Do You Plink?

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Plink tracks your credit card spending and rewards you for spending at stores that you choose from.

Stores include Advance Auto Parts, Gap, Sears, and Staples.

You have to give Plink your card login information, but they do employ bank level encryption. I’ve held off on writing about them but they’re been around for a little while now and so far nobody has had any problems using them.  I feel safe enough now to link up my own card and make a post about it.

Here is my referral link after you signup and link your credit card you should get 300 points good for a $3 gift card to places like Amazon and Walmart. If you’re also signing up your spouse you’ll want to signup using a different browser or browse incognito or else they won’t get the 300 points.

At Staples (in-store or online) for example you get 50 Plink Points when you spend $15, 125 Plink Points when you spend $30, or 300 Plink Points when you spend $60 or more.

300 points is worth $3 so if you buy a $100 Visa card for a $5.95 fee the cost will be just $2.95.  If you buy a $200 Visa card for a $6.95 the cost will be just $3.95.
If you use your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card on a $200 Visa card your cost would be $206.95 less $3 in Plink points and less 1,035 Chase Ultimate Rewards points which are worth roughly $19.67.

Of course Staples also carries tons of other gift cards with no fees at all and now you can earn even more points for those purchases. $60 in gift cards with no fees will earn 300 Plink Points and 300 Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

You only earn a maximum of 300 points per transaction but there’s no limit to how many transactions you can earn points for, so don’t buy more than 1 card per transaction.

You can only link 1 credit card on a Plink account at a time.

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Two quick questions

1) if I link the cc right now, will it be effective immediately?

2) I can do multiple $60 transactions at Staples in one day and get 300 points for each?



Do you even Plink?


1. Yes.
2. Yes.

I linked up my own card.

dans biggest fan

dan ur a genius thanks … I love ur site … I check it daily


I printed out my $5 GC to walmart (I signed up a while ago), but walmart’s system wouldn’t accept it for some reason…

dans biggest fan

@dan dan can u pls do an article on squaretrade i think it will benifit a lot of ppl


@dans biggest fan: what is squaretrade????


Signed up using the referral link, but no 500 points.


Square trade is an extend warranty for consumer electronics i have used them once and they replaced my cell phone with great ease visit them at lots of eBay sellers offer them when you buy a phone and eBay recommended them to me

David R

@Matt: SquareTrade sells extended warranties. From what I’ve read here, Dan prefers free coverage from American Express.


Dan, how much money do you make from the deal?


I just signed up. Why didn’t I receive 500 points?


@Mendel: Points just showed up. Looks like it takes some time.


There are no Staples near me. Is this valid at Staples web site?


@David R:
Square Trade covers you for full accidental damage if you purchase it which is something no Amex will do for the length of time a square trade warranty will cover you.


I’m a little reluctant to give Plink my credit card login info. Why would I want that on someone’s website? In a worst case scenario, someone obtaining that info could initiate a balance transfer online. Also if you have a business account (like Ink), you don’t have the same consumer protection laws behind you. Maybe I’m overstating the case, but that’s my answer to your blog title “Do you plink?”


How do they make money? Just hope it’s not by using my card that I link 🙁


Does this work for spending on amazon payments?


@David R:
It can be worthwhile for subsidized call phones.

Do you also go into retail stores asking what they make on items that they are selling?

At any rate I believe a confirmed referral who adds a credit card earns 100 points or the equivalent of a $1 gift card.


People have gotten AMEX refunds for accidental damage. YMMV.

It seems like they have read-only access, so they can’t actually make any changes or transfers. And they don’t have your account numbers to do spending.

But if you don’t feel safe then don’t do it, that’s why I highlighted it in the post.

Lol, no.
The stores pay them a kickback for referring sales.

How would it?

SquareTrade fan

I bought a 3 year warranty on my HP printer. I had 4 days left to the warranty. My printer kept giving me paper jam. I called them up,could not find my receipt (I usually upload receipt immediately), but they said they’ll make an exception since there’s only 4 days left. They approved it, emailed me a free UPS shipping label. As soon as UPS scans it, they will send me a check for the entire amount of printer. I paid about $27 for warranty – bought with a 30% discount code. (You can get $5 for each referral – put out a link:)


Which gift cards at Staples do you recommend purchasing that will reload to Bluebird without a problem?


Visa is easiest.


@Dan: Sorry, what I meant by my question was does plink let you earn points for credit card purchases over amazon payments? I’ll give it a try and see what happens if you don’t know off hand.


@Josh: Nevermind… I thought you could earn points for spending on amazon… I see they only have very limited selection of places to choose at the moment.


Do they sell 200 dollar visa gc on I can’t seem to find them.


@Dan, I have multiple Chase CC’s linked to the same account. Should I surrender the account & password to Plink, or create a separate account?


I joined up with 2 separate accounts, so will see what happens!


We have a problem – Plink does not seem to allow redemption for Amazon cards.


staples does not show up on my plink account. any suggestions?


Are the plink points only for or also for in store purchases?
Does the Tango card they offer work at Target?


@dan , I signed up using your link & linked a credit card , but I dont see the 500 bonus points , did I do something wrong ?


I didn’t either get the 500 bonus points. Is the offer dead?

joshua L

warning! i had a problem with plink ! updated my plink account on friday & got a fraud charge on my personal chase account today! chase sent me a red flag text & denied the charge ! closed th card & issued a new one! I never had this before ! dont use that card almost at all! so moicel toives the points if they can causefraud your accounts! any website that requires your password stay away!


has anyone else had issues with plink? still trying to decide if this is a good idea or not. 🙁


I did not get the 300 signup points


They do not have Gap or Sears any more..

Eli C

Did the Staples deal in your Plink ‘wallet’ expire, too? Do you have a suggested ‘backup’?


does your referral link still work? will I get 300 points if I join now?

Staples Dead?!

It seems that they are not partners with staples anymore!


For anyone checking back through these posts, Plink officially closed down September 2014.