Avis Weekend Coupons!

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Update: Yitz reports that he was able to combine these offers!

Originally posted on 01/20:

50% off 2+ weekend days rental with AWD #: G540700

Rent 2 weekend days, get the 3rd free with coupon #: TUWA059

Avis coupons aren’t reflected online, they only show up at the time of rental.

Please post back here if you are successful in combining the offers!

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Avis renter

Are both these discounts stackable?


With Avis the AWD affects the rate and the coupon is on top of the awd discount.

The best way to see is make a reservation with both and then verify with a phonecall.


try awd Z652297 last month i got a 112 weekly rate for a fullsize from jfk, and added weekly coupons muwa198 muwa054 muwa034 (i forgot which is which)



AWD # is too short, pleaase double check and repost right number

To Toovy

The AWD is fine. Every AWD number is one letter and si or seven digits.


Thanks a million. Sucessfully used both together this past weekend.


Any way to get around the age 21-25 fee?


to yitz
how much was your rental supposed to be and after how much


Can anyone tell me a good coupon(s) to use for a monthly rental? So far all my quotes have been from 800 to 1300.


when will these expire?


max tryuing coupon MUWA201 100 dollars off a 30 day rental together with Z652297


I rented a standard-sized car. The AWD knocked down the original price of a 3-day weekend rental to $102 at the time of rental, and the coupon knocked the total down to $68 when I returned the car.


Can these coupons be used together with renting with a corprate account?


Avis- These codes make the rates GO UP as well as adding a surcharge that isn’t there if i don’t use the codes! Does it only take affect at the time of the rental? If yes, is there any way to find out the real price before i make a commitment?


Thanks dan and Yitz I got both at lax this past weekend