[Update: Dead, But Readers Are Calling And Getting Orders Honored!] Huge Saving At Ann Taylor After Stacking Discount Codes! $269 Coats For $29.70, $228 Shoes For $34.20, $129 Skirts For $19.35, And More!

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Update 11/30: Almost all orders have been canceled, but multiple readers are reporting being able to call Ann Taylor and replace their orders at the same price as they got yesterday! You can try clicking on Live Chat here or calling 800-342-5266. Some phone reps may not honor this, but that’s why we always suggest HUCA (Hang Up, Call Again). Post a comment below if this works for you!

Update 11/29: This deal is now over!

Huge Saving At Ann Taylor After Stacking Discount Codes!

Add 1 full priced item at a time. Only working on select categories, such as coats, shoes, Blouses, Skirts, and sweaters.

You can checkout multiple times, but each time must include only 1 full priced item. The discount will not apply if there is more than 1 item in your cart.

Use stacking codes:

  • WHOA

Sample categories, select any 1 full prices item via the links below:

Sample items:

Sizes are selling out fast!

Select items are excluded, post what items the codes work on for you!

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126 Comments On "[Update: Dead, But Readers Are Calling And Getting Orders Honored!] Huge Saving At Ann Taylor After Stacking Discount Codes! $269 Coats For $29.70, $228 Shoes For $34.20, $129 Skirts For $19.35, And More!"

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Great deal!Thanks.


code WHOA doesn’t seem to do anythng!

Gives the message for any items tried -“current item not eligible”

Alyssa Cohen Kaplan

it’s only for non sale items


Wow, worked on a few items just purchased, Thanks




Got a ton of stuff! Thank you!


Anyone know how their sizing runs??


It runs very big in me experience. Like I usually wear a s/m but at Ann Taylor I order an xs

The heart wants what it wants

Signed up for a coat.

The heart wants what it wants

Oh they just emailed to cancel


Site seems to be down now


Yea it worked thanks !


Wow! This was great, thanks JJ!


Not sure what I’m doing wrong. $164 (Full price as far as I can tell) blouse is $59 after CYBER and WHOA. Any advice?


Everything is taking FOREVER to load…


Wow! Thanks much Dan. My husband doesn’t know it yet, but he just got my gifts!


Site went down and now that its back up the CYBER code doesn’t work anymore.

Oh well...


The heart wants what it wants

Codes work just may not be stackable. Site seems to have crashed.


Are they still stacking?

Morah a

I’m trying to get the peplum sweater but it won’t accept both codes and it’s coming to $29 not $14????


It took only 80% off for me online, so I called them. They were able to take 90% off on the phone. Try it before it all gone.

Found them

We found the caller!

oy vey

why would you call when there’s a glitch? that’s the number one rule of what not to do 🙂


Why not to call after the deal is dead? Obviously if it’s dead they already know.


The deal is dead! Wont let you apply both coupons anymore.


something isn’t working. Full prices go to discount and can’t be stacked 🙁 Help!


Read the post update?


And they just canceled my orders.


Codes are working fine now

Really happy

Thank you! Made a ton of orders!!! I hope they don’t cancel


Got my coat I’ve been eying for $29!!❤


They canceled 2 out of 4 orders!


I also had great luck (was a great deal!), and now, one by one, they’re cancelling my orders. Nothing to be done here, eh?? Any ideas!?


Nearly all cancelled now! So disheartened-so much time spent only to be cancelled, & after checking, many items still available in the sizes I ordered; can they do that just bc they didn’t like the “whoa?”

John Thomas

Getting cancellation notices email says item not available online. BS. Went back in and the items are there they just won’t let you use both codes. What a scam. They should at least write back it was a mistake. Any ideas?


Cancelled all my orders!☹


They canceled my orders too 🙁


They cancelled all the coats i ordered. That’s really crappy.

J ross

All my orders got cancelled


All the items I ordered got canceled.


Cancelled all my orders saying “no longer available online or in store”. Except that all items are being sold still online……


5 orders canceled 🙁




Made 4 orders, they were all cancelled


Cancelled all orders claiming not available, which is BS since still availabke now at full price.


Did anyone order for pickup instead of shipping? I’m regretting not doing that since my orders were canceled .


