OBi200 For $29.88 Shipped From BH After 50% Off Coupon: Make Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls For $0/Month!

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Update: DEAD!

-OBi Makes Up With Google Voice
-My $0/Month and $0.00/Per Minute Landline Phone…

OBi200 For $29.88 Shipped From B&H After 50% Off Coupon

Clip the 50% off coupon on the product page above the add to cart button.

This is the lowest price we have ever posted for the OBi200.

-B&H doesn’t collect sales tax for orders shipped outside of NJ/NY.

Here is an easy tutorial is set this device up with Google Voice for a free landline phone.

  • Works with Google Voice
  • Easy to Set-Up Using
  • Also Supports T.38 Fax and SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric,, etc.
  • Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port

Quick FAQ’s about this device:

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I received an email from Obi stating that Google Voice would no longer be supported, but I believe that was only for first generation devices, which this is not.


Yes, it won’t affect this 2nd gen device.


Correct. It is only the 100 series devices.
I just completed the process of porting over my landline to Google Voice. Let me say this: it ain’t pretty. But it did work. As mentioned in this post, GV will not port a landline so I had to port the landline over to T-Mobile first. Obihai themselves have a page dedicated to walking you through this:
For me, it was more complicated since my landline had DSL on it so it took longer for T-Mobile to be able to grab ownership of it.
It also should be mentioned: It probably won’t be 100% free if you want this to be your sole landline. Google Voice does not support 911 so you will need to add a service to the Obi for 911. This shouldn’t cost any more than about $25/yr, depending on how you do it.
Another issue is that Obihai does not do CallerID name lookups. If a call comes in from a Google Contact, their name will be included but if it’s someone you don’t know, it won’t. I got around this by adding a free, inbound-only # from CallCentric. For a couple of bucks, you will need to add 911 service to that number so that one step can cover both issues.


Great, thanks Dan. Could someone explain the specific process to move an existing landline number with ATT over to this? Thanks all.


See Dansdeals forums for detailed instructions. (You should see the forums regardless because it’s awesome:-)


“Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port”
Does that mean I can have 4 different google voice numbers with 4 different phones with one OBi200 device? How do I connect more then one phone if it only has 1 phone jack in this device?


Will 911 know your location with this device?


@mike and @Steve,
See my lengthy comment for coverage of both topics.
The service you add (CallCentric, Anveo, etc.) uses E911. I don’t think the call itself to 911 tracks your location. You register your location with the provider and they send it with a 911 call. So if you move or use this device elsewhere, you need to make sure to update the E911 registration.


Awesome! Was just going to buy this last week for 60 and decided to wait until Dan posts a deal!!


Nice move!


They lowered the value of the coupon to 33% and now checkout price is 39.88


It only shows a 33% off coupon for me. Was the 50% one limited by a certain amount or…?


Seems like the 50% coupon must have reached its limit.


Note that price list says calls to US and Canada are free only from US and Canada. From everywhere else they are 1¢/min. (Being that I’m in Israel this is not a completely free option.)
Also, is the setup process the same in Israel?


With a US number it will be free from Israel as well.


I’m having issues with my Google voice service. All callers have to say their name to be connected. Does anyone know how to fix this?


That’s a setting in Google Voice that can be enabled or disabled.


I would find that on my Gmail account? Also if I buy another obi I can use it for a fax?


Can’t find the setting. Can you help?


Thank you!


im trying to port my number from page plus(verizon) to google voice but im getting stuck at the verification step, im not receiving the verification call, what could be the issue, is there a way around this verification step (i called page plus and they claim that no number are blocked on their end)


Is there an updated link to a tutorial for setting this up with google voice? I want to send it to a friend and the link posted above just takes you to Obi’s support page. TIA

Ted Cordero

Once I purchase the google voice device, can I start to use it for making calls to US? Do I need to get my own google voice number first?