You Can Now Use Amazon Gift Cards To Buy Gift Cards For Other Stores!

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Until now Amazon did not allow you to buy gift cards to other stores with your Amazon gift card balance, but effective today you are able to use them for that.

You still can’t officially buy Amazon gift cards with Amazon gift cards if you want to transfer a balance to another account, but there is a workaround that I wrote about in this post.

Amazon sells gift cards for hundreds of other stores here. Top brands can be found via that link, or click on a letter to find all brands that start with that letter.

Amazon Prime members can also get a $1 no-rush shipping credit credit for gift card purchases.

See a list of gift cards sold by Amazon after the jump:

Sample non-restaurant gift cards include:

HT: Yehuda25, via DDF

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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does receiving the gift of prime convert to amazon gift card if the recipient has an Amazon Student version of Primo?


It worked for me for physical gc but not digital gc.


The problem with this method is that you’re paying tax on Prime Membership in some states [NY is one of them].


Good question.

You get that back int he gift card.
Or you can just set your state to a non-tax state.


Can you use staples giftcards to buy vgc? 😬


So, if I live in ny. How do I set a different state that has no tax? The mailing adress with still be ny? Otherwise how would I receive the items ordered lol


How does that work, setting your state to a nontaxable state? Wouldn’t I still get taxed when I place an order to my ny adress


Site is only allowing me to buy 3 sears gift cards yesterday, and none today. What are the limts/rules on this new deal?


I used Amazon gift card for Forever 21 e-giftcard several weeks ago…it was not until I placed order that I remembered I could not. Since order wasn’t rejected, when I didn’t see e-cert go to person I sent gift to, I called Amazon. It has already processed on their end and did go through on mine just not as fast as usual.


The thing is, why buy these gift cards at full price from Amazon when you can get them at a discount elsewhere rather often? And, yes, that is despite getting Amazon giftcards already at a discount, because *that* money (Amazon GC credit) can be (is better) used on things that cannot be found at a discount elsewhere.


How do I change my state to a nontaxable? Even though the orders will be shipped to ny


Bill address needs changed to a no tax state and shipping address to your home.


The gc I’m buying has a limit of 2. Do you know when that limit resets?


Can use my cabela’s gift card on

freda adams

But how do you go about that? Where do you go to do the trade off and does it cost in the long run?

Ralph Willard

I have Amazon card want buy another card with it like itune


Not possible


Dan, does this still work? Amazon rep tells me using an amazon giftcard won’t work for third party giftcards?


does any one know if it still works ? and does any on tried to buy Bestbuy Gift Cards using Amazon balance ?


It worked for me, I used my Amazon gift card balance to buy Best Buy gift cards recently around 11/2019. They were e-gift cards and the codes were sent almost immediately and I had no problem using them.


Does it work for itunes?

Iris Hayes

I’m having trouble using my gift card. I made 1 purchase and still have money left I tried to purchase something else and it said this card had already been used…but it had a balance!!!

Mary Sterling

I have a $500 amazon gift card. What stores can I use it at and do I just use it as a debit card per say

Mary Sterling

Can I use my amazon gift card to purchase other gift cards at dollar general or walmart. ? And do I have to register card with amazon before I can use it?

Douglas Pratt

I have a fairly large balance of promotional credit from settling a problem with an Amazon order. I found what I want to buy, but in order to get any item, it must be sold and shipped by Amazon, which this item is not.
It’s more expensive than my credit, but I can pay the difference. Very few products are sold and shipped by Amazon— most things are from third party sellers.
How do I work around this?




yeah, you can liquidate your gift cards at and receive Bitcoin

Tee rose

Is it instant? Or how long does it take to actually have the Bitcoin available to you?? I hate the sites that take like 2-3 days to receive it

KJ Wickstrom

FYI the country has converted to DESTINATION BASED TAXATION so wherever (Digital OR Physical) cards ends up is what tax rate applies. I am both an accountant and an auditor and I read Sites such as detected to investigating this specifically looking for people who are trying to overt paying your taxes this specifically looking for people who are trying to cheat the system and avoid paying taxes so for that I thank you all for the great leads here! Keep up the great work!!


Can you use it to buy a visa gift card


This is WRONG! You cannot use an Amazon gift card to purchase another gift card…

From Amazon: “Once applied to your Amazon account, the entire gift card amount will be added to your gift card balance. Your gift card balance, including Amazon Reload, does not expire and CAN’T BE transferred to other accounts, USED TO BUY OTHER GIFT CARDS, or, as except as required by law, redeemed for cash. If you recently paid for part of a purchase using a Gift Card, and that item has not yet shipped, then any new funds added to your Gift Card balance up to the full purchase amount will be applied to that order once it’s shipped. Review terms and conditions.”


Can I use it to buy a skateboard?


Hey Dan, as of yesterday this is dead. Sad day for us all


Yes, confirmed dead. Very sad. I won’t be buying any Amazon GCs.


Oh man! I’ve been enjoying this feature. Any alternatives?