All orders cancelled 🙁


my orders were cancelled as well. I chatted with customer service:

Stephanie: Thank you. It appears that there was an error with the promotions yesterday. The CYBER (50% off) and WHOA (70% off one item) offers were not to be combined. All orders placed with both codes applied were canceled due to the discrepancy. I am truly sorry.

We have been advised that some time today, all clients with an order like this will receive a unique personal promotion code to be used on just one order. Please keep a look out in your email for this special code.

The heart wants what it wants

Let us know if that happens please. I’d love that coat.


CALL THEM! I just called and they honored all my 15 orders after getting cancelation email!!! Thank you Dan!


I called them and they replaced my 5 orders for the same price plus 2 of the times it got cancelled they sent 2 $10 e gift cards so worked out even cheaper thanks dan


I called them, waited about 20 minutes and spoke to a rep. Originally she said I would get an email code to use to reorder, but when I pushed her, she placed my order over the phone and gave me the appropriate discount. Thanks Ben and Dan


What finally made the rep put the order through?


I told the rep I was concerned that the item would not be available by the time I got the code and reordered, also I didn’t want all the extra work of having to go back on and reorder. Why should I have to go thru all that hassle when it was their mistake.
PS she said I may still get an email with a personal code to reorder, but that it will not work since she already processed my order.


9 orders reinstated via phone!!!


Calling worked for me.

They pulled up all my orders via my credit card details.

And boom, reinstated!


What did you say


Reinstated via chat!


I called. waited 20 minutes. rep said its impossible to reinstate the order online and they will be sending to my email a new code to honor the canceled order.


I called and was told this at first it just depends on which rep you get so try calling again or asking on chat


9 orders reinstated once I told them that I doubt that everyone of my items is no longer available. Call them!


Reinstated 6 out of 7!

Yitz Nayman

i called and chatted not having luck


I called and chatted and both said no but I asked on the chat to speak to the supervisor and then she said she’ll honor the orders.. or say you know people who had their orders honored and it’s doesn’t seem fair that customers are treated differently.. don’t give up lol I had to try a few times too


I called and they honored it


Me too! No questions asked. I just told them I placed a few orders yesterday and received emails this morning that they were all cancelled and was hoping they can reinstate them. She said they’d be happy to honor the price for all of the orders.


called 10 times on hold about 15 minutes each. they will not budge they said they arent allowed to reinstate orders.

chat queu

live chat: “You are currently number 101 in the queue”


Waited for 104 people lol. They wont do anything 🙁


I had no luck with the chat rep but called in and the nice gentleman reordered the items that had already been canceled and placed a new order for the other items that had yet to be canceled, but that I expect to be.


Seems like calling is better.


5 orders cancelled. No help Via email. Spoke to a rep and a supervisor who were not helpful. Spoke to a rep via chat who very nicely, after I told him that some of our friends order were put through, put through all 5 order as one new order.

scott jones

I had the same experience as rachel. Called this am.


Just called in got 9 orders reinstated thanks

The heart wants what it wants

If any of you got either the plaid coat (size medium or large) or the teddy coat and are in Brooklyn I’d love to buy it off.

A guy

I called once and chatted twice- Nothing.
I was told over the phone that even if they would honor the order and place it again the system would automatically cancel it. So u wonder for those who got it honored if it will actually go thru and ship…

A guy

Unless the new order was placed with a discount not using the codes from yesterday

The heart wants what it wants

I was told the same by the representative I spoke to. She also said they’ll send a personal promo code later today to place new orders. (Obviously not at the same discount though.)

A guy

Right was told a similar promo will be emailed eligible for only 1 item


I was told this by a rep the first time I called then I chatted and got the orders reinstated and she didn’t use the codes she put all my items in one order and just matched the total price

Yitz Nayman

have had no cluck tried both ways a few times if any one has any tricks please post


Rep said I can reorder then do a price adjustment


I called them and they honored it!


Called. Spoke to nice Indian sounding lady. Had me on for 20 minutes listing the item codes, sizes, colors, and price I paid. Then reinstated the order and manually changed the price to each item. Reordered without coupon codes.


