Daily Getaway For 04/10: Avis Offers.

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Update: The presale code for the Premium car certificates is: 6B6FE

Avis Daily Getaway Linky

At 1pm EDT tomorrow you can buy (If you like Avis on Facebook they will post a code in the morning on their wall good for presale access starting at 12pm EDT)

-520 Available: 1 day Avis Premium Car (group G) Rental Certificate.  Expires 03/31/13, valid in the U.S. (excluding the New York Metro area), Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands for $33 or $29.70 with an AMEX.
Some blackout dates do apply, but for a premium level car these are quite a good deal. You also don’t pay percentage taxes as the base rate is $0, but rental facility fees do apply when applicable.

-12 Available: Avis Chairman Elite Status valid through 07/31/13 for $1,115 or $1,003.50 with an AMEX.
With Avis Chairman you will be treated like true royalty whenever you rent.
As a Chairman you get the following benefits:
-The station manager meets you when you get off the shuttle bus and pulls up the best car on the lot to the front so you can be out within 60 seconds. Alternatively you can call ahead and have them bring the car to the terminal, but not all locations can do this.
-Rent a midsize and get the best car on the lot.
-Pay market rates on gas so you don’t need to fillup before returning.
-They will deliver and pickup a car anywhere within 25 miles of an Avis location for free.
-They will chauffeur you back to the terminal in your car so you don’t have to shlep your bags and wait for the shuttle bus.
-Guaranteed car even if the location is sold out.

So is it worth $1,000 for just over a year of Chairman’s status? Probably not unless you rent a whole lot.
I have lifetime Chairman’s status and it is the best travel status that I hold. I needed a big car after spending the night at the Sheraton LAX last week and they delivered a Tahoe right to the hotel lobby (a typical car for a Chairman at a decent location can be a G37, CTS, or 3 series BMW, etc.) In Palm Springs we no longer needed the hauling space and it’s been in the 80s and 90s and they were happy to trade it for a Camaro convertible. All for the price of an intermediate car.

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Howd u get lifetime chairman?

Fan of Dan!

How did you get lifetime Chairman’s status?


I’m just curious: how did you go about getting a lifetime Chairman membership, if you care to discuss it.


yeah, how did you get that status?


Is the benefit valid internationally?


I would love to grab Chairman’s. Currently I’m at President’s but the bump would be great if you have advice how to attain that.


I used to rent from Avis a lot. Then someone gave me a really cheap corporate number to use to rent, and they said I wasn’t allowed to use that corporate number and then put me on a blacklist. One person there told me it was for a year and one person told me it was for life. Do you know of a way to speak to someone to clear this up? I have not been able to rent from Avis or Budget for the last 5 years and would like to sort it out.


I have lifetime Chairman’s status how?


I don’t see the 5day free lux rental mentioned as part of the Chairman deal. Saw this last year and it took a while for them to sell. I’d need verification of the 5 day free rental to help justify the $1k cost. If that were definite would be more tempting, but at the present time I lean more towards Hertz.


if you buy the vouchers, you will probably have to buy their insurance (unless you have your own auto insurance) the CC’s collision insurance only covers when you rent a car with their card…. Just a heads up


Can the certies get me a convertible at HNL or LIH?


if you ask 5 more times he will answer 😉


is it worth the Hilton Deal on 4/25 ?


Wow, three people already asked my question! Dan, how’d you get lifetime status?


The 5 day rental certificate is part of the package they send to new Chairman members, at least it was for me.

Did anyone buy the package last year? Can you confirm that they still give the 5 day certificate?

Honestly though, don’t get the status for that, a 5 day rental is worth what? $150? That won’t help justify the cost unless you still rent a whole lot.

Here’s what I did.
I used the coupon code for the certs when I reserved, but didn’t actually hand in the certs until I returned the car accident-free. Had something happened to the car I would’ve left the rental on the credit card on file and saved the certs for a different time.

They probably will, but first signup for Preferred status and then call them to request the upgrade from Premium to convertible.


Depends what you want the points for. Even at less than half a penny Hilton points aren’t necessarily a good deal, though they can be.


I bought the chairmans status last time – best status I currently hold as well.

I did NOT receive the 5 free coupons (even though it was posted here), I believe that is an error. If I’m not mistaken you get one.


Drat, I guess they got rid of that initiation benefit.

Still, I would wager that the 5 day coupon isn’t going to be a deciding factor for most people plunking down $1,000.

So did you think it was worth it for you? How often do you rent?


Just some friendly advice, be very cautious when buying the avis vouchers. There are significant time periods that are completely blacked out for which you cannot use the vouchers. To further complicate matters the blackout periods vary by location. Do your research carefully. For example, last year’s vouchers had the ENTIRE summer blacked out at many locations.



100% as someone who has top tier status on most airlines and hotels, and rents quite frequently, this I must say is the best status I have.

However, like you said it is not worth the cost unless you rent a whole lot. If you rent 5 times a year just pay the difference for the upgrade and you will be better off.

I currently have the status until 7/30/12, think it is worth buying this again? will they extend my status for the overlapping months?

what do you think?



if I’m not mistaken I got one free rental though.


True, there are blackouts, though I didn’t experience anything as bad as you did. Also I know people that called to complain and got new certs good for another year.

How did you get 1 rental free?
Just 1 day free? Did they drop the 5 day cert down to a 1 day cert?

I doubt they’ll credit you for overlapping months, but you won’t find out if you don’t try.


@Kenny: How do you find out which dates and places are blacked out?



Called who? I tried calling avis as well as Amex, since I bought them on an amex card. Avis told me “tough luck”. Amex told me since it is considered a “negotiable instrument” it is not covered under any of their protections and refused to give me any refund. Still have a few left over which I couldn’t use and just expired.


@Moishebatchy: You gotta call the location you want to rent from and quote them the “coupon code” which presents an obvious problem since you probably won’t know it till you actually get the voucher. YOu can try calling and just ask about “avis free vouchers” and try your luck.


I’ll try to find out who they called.
In the meantime I got 7 during the presale 🙂


is it good for a o/w


Officially, no. Though I know people who were able to use them on a one-way rental in the end.


use code b99000 that is chairmans ive used it at airport locations with no problem.


So I am going to Boston at the end of the month.. If I but 2 certificates can I use that for 2 days of driving??


Is there any chance they will allow the cert to be used in the NY metro area ? or not a chance ?



they gave me one day free with becoming chairmans last year


U still didn’t answer Dan how do YOU get it and also how is it used with a id code?

george the mamzer

Mr. plony, obviously dan does not want to divulge his secrets.


How does Avis Chairman’s compare to Hertz Platinum?


@Dan: Do you have any further details on how they were able to do this? I would like to do one way rentals as well. As one complication, I would be returning the car in the NYC area. Is the coupon presented on return or on pick-up?


thats pretty selfish i must say especially since we are technically the ones allowing him to get all these benefits


Anyone here beside myself purchase the Chairman’s status today?


quick dan, give him your ss number! or he “won’t allow” you to have any benefits.
what a moron




says its all sold out

Fan of Dan


Fan of Dan


You are here because you enjoy yourself here!

You are not here to do Dan a favor you are here for yourself. If you wouldn’t enjoy yourself here, you wouldn’t be here!

You should thank Dan for everything he told you!


@Fan of Dan:

reminds me of several stores in a certain city where they make you feel like they are doing you a favor by selling you their product!


@Fan of Dan: No Dan kills all good deals when he posts them


I purchase chairmans. Will wait & see if I get 5-days or 1-day luxury rental