Gap $1.05 Toddler Girl Price Mistakes!

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Update 4: My order shipped 😀

Update 3: DEAD!

Update 2: These boys shorts in grey are $1.05 as well! Keep looking for more $8 items pricing out at $1.05 and post a comment!

Update: Save an additional 25% with a Gap card with code: BDAYFEB


Valid for clothes from 12 months to 5 years!

-Skinny Leggings (3 colors) were $14.95 and are on sale for $8. Add it to your cart and the price is just $1.05!

-Leggings (9 colors) were $14.95 and are on sale for $8. Add it to your cart and the price is just $1.05!

-Ribbed tank (5 colors that match the leggings above) were $14.95 and are on sale for $8. Add it to your cart and the price is just $1.05!

-Short-sleeve graphic T (5 styles) were $14.95 and are on sale for $8. Add it to your cart and the price is just $1.05!

-City logo graphic T (2 styles) were $14.95 and are on sale for $8. Add it to your cart and the price is just $1.05!

-The 25% off email subscription code will only work on the City logo shirts, they will not work on the first 4 items.
-Shipping is free on $50+ orders or is otherwise $7.
-Return shipping is free on all orders.
-Gap Silver and Banana Luxe cardholders get free shipping with no minimum order requirement.

If you find more price mistakes please post a comment!

HT: puddles, via DDF


If you have a Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold, and the Ink Business Cash® Credit Card

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Shirts are showing up as $8.


Ribbed Tanks showing up as $8.00.


Try from a computer?
And make sure you’re adding it to your cart.


is there any way to get free shipping or do i have to order $50?


only one row of ribbed tanks come up as 1.05


you have to add it to your cart then it goes down. klotz!


worked for me on real computer, but $7 shipping under $50


read the post add it to your cart and it will come up as $1.05


Some show up at $8 and some for $1.05. Mine just went through we’ll see if they cancel


Add to cart and it’s 1.05

m endy

@Chaim: @Chaim: @Chaim:
when you move it to your bag it switches to 1.05


Worked for me. Thanks Dan. You need to put it in your cart that the price should reflect.


I paid for shipping but got 30 Items for $36 Awsume Thanks DAN AND PUDDLES

Dans fan

It’s grade worked for me if you don’t have a more stuff


Thanks, Dan. Awesome.

Now, the rest of you please don’t be stupid and order 100 at a time. Thanks in advance.

Dans fan

I wish they had it for more stuff not only this funny T-shirt


if you have gap card and put in BDAYFEB you get 25% off.
so 1.05 shirt becomes .79


Just ordered leggings and t’s for $1.05!!!


Just stocked up on clothing for my daughter. Thanks so much Dan!!


Dan, how do you find these? Awesome!


hee haa… good one dan.. in for a bunch

Rochel S

ordered 3 leggings and a tshirt. Thanks!!

Thanks Dan

worse case add other items to get to above $50 for free shipping. Gap is always free returns

i cant wait for shobbos

its coming oh so soon


Free return so add another random item and return it after to get free shipping


Thanks so much! Anyone else not get order confirmation?


Got 20 pieces of clothing for cheap! Nice !

Mike Oxlong

Thanks Dan – you are the man!


Great deal. Thanks Dan!
Shabbat shalom


Thanks a bunch Dan! Now when we go to Israel for pesach my daughter has a whole bunch new leggings! Wll make laundry easier! You da man again!


Worked for me. I did it on my iPad.

Thanks Dan

Seems like they might have caught on……


Thanx ordered some stuff.


its cool. bought 9 pants for my daughter no satisfying shirt..
thanks Dan!
Git Shabbos!


Thanks!!!! Just got all Spring wardrobe for my girls!!


Thanks Dan!

Just ordered over 40 pieces of clothing I’ll be donating to a clothing Gemach!

Good Shabbos!


got a full bag! thanks dan!
btw, had some other stuff waiting in my bag from previos time so got free shipping as well!