0/4 – 0/2 on phone + 0/2 on chat

Isaac K

Chatted 3 times. The first 2 reps said they’d send a code. I asked if a supervisor could reinstate the orders. They said they were all being told by upper management to offer a new code and not reinstate orders. When the 3rd rep said similar, I asked that others have had their ordered reinstated and why is mine different. She came back and said that “as a courtesy I can honor the price you received…” She then put together a new order of the cancelled orders. 6 items reinstated!


All of my 4 orders were cancelled and thanks to everyone on here, I was able to call and spoke with this sweet associate and she was able to honor all of my orders!!! HORRAY!!! Thanks you so much DAN and DansDeals Readers!!

Ari-Yosef Cohentov

Hi I called and spoke to a really nice customer service rep at Ann Taylor and she honored the price and on top of that gave me free expedited shipping for free. I was extremely satisfied and impressed with the service! I highly advice everyone who placed an order and had their order cancelled to call and choose literally any item on their website and get it for the same price.


“I highly advice everyone who placed an order and had their order cancelled to call and choose literally any item on their website and get it for the same price.”

That would be theft and a corruption of everything the Torah stands for.


On attempt number 6 to get order reinstated…some people have all the luck


I tried 6 times as well…both by phone and one text. The rep knew I had called before…and all said NO. Very sad…


Keep trying! I might have had some success. Nice supervisor in the Philippines said she reordered each item, and when I receive that all-important promo code they are sending every order, I can call back and they will adjust the price to where it was (with the whoa code). Fingers crossed, but skeptical; better than nothing!

Dr. Evil

Just had all 50 orders reinstated! What a great country!



The heart wants what it wants

I don’t know if I should try again and again if they’ll probably end up canceling it again but I really do want that coat…


Just got off with a rep – said that many had this issue and they are sending a similar promotion (not even close) in a future email to those who had orders cancelled….they seem to have them flagged. Is HUCA still worth it? Long wait times…..


Hang up call again until you speak with Lindsay she doesn’t ask any questions and just replaced my order


Well – called back anyway and the lady honored it! Whoohoo! Thanks everyone!


Called and chatted twice. Last rep April said anyone who had the order reinstated will have it cancelled again. She said the only way to override it is with the code they should be sending out today.


just tried and no hope for my canceled orders. Not all mine were cancelled but I am assuming they will cancel the rest.


They send me they’d send me the coupon tonight valid on one item and $15 gift card!


They said since 8am they’d be sending a code – but nothing 🙁 In the meantime they re placed 2 of my cancelled orders and issues some EGC. If anyone gets their promo comment below so I can call them back! Thanks 🙂


They said sometime before midnight


Fingers crossed! thanks a lot.


They’re being pretty stubborn about it


Anyone get the code yet?


Got the code, but it doesn’t stack with the cyber promotion. It’s worthless.


How much was it for? Still got nothing

keep calling

I didn’t get my code so I called them up and insisted they honor my previous orders. I told them I waited long enough. They did! That was after calling and chatting tons of times yesterday getting no where.


i tried but they refused to do that saying they have a system and the system doesn’t let 🙁

keep calling

I also called many times and they said no, but this morning at 8:00 am the lady did it for me. I guess there are a few or maybe only one rep who is doing it.


Just got my code and it is 70% off one item (which is not as good as the original deal). Only one code and I placed 5 orders


You can get 70% many items when you add 3 or more items to cart and stack codes CYBER + SAVEMORE .
This doesn’t work for some items, possibly only works for sale items, doesn’t work on $99 special coats or cashmere


Does anyone have orders that are still processing? I placed 6 orders and 2 were cancelled the next day, the other 4 are still processing. I am wondering if there is any chance they will still go through.


I too had some that were still processing but they were all finally cancelled this morning.


I had 5 orders cancelled on Monday and the other 5 were still processing and were then cancelled this morning.


Mine were just cancelled to


Has anyone had their orders processed and shipped?


I just got an email that one of my items shipped


Everyone can get 70% off today with code FAVES on unlimited items


One of my items shipped and wasn’t canceled


I ordered 7 items and 4 of them have shipped, 3 were cancelled.


Did everyone who got there orders reinstated get there items or at least have them ship? I keep calling and consistently getting no and they are saying that the orders that were placed again will be cancelled


My order that was reinstated shipped this morning and says it should arrive by tomorrow.