Ends Tomorrow! Stacking Promotions For Huge Savings On Bounty, Toilet Paper, Pampers, And More! Buy $60 Of Procter & Gamble Products To Get A $15 Amazon Credit And A $15 Rebate!

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Update 6/29: The $15 Proctor & Gamble rebate ends tomorrow 6/30!

Update 6/9: There is now a new $15 Amazon promotion here!

1. Earn a $15 Amazon credit when you purchase $60 of Proctor & Gamble products.

View all eligible products here.

You may need to apply code: PGSTOCKUP

2. Through 6/30/23 you can earn a $15 off $50 rebate from Proctor & Gamble up to 2 times per household. View rebate here.

If you participated in the previous rebate that ended yesterday be sure to submit the rebate!

Sample deals:

Post what other deals you find!

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I don’t see pampers on today’s list. Only on tomorrow’s.
Did I miss something?


The amazon $15 credit is limited to once per account, so you cant do it twice for the PG rebate


Doesn’t it seem that the one expiring Tonight does not. Include pampers

Liam K. Nuj

Common Amazon “shtik”: Bounty deal not available for Business accounts.

Just Saying

I have a 30% coupon but that may be targeted
When will I receive the $15 amazon credit?


I got the same %30 coupon. But only worked on 1 box of pampers. If I did 2 it disappeared, so I did only 1 and some bounty that I needed too and that worked with the $15 rebate.


I’m not getting the $20 off for 2 pampers


how to get the 100-20 coupon for diapers?


Where can I get the 20-30% off coupon?

Thinking Jew

Paper towels and charmin are under 60 with S & S. Won’t qualify for 15 off 60


Subscribe to more than 1?


Two for the rebate which ended yesterday and and additional two for the new one? Or two per household total.


2 for each.


Thanks Dan.


Is there a way to compare the price per square foot of these Bounty paper towels to the price of the Bounty or Kirkland Signature at Costco?


Once submitted, how long should it take to receive rebate?

Just Saying

Anyone have experience with the rebates upc option.. it has a upc that’s one number off (the last number) to the item I bought from Amazon is that fine?


I participated in the first purchase, the items came today, but the online rebate form says invalid purchase date of 4/1?


Found it Need to click the dropdown menu


Anybody having an issue creating a P&G account for the rebate site?
I keep getting “OOPS! Something went wrong. Please try again”


update, tried in Edge browser and it worked.


Is this dead?


I got this deal a couple weeks ago. How do I know that I received the amazon credit?


I didn’t get it. When my order shipped, the price updated to a few cents under $60 (before discounts).


Same here my total for 2 bounty’s was $59.12 🙁
And I never got the Amazon credit


if the amazon $15 off $60 drops the price below $50, will this qualify for P&G rebate?


There was a message that I qualified for the credit, but there is no credit in the order details.

Tuna beigel

Customer Service told me that I will receive after it is delivered


Anybody want to help me, I spent way to much time on this already. I can’t find anywhere how many sheets come in a roll (select-a-size). I see there’s regular rolls double rolls triple rolls and family rolls between Walmart and Amazon. In this sale if you get 2 packs of 16=40 family rolls the total me is $86.30 -$3 coupon savings -5% subscribe and save $4.32 total $78.98 -$30 for the 2 rebates and it’s $48.98 divide that by 32 and it’s $1.53 a roll. But you need to spend $49 on paper towels. Walmart has 10 triple rolls = 30 not on sale for $27.66 Effectively $2.76 a roll. I can’t figure out how many sheets come on a roll so I can’t figure out how lucrative this deal is…?


Is there a list of qualified item for this promo ?

Last time around, I purchased some items and only after applying for the rebate did I find out those items did not qualify.

Truth Social

got the rebate dan thanks.


Can someone post the UPC # for the bounty paper towel?


1 00 30772 07975 8


Ordered by ( Subscribe & save) or ship by june 30 ?


This offer expired before June 30. Today, June 30, Amazon said “Promotion has ended.” I don’t know if they changed the expiration date or if you got it wrong.


forgot to circle item on receipt, will I still get rebate??

P Katz

I didn’t get a conformation email or number for my rebate submission, make sense?
How long does it take to get the gift card? anyway to track it?