He didn’t find it. Someone on the forums did. That’s the point. Forums first and dan brings it to the masses.


thanks. we arent sure what we can do with it but first we order


Will any of this stuff fit into my 3 dollar shredder since I don’t need either of these things ? lol


Torah-abiding Jews do not take advantage of obvious pricing errors. Look at how Avraham Avinu negotiated with Efron. That’s all you need to know that this attitude is the antithesis of Yashrus. This is WRONG.




Ribbed tank not $1.05 anymore.


Gap ordering system is now down and some of the prices have been fixed already.
I did get in on the deal and ordered $75 worth of items.


Thanks Dan! I see some stuff are selling out already.


code SILVER gives free shipping if you have a silver card, no minimum order


@ Mordechai; stop w ur BS. I actually spoke w a Posek last night about this stuff (Delta to LA, Israel etc) & he said its 100000000% OK to purchase the items. If the company wants then they can try to not honor it, whic they legally probably cant do…
so plz, u dont buy & let e/o else enjoy
shabbat shalom




Thanks Dan!

My niece will have plenty of leggings, t-shirts, and tank tops for the next three years.

Shabbat Shalom!


Thanks!! Such a lifesaver!


@Mordechai, plz get lost from this site.
A posek told me just last night that this is 1000000% ok to purchase.
You prob live in lkwd & come up w these things 🙂


Thaks!! Got some stuff.
Many items are already sold out at 3:30.


BDAYFEB didn’t work for me even though I used my BR card it’s ACTUALLY my birthday in Feb!


Ordering working again


spoke to gap they are working on the mistake.


If you have extra money- donate to tzedakah, if you you have extra time- get a job. Stop judging ppl and calling names- do you really need to belittle everyone to feel better about yourself? If you feels it is wrong then do not do it- but let everyone else and their Rabbi go according to halacha.

Good Shabbos


bdayfeb code can only be used once. I’m a silver gap member so free ship always. Just placed second order for 3.15. Thanks dan


Thanks dan!


@RealLife: What? I didn’t call anybody a name, and I didn’t belittle anybody. There is a mitzvah in the Torah of Hochayach Tochiyach, what do you think that means? You don’t always need to be a Rabbi to know that something is right or wrong. If someone goes to a posek and is told this is OK, that’s they’re business, but the deeper problem is why they are even asking this question in the first place. Why would a Torah Jew want to take advantage of someone else’s mistake and cause them a monetary loss?! It is truly mind-boggling.


Sorry, wrote “they’re” instead of “their”….



WHY would you speak to GAP??


Thanks Dan!!


got a bunch of stuff. thansk!


Had a bunch of stuff in my cart and when I went to check out it didn’t go through. when I called customer service she said it was a “technical error’ and those items were $8 each. What a shame. My grandkids would have looked cute in those t-shirts.


@Mordechai: Ta’us akum in my torah, says aint no problem!


@SuzyQ: What a blessing, you were prevented from taking advantage of an obvious error and benefiting from someone else’s loss!


I can share with you what I bought. 50 items, I may use just 15 of them.

it's over



WHY WHY WHY would you speak to GAP about this?????Thanks a lot,TROLL.


omg thank you- got 5 t-shirts and 3 pairs of leggings for 11 bucks!! i went to buy more but they had already fixed the prices


I believe they fixed the error now. Whew still managed to get some stuff for my nieces.


someone on SD just called to alert them. dead.


@Jack: Gap Inc. is a publicly-owned company. You can bet that a significant portion of the stock is under Jewish ownership. But keep trying, I’m sure you’ll find some other heter if you are really determined. Or you could just abide by basic Derech Eretz and not take advantage of others’ mistakes, what a concept!


Link is dead now.



As I was checking out, items were leaking from my shopping bag. Still got a few things that my daughter needs. Thanks for the tip!


@yuriah: Sounds like some people need to be reminded of the “Deal Rules”….


Thank you! It’s refreshing to hear there are still decent people out there. I am saddened how easily people will take advantage of others. The worst part is when they manipulate halacha to justify it! If your Rav gave you a heter to murder, it wouldn’t make it muttar.


If anyone doesn’t need it all and wants to sell some to me it would be a great mitzvah! I live in Lakewood, NJ and missed out on the deal by a few minutes





Rav Scheinberg felt that corporations/companies become entities onto their own in Halacha. So much so that he felt that keilim purchased from companies wouldn’t need tevilla.

