Discounted Costco Membership From Living Social

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That’s knocks the price for a one year membership down to just $49.50 before all of the included goodies like $20 of Costco Cash and 48 free batteries!
Originally posted on 02/25:

Discounted Costco Membership From Living Social

Valid for new members for their first year of membership only
For $55 you’ll get:
-1 year Costco membership ($55 value)
-$20 Costco Cash Card
-Kirkland Signature 48-pack of AA batteries
-Rotisserie chicken
-Kirkland Signature case of water
-$4 off Kirkland Signature coffee and $4 off Kirkland Signature albacore tuna.

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i had a membrship 5 years ago. would this be considered new or old?


So there’s no discount on the membership itself, but you get the $20 cash card and the coupon book


Is this for 1 person or two people?
how great of a deal is it?


I’d assume that’s considered new.

I guess it depends on how you look at it, but sure.

Good for 2 people in the same household.
Seems like an awesome deal if you’re thinking of joining Costco.

Chaim Leib

@Dan: Any credit check required?

happy shopper

wife had a membership with me as the tag-a-long . can i sign up now with her as the second ? TY


Got one great deal thanks Dan

Philip SeeMore H

@Chaim Leib: No. Why would they have to, unless you apply for Costco AMEX card?


I am not usually one to go against Dans deals, but let’s keep in mind that Costco is one of the few companies that is boycotting Soda stream. They have pulled all Soda stream products from their shelves. Soda stream is owned by from people.


how long ago did you have to be a member to be considered new?


@yaakov: +1


@yaakov: +1


@yaakov: +1


I assume the rotisserie chicken is treif. What am I going to do with a treif chicken?



Do you have a link for that? I just checked Sodastream’s site, and they still list Costco as a retailer. Also, couldn’t find anything with a Google search.

Thank you.


If your membership was canceled more then 12 months ago. this is considered a new membership.


So I know that this is the question of the century..but is Costco worth it? We’re a family of 5, but I don’t see myself going all that often.

the shot

the only team with a longer losing streak than the cavs is la lakers go cuyahogans!


Do you have a source for that?


@yaakov Costco used to sell them and if soda stream messed up its there problem,
costco is still a great deal


When does the offer expire?


i see there is a free offer on livingsocial

Want this deal for free?
Buy first, then share a special link. If three friends buy, yours is free!


Any chance, threy’ll give me a koshjer chicken?


@Shani definitely worthwhile, you’ll save tons on diapers and formula if you have little ones, plus kirkland brand items are generally good value. One caveat – you need to do your research as sometimes you aren’t really saving that much. I find the best deals for toiletries, cleaning products, disposable products and baby products but some of the big ticket items aren’t such a great deal, some items are discounted and some are not

Costco member

Costco has one of the best open ended return policies in the business – and you don’t even have to keep your receipts as your membership brings up the record.

You can return anything ANY time (with very few exceptions i.e cameras).

One example: For a hectic frum family like our with 6 young children, we go through a vacuum cleaner every 2-3 years. We keep the box, and return it for a new one when it goes.


When searching on Costco’s website, the products are unavailable. When calling the stores, they dont have any in stock either. Additionally, the rep i spoke to on the phone told me they dont have any plans of getting them in stock anytime in the near future. They will not admit its because of the whole controversy, but chances are it is. If i find the link, i will post.


If you ever feel that the membership was not worth it to you, they will cancel and refund what you paid. Also, while a member you can purchase Costco gift cards which can then be used by you or anyone else without a membership. So while we were members we bought a bunch of cards, now shop without an active membership. Just flash your cash card at the door to enter. Checkout takes a couple of extra minutes, though.


I just checked Costco’s site and they have the Gold membership for $55 too. So am I missing something? what’s the advantage of buying it on living social?

Mr Chicken

@Kepi Feed it to a dog?


@dan think it’ll b around with a 10% off living social

Jonathan R

@Costco member: I wouldn’t do that, that’s Chillul Hashem


how come when i go onto living social website i cant find this costco membership deal?




“Limit 1 Membership per customer, up to 3 additional Memberships as a gift” and “A Costco membership is $55 a year; Each membership includes a free household card” – what is that mean – I can get up to three Costco Cards? These two fine prints confusing…


Costco says only for Texas resident .


Price is now $49.50 with promo 10% off code USA10.


is it true that they will let you get an empire whole chicken instead of the rotisserie chicken?

anyone try it with this deal yet?


It says $110 value is it a gold or executive membership?


Before we post let’s be responsiblie and do our research. I don’t know about soda stream and if ostco stopped selling it or not . But we all know It wasn’t be cause its kosher.
They have a special fridge with kosher food from many different companies owned by many religious Jews. Plus they sell food, from beigles, sabra, cholov yisroel cheese, manischevitz, Kedem, and some others I can’t remember right now. all owend by frum Jews. So let’s not act silly.


Is there a way to get the 10%off retroactively? I bought the deal before the update


They sell soda stream in my Costco. East Hanover, NJ


@Yaakov they continue and discontinue products all the time. CHILL OUT!


Dan – I purchased the deal 2 days ago will living social still honor the additional 10% off?


Got the membership for $49.50. Thanks dan! I love costco!


@chaim:I don’t see how they could do that since they sell the rotisserie chicken for 4.99. Maybe they will let you credit the 4.99 toward an empire chicken. Can’t hurt to ask.


Anyone know what the expiration date is on this deal?


@Kepi: give it to the dogs like the tora sais


Bought the deal before seeing the code, could have saved $5.


Will be his work in canada


@Dan I am in for one at $49.50 plus promos ! Thanks 🙂


How many membership cards does it come with? Like would it work if I “split” the membership with a friend?


2 cards. One primary and one alternate.


Anyone know if I am a member currently and my wife is just the second card holder…..can this work under her name and I be the tag along this time??


Costco is worth it just for the return policy. Sodastream is manufactured in what most of the world considers illegally occupied territory. If they chose to boycott it shouldn’t be controversial.



i called and got a refund for my current membership.
The guy on the phone told me I’m welcome to sign up for this deal as a new customer.
Any reason this won’t work?


I called Livingsocial and they credited me $6 deal bucks towards my account since I bought it before the 10%off code


is this deal for texas only or does it work in ny as well?


I was in Costco in 5 towns today. They are selling the soda stream.

costco member

@ Jonathan R – No Chillul Hashem. This is their business model.

Posted on their web site, and at each return counter is this message:


We will refund your membership fee in full at any time if you are dissatisfied.

We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund. The following must be returned within 90 days of purchase for a refund: televisions, projectors, computers, cameras, camcorders, touchscreen tablets, MP3 players and cellular phones.

As an aside, the ratio of what goes out the door to what comes in is astounding! This is their choice, and they obviously consider how much you’ll spend vs what will come back.


I wish they had costco in Israel… even though they would go bankrupt since all Israelis would return most of the items the buy…


Had membership. Cancelled it for a,. Full refund.
Had no problem getting this deal


had membership a few years ago… got the deal, went to costco they denyed to give me the $20 cash back and the cuppons bc I was a member a while ago…


I bought this using living social. I went to Costco to activate membership and since I was a member 4 years ago, Costco gave me the membership but refused to give me the $20 cash card due to my prior membership. Dan, anything I can do here?


For those who signed up to this and didnt redeem the certificate yet, it officially expired 2 days ago; however i was still able to redeem it and activate my membership today.