do you know if more than one magazine rebate per household is allowed?

thank you


I presume it doesn’t work on uggs?


I meant “Email” confirmation work?

Exchange for size?

Can I purchase the wrong size and exchange it later for the correct size at this price?


Thanks Dan i have been waiting for this


Are any of these shoes good for weekday use. I would feel guilty buying a shoes which has a value of more than my current Shabbos Shoes


It worked for me. Paid 59.95 for 99.95 shoes and I am mailing in for the $20 rebate. DAN IS THE MAN!!!!


@Liz: I tried – no luck on my end either 🙁 Would have been good.


1) Sorry the word “misleading” was not the right term, i was trying to say that it may be more clear, and you did it already.

2) People like to blame everybody but themselves…

3) Thanks for this and all amazing deals!


Not stackable!!!! Cmon man


Good grief.
Read the post.


Not seeing magazine in cart. Using mobile safari and chrome…..


Request desktop browser.


I did this offer last year. great shoes! however even though I declined the magazine offer I still started received a VERY undesireable magazine in the mail.


They ARE stackable. Just print out the codes on two different pieces of paper and put one on top of the other. Duh.


Worth mentioning that the rebate is limit 1 per household


@boruch: Why not call them to cancel?


Anybody else have experience with this?


Added, thanks.


Just so everyone should know, I got denied the magazine rebate because I did it ONCE before. It is officialy limited one offer per address.


Any way to resend rebate link it keeps saying error @dan


Worked. Thanks


Thanks. I ordered a pair of waterproof Timberland Mt. Maddsen boats — conveniently priced at $99. Fingers crossed that this seemingly sketchy rebate actually shows up. With $60 off, it would be a very good deal.


I purchased these shoes on blackfriday on my CSR will chase honor purchase protection for this ?

or would shoebuy honor this ?


Supposed to hit “No thanks” to the magazine offer in the cart to decline the magazines, or will that also be a “no thanks” for the rebate?


Do you have to click “no thanks” to the subscription before placing order in order to get $20 rebate?


As long as the rebate works, I’ll be getting blundstone boots for my daughter for $41.56. Thanks, Dan – I have yet to see Blundstones on sale.


@Avi: That’s what the rebate says.


These comments are hilarious! These people are either too stupid or too busy to read and understand the post. Considering that they have the time to post their complaints in the comments, I’ll let you guys draw conclusions….


FLASH30 doesn’t seem to work anymore.


You can use code HELLOWINTER to get 25% off if FLASH30 doesnt work for you, as in my case.


HELLOSAVINGS works for 30% off.


ok so now I get it the plan is to mess with Dan by asking the dumbest question possible. I wonder what the prize is. Hey Dan is the discount for each shoe or just the pair? Did I win?



I purchased these shoes on blackfriday on my CSR will chase honor purchase protection for this ?

or would shoebuy honor this ?


Anyone know how I can get the rebate form? I had printed it out but I misplaced it.


@MMM thanks. I was just looking for that form!


Still waiting for my rebate.
Anyone receive theirs yet?
Any way to track it?


I was wondering the same thing now,

I am still waiting for mine as well


I also never received mine. I also can’t find any contact info to ask them for the status. Does anyone know how to contact the rebate company??


My rebate arrived today.

Dan Fan

It’s now more than 4 months later, and still no rebate. Do I have any recourse at this point? Does anybody know how to contact the rebate company, or will Shoebuy do anything to help me? Would disputing the cc charge help, or is it too late?