Chamatz sheavar alav Hapesach of a company according to this logic would also not be a problem.

Kal Vechomer that this wouldn’t be more machmir than Taos Akum, especially when they are publishing the rates as such.

Finally, the idea of Jewish shareholders has been discussed by poskim ad neuseum. And no competent posek recognizes that as any type of real Jewish bailus.



I have no problem with the deal and got two big orders in for a whole bunch of people.

However, the question of Jewish shareholder is actually not so simple and many poskim do recognize bailus.


About 100 items for $102. Thanks Dan.


@Mordechai: Why does Mordechai insist on having halakhah discussions on this site? Please take your soapbox somewhere else. Thanks.



I have extra and don’t mind selling it to you, but just curious why its a mitzvah?


Please bug off from this site. Whe are you here? To make sure we over pay? Between me and you you know that those stuff almost dosent cost them anything if you want to say musser you should plz do it somewhere else perhaps by the big atzeres Thursday in boro park.



Beginning with the easiest Teshuva to find:

Rav Moshe in Igros Moshe Even Ha’ezer 1:7 positioned that one may own shares in a company that sells non-kosher food (NYSE:MCD) as long as you don’t have a decision making control in the company. This is true even though selling non-kosher food to gentiles is a De’Oirassah, ayin Shulchan Aruch y”d 117:1, ve’Shach shum.

Furthermore, according to this logic it would be problematic to be a shareholder in a bank either as it is definitely charging interest to Jewish individuals. Similarly, it would be assur to take ribbus from a bank as there undoubtedly Jewish shareholders. However, this goes against common practice as well as many contemporary teshuvos. Ayin Igros Moshe y”d 2:63, Har Tzvi y’D 126, Minchas Yitzchak 1:3 and 4:16-17 as well as Chelkas Yaakov 3:190.

Granted, the issue is complex but I would be hard pressed to come up with a lomdus to use the shareholders of Gap to stretch this out of a taos akkum and into a geneiva shailah.

The distinction between Halacha and Yashrus has to be underscored. And although many illiterate people from Kodshim yeshivos who have never learned sugyas leHalacha will like to prothlesize chumras, this is probably more of a derech eretz/yashrus shailah than a mattur/assur Geneiva/Gezeila shaila.

Perhaps we should actually put some work in and come up with a comprehensive dvar halacha (not psak halacha, as you should have Rabbanim for that) so that we don’t have to listen to nonsense every time something like this happens.

Though, even I must admit that the underlying insecurities of the people attacking Mordechai are a bit disturbing…

Stay in your lane

@Haman: No insecurities here…just a preference that you all not attempt force YOUR religious morals on others. Bottom line–if YOU aren’t into the deals…perhaps it’s best for EVERYONE that you stay out of THIS forum…just saying…😳


Is there s site mediator? Thank you for this deal. i only purcgased for 15 follars with shipping.




Did you guys get an email canceling your order? Shabbat shalom


All of my order was just cancelled (11:40a 2/22/2014)by Gap. Anyone else?


Just called Gap. Cancelled due to pricing error on their part. Could reinstate order at correct prices of $8/item with discount for inconvenience. Not interested.


Naval B’reshus HaTorah


My order got cancelled, anyway to get them to honor it?


cancelled orders


Order was shipped
thanks dan


My order was shipped as well!


Only two items in my order were shipped. The rest were cancelled. How can I get them to honor the prices that were in the cart?


entire order was cancelled




I really wonder how do we look when we are the main ones taking advantage of others mistakes… for example… when mostly jews will show up for a flight that was mistakenly priced, when most of us will buy something mistakenly priced… they used to say that people accused us of trying to taking advantage of them… isn’t it true?
It would be great if this site is used for good offers, but to use this site mainly as a means to take advantage of others mistakes… mmm… we are falling down…

For Dan

Hey Dan, why don’t you please find out if it right to post such a deal… it is very simple, why don’t you just get a heter or be told it is not right… remember, most people here won’t hold themselves back for the sake of saving a few dollars and you might be putting a stumbling block in front of them! No bad intended in this comment, but just get to the bottom of the matter, it is not hard!


