[Don’t Miss The Hottest Deals This Prime Day!] How To Score The Hottest Prime Day Deals Via Targeted Credit Card Offers! $190 Deals For $4.99, Freebie Deals, And More!

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Update: Be sure to check your eligibility below and use up your savings today! We have shared dozens of deals that will be completely free with the targeted offers below.

Every year Amazon has HOT deals on Prime Day thanks to targeted credit card offers. This post will break down how to take advantage of those deals. If you have Prime, make sure you add a free Household account, so you can double dip in these savings!

1. Check the links below to see if you are targeted for discounts from:

If you are not targeted, you can enroll a card now to possibly get targeted in the future.

2. If you are targeted for an offer, enroll in it and find a product you want to save on. These are extra lucrative on Prime Day because the percentage discounts come off the original price, before Prime Day savings!

For example, right now Amazon has a Ring Video Doorbell bundled with an Echo Show 5 3rd Gen for $64.99. But the original price is $189.98.

Add that product to your cart and go to checkout.

3. On the final checkout page select an AMEX card and expand the field that offers to “Apply American Express Membership Rewards Points”

4. Apply .01 points to your order and the discount will now apply, in this case the item was originally $189.98, on sale for $64.99, my AMEX discount has a max of $60 off making the total just $4.99 shipped:

You can use these offers on multiple orders until you reach the max savings for your offer.

This deal will work on all products sold by Amazon, especially the device deals which you can shop here!

See more details on the credit card offers here.

Prime Day deals are for Prime Members only. You can get a 30 day free Prime trial here.

What deals have you scored in the past with these offers?


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View our Prime Day deal post here.

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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You now have to use a minimum amount of Amex points to be eligible 0.01 won’t cut it . They are on to you


It is targeted and depends on the account. I added the offer to 23 different Amazon accounts 10 of them gave me 40% off max $60 with no point minimum and the other 13 said 15% off max $15 using minimum 714 points


How do you have 23 Amazon accounts?


Gmail “+” trick… google it… 😉


Good luck with that – I had 8 accounts and most of them were closed because I had my billing info on too many, apparently. It’s good to be safe and stick with 1-2.


Amex offer on my account is saying you need to redeem a minimum of 714 points for the discount to be added


This is what I got when clicking the amex link:
“Get 15% off eligible products when using a minimum of 713 Membership Rewards points. Maximum discount $15”




not true!


“Get 15% off eligible products when using a minimum of 714 Membership Rewards points.
Maximum discount $15.”


Same, is it worth using?


714 points gives you $5.00 credit on your order plus and additional $15.
So your getting $20 (plus the savings on sales tax for the $15) for 714 points
= .028 cents per point value.


Not eligible for Amex or chat. Maybe I’ve been to good a prime member.


When I use my Chase it says “Get 50% off eligible purchases¹ when using Chase Ultimate Rewards®. Maximum discount $60.”
Does that mean once I use it I can’t use it again or per a purchase?


That’s what happened for me. I used it once and it doesn’t seem to wanna work again


is it one per account? or one per cc?


Account – if targeted


Thnx got a a different rind camera for 11.98 reg 120


amazon users basically daily (thanks to my wife). Never been targeted for any of these offers, not sure how it works but would be fun one day to enjoy

Joe Green


Trump HaMelech Gadol

scored the $15 for 714 pts with Amex and bought the Doorbell/Spotlight cam combo… comes in handy as I can return the same products I just bought 3 weeks ago for $50 more!


I love that the last 3 digits of your CC is obviously 770 🙂


I was always scared to add my household because I still had my old amazon account and by adding a household it will become the new amazon account which wasn’t as good, is this still the case?

Darrell Martinsen

My Chase card always says unfortunately your card does not have this offer invitation Only. Slightly off topic but are they doing the small business sweepstakes again?


What is 714 Amex points worth?


Thanks @Dan, I got 50% off max $80


@Dan – Which amex card is best to get discount like 40% of amex when shopping with amazon ?


I used a Chase offer about a month ago. How often do these offers come, and when should I check again to see if I’m targeted?


Is this dead? Not showing up in checkout by me now…


Chase link hasn’t been working since yesterday afternoon-when I called Amazon customer service they were useless…never even heard of targeted reward discounts. Spoke to 3 different people.