Today Only! Microsoft 365 Family 12-Month Subscription For 6 Users With 1TB Of OneDrive Storage And A $50 Amazon Gift Card For $99.99 From Amazon

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Update: Alive again!

Update: DEAD!

Today Only: Microsoft 365 Family 12-Month Subscription For 6 Users With 1TB Of OneDrive Storage And A $50 Amazon Gift Card For $99.99 From Amazon

You can buy this and extend your current subscription. You can buy more from additional Amazon accounts to extend the same Microsoft subscription account.

The subscription auto-renews by default, but you can disable auto-renewal.

This was selling for $149.99 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

Each of the 6 subscribers will receive an extra 1TB of OneDrive storage during their subscription period.

“With an Office 365 Home subscription, you get a total of 6 TB storage: that’s 1 TB (or 1024 GB) per user. You can share your total storage around and have use of more than 1 TB by sharing folders between users and adding the shared folders to your own OneDrive.”

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Microsoft 365 Family 12 month subscription with auto-renewal for digital download and $50 Amazon Gift Card delivered by mail
  • Gift Card is affixed inside a mini envelope. Gift Card has no fees and no expiration date. The Gift Card you receive may not have the denomination displayed on the actual gift card.
  • With 12 months of Microsoft 365 for up to six people, you and your family can have the tools to create, organize, and get things done.
  • Bring out your best with premium Office apps, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Your subscription includes 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage for each person you share with, so they can easily access, edit, and share files and photos across all devices.
  • Keep it all together with Outlook, an ad free app for your email, calendars, to do lists and contacts with security tools that keep your information protected.
  • Empower your family with advanced features in the Family Safety mobile app.
  • Gives you the flexibility to use multiple PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and Android phones.
  • Microsoft 365 is an annual, auto-renewing subscription

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Question/Thought: “ … buy this and extend your current subscription…” My subscription is from a similar Amazon deal last year. Some commenters on Amazon say you cannot extend a running subscription (or one from another retailer). Any idea how this actually works to extend?


Go to subscriptions and payments , look for your OneDrive account and cancel auto renew but save code. Then go to Microsoft website and put it in there. It will extend your current subscription


I purchased it and activated it. Now there are two concurrent subscriptions on Amazon. My original subscription was supposed to expire in two months, and the new subscription begins today – so I lost two months. However, at $49.99 for 10 months, it was still a good deal for me.

The smarter thing to do is to wait to activate the new code – but i didn’t see an option to do that, and Amazon prompted me to activate it.

Now (less than half an hour after purchase), Amazon changed it to one subscription which will end in 14 months. In other words, the original subscription was extended by 12 months. Yay!

Texas Totty

Same here. While I’m on hold with CS it merged into one extended subscription.


How do I cancel auto-renew? Last time I tried it canceled the subscription entirely.


Eli –

Why don’t you just hold on to the new subscription code until such time as your old code expires? You can set yourself a reminder for that time and then insert the new code to begin a new 12 month period.


What happen to all my OneDrive stuff if I cancel?


Is there a similar deal (perhaps less expensive) for a single user (don’t need for 6 family members)?


You can purchase just Word today for $159.00 and for a single Mac/pc it’s $6.99/month.


Still available for $105.99


I checked out and activated it in my existing account and Microsoft recognized it as a renewal. Initially Amazon showed two subscriptions, but after a few minutes they merged and it showed the correct extended date.


When you purchase the product, you get a code for redemption which includes renewal instructions:

How to activate
Click the “Activate” button below.
Create a new Microsoft account or log into your existing Microsoft account in order to link your Amazon and Microsoft accounts.
After linking your Microsoft account, you will be redirected to the Subscriptions page on Amazon.
Click “Access Product.”


Managed to stack till 2027.
And have one more key sitting in my amazon account. Its waiting to be activated. Or I can Unassign the license key, and use wherever I like. But seems to limit me at 5 keys for my one subscription. So will need to hold the key or sell it at a later time.


Can this be used with my own domain name?


1) I currently back up all my photos/documents on Google One but, along with the bonus of free office, this would be a nice replacement. If google is unwilling to provide a prorated annual refund of my current Google One account, can I buy this and wait 6 months to activate it?

2) I imagine it would be relatively seamless to move all existing Google Drive backed up files to OneDrive, but moving forward: For any of you who’ve done this, can OneDrive backups sync well with iPhone backups?


Im just trying to get more storage. Is this the best cheapest way? I tried the 1.99 a month for onedrive storage but it didnt give me more space unless I did something wrong


At checkout it says This item is not available for purchase due to geographical restrictions. (Brooklyn) Anyone had this issue??


same issue?? anyone know why