For Dan:

Dan has postred about this issue before. Some people like you pipe in late in the game and seem to have a problem reading. If people don’t like the deals, they don’t need to be on here. Go to another site and leave Dan alone.

@Mordechai – please let us know your contact information. My friend at the IRS will be happy to make sure that you are as honest in all matters as you seem to be when questioning everyone else’s behavior.


Order shipped.




If my order says in process does that mean it will ship our our be canceled?


Order shipped! I didn’t go crazy when ordering, so I don’t feel like as @Mordechai says that I took advantage of others mistake and YES, I do practice “basic derech eretz” – however, I doubt you do since you’re busy judging everyone on here. I think it’s probably best for you to *not* be visiting this site.

However, I will mention that I do think it’s wrong when people are being chazers by ordering large quantities. (even if you’re donating them to a gemach) Abusing the deal isn’t right.



Two wrongs don’t make a right.


my order was cancelled! i called and got a 20% of my next order which is stackable with any other promo……so i guess i could get 66% off my next order when its 40 off

thanx dan

all but one of my 19 items have been shipped, thanx dan!!!!


It is not a matter of whether we like it or not, it is a of a possible chillul hashem if most people who take advantage of price mistakes are yidden, a yid cannot just ignore that. Also you cannot expect people to know what Dan wrote a long time ago, if someone is not informed, just tell them what came up of that discussion.
As for me, I still insist that posting good deals could me mzache d’rabim but posting price mistakes could be exactly the opposite.
Regards with the best of intention.


For others you think a price mistake shouldn’t be posted but for you I see that you did buy.. selfish??? And if you didn’t buy, you are probebly jeallus!…
I wrote this ones that when some compny has a system error or glitch that does NOT ‘aser’ me from buying this is not called gneiva! Gneiva may be called when a company manufactures clothing costing them $1.50 and selling for $15.00… again if you think from halacha point of view this is not right then please stop following dan… or stop posting negative comments. And for dan I don’t understand why he let’s through those offensive comments as I know that he fillters the comments.
Have a good day keep on spending and overpaying!!


Same to


@Pete: There are a lot of other sites that post price mistakes. In fact, flyertalk had the wideroe price mistake on shabbes morning. The deal was over way before most of the frum jews here booked flights. 6,500 flights were booked and I bet not more then 10% were shomer shabbes jews. Now if your talking about Israel mistake fares, obviously mostly jews will get those- mostly jews go there.


Mordeachai has some good things to say. so it Rav Pete. Why not being welcoming opinions not same as your own?
“ahavas mamom maavira adam al daaso”, and middos rabosai?
Go save a penny. run. and run over anyone who has something of daas to say. one day “lifnei mi asa atid lisen din vecheshbon”


I received a shipped notice for a non sale item ordered. I did not receive a cancellation notice on the other items. Should I call or do I still have a chance of getting my order filled?


the dumbest people people post comments on this site. cant wait for the day comments are disabled. This is whats wrong with the jewish community, everyone is busy judging each other, no one here is on a level to give tochacha


they are canceling all items that they messed up on the price


Cancelled both orders I ordered right when Dan posted and I I only ordered 8 pieces!!!
How could they just cancel?


Including you lol…
I placed 2 orders 1 was cancelled and one shipped. No clue their cheshbon


most of my stuff got cancelled a few items from my order shipped…..ho-hum……


My order of 24 pieces just shipped. Thanks Dan!


Oh man they just cancelled my whole order even regularly priced items! Strange they sent an email for every item separately.


All my stuff was cancelled 🙁 even the stuff I ordered that was not on the sale


I ordered two each of 7 items. Just got canceled for all items


They canceled my whole order- even items that were not on sale! And I also got a cancelation email individually per item.



I just got 11 emails from Gap. They cancelled my entire order from Friday


Was worth a try i guess……….


my order was canceled.


My order placed on 2/21 at 3pm shipped on 2/22.


my order was cancelled


I returned 6 leggings that I got fr 1$ without a receipt for 95$ store credit!!!


@Esther: Is that mutar?