Price Drop! Ooma Telo Lifetime Free Telephone Service For Just $199.99 Shipped From Amazon!

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Have an Ooma? Let’s hear what you think about it in the comments!

“-Revolutionary device that gives you free calls within U.S. and very low rates for international calls with no monthly charges or contracts.
-Works with any corded or cordless phone.
-Easy installation with no computer required.
-Includes caller-ID, call-waiting, 911, and many other calling features.
-Free Answering Machine/Voicemail.
-With the Ooma Telo, you’ll be ready to start calling within minutes.

You are able to port in your current number to Ooma should you desire for a one-time $39.99 fee or else you will get a new local number.

Ooma does offer a paid plan for $10/month which bonus features such as:
-Advanced Voicemail Options for voicemail forwarding and added privacy.
-Instant Second Line for large households with busy phone lines.
-Personal Numbers for all family members so you’ll know who a call is for.
-Call Blocking and Community Blacklist to help rid yourself of telemarketers.
-Multi-ring lets you forward calls to your cell phone or any other phone.
-Three-way Conference Calls so you can add a third person to your calls.
-And much, much more.”

You can trade in your Magic Jack (which requires a computer to be powered on in order to make phone calls) when you buy an Ooma and get a $40 Amazon GC!

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i currently have a magicjack, and i am pretty happy with the service. needing to have my computer always on and the magicjack plugged in is a but of a pain, but i got over it.

Does anyone have an ooma, and recommend it over the magicjack?

it also seems that it does some of the services of google voice.

Rivka Goldstein

Daniel- I really need help with my phone service!

Time Warner is terrible and it is a fortune-

Can you or someone call me at 342-4720 and give me some good advice?




Beware, I think that you may need to get rid of your phone lines for ooma to work. Can anyone confirm this?


i never heard of this – but it sounds really interesting – anyone have it and have more info?


I have an ooma and can answer any questions.
The clarity is just as good as my old landline, infinitly better than majicjack.


I currently use Ooma and I am very happy with it. I bought it on ebay for $179 so I saved even more. (Make sure you buy a brand new sealed unit if buying on ebay, otherwise you could run into a problems with activation).

The clarity is the best compared to other VOIP services and the fact that I don’t get a phone bill is even better!

You don’t need to get rid of your phone lines to use Ooma but you don’t need to keep the phone line. It works directly off your high speed internet connection so if you have cable then you would plug it directly into your router.


@Sam: @Bruce:

Thanks for the info guys!

Don’t forget that if you buy off Amazon you’ll have 30 days from when you get it to return it if it doesn’t work out for you.

On Ebay you’ll probably be stuck with it whether you like it or not.


I have ooma telo got it online from dell also for 199 and i love it they have it set up that the phone is first on the network before the home network therefore greatly improving clearity over majicjack i have already gotten afew friends to get it also and im also in cleveland with time warner and hated it so i switchd and now i love it


i dont have this but i researched this as i was almost going to buy it and you dont need to get rid of your phone line. if fios would not have given me $40 off my monthly bill i would have changed to ooma and just kept fios for internet. this pays itself off within 7 months for most home users and then youre scott free!

Joe S

I got OOMA about a week ago. So far so good. Easy to set up, cool features, haven’t had any dropped calls. I would recommend it.


Anyone know if this works if I live in Canada?


dans not going to call you.
this isnt your sons chavrusa.

good lord.


Sure, it’ll work anywhere in the world with an internet connection, but calls are only free to the US.
If you make calls to Canada it will cost 1.4 cents per minute.


I have a landline in Canada, but would love a VOIP so I can make/receive calls to/from the US without paying a bundle. This definitely sounds good. I like the fact that there’s no monthly fee!


Well then this should be perfect for you!


Can one have a dsl line without phone service?
For example I now use Verizon for my dsl and for my phone.The problem is that I don’t use my landline and pay about 25$ a month in basic service and a whole bunch of taxes.If I could disconnect the phone I would think of using ooma


Yes, you can have DSL without phone service, or cable internet without any other cable services.


how does this compare to vonage, which i currently have?


whats the cheapest cable only plan for brooklyn?


People seem to really like Ooma, and you pay $200 once and have no monthly fees!
Vonage costs $25 every month, so Ooma’s payback period is just 8 months.


@$$$: cable internet* or other highspeed (besides dsl)


for anyone that has it – can you post clearly in laymans terms what i would need for this? right now i just moved and have only a landline phone through verizon, with no internet – i pick up a neighbors unsecure line very clearly. i pay verizon a ridiculous $70 a month and am desperate to switch!!

btw dan – from your comments it seems that you do not have it – care to share why?


You need internet to make this work. You could switch to just internet for much less than $70 though.

I don’t have it because my wife and I both have cell phones and don’t have a landline. Although I am very tempted to buy this anyway.


I’m still hesitating with this. It just seems too good to be true. Anyone out there who has it, please fill me in. Are there any hidden fees or catches that I should know about. Don’t want to shell out the 200 if there’s some kind of catch I’m not aware of. I noticed some reviews said the plan allows 5000 outgoing minutes a month and after that you have to pay. Any activation fees? …anyone who has it give me the real rundown please!


It is unclear from the magicjack return promo if Ihave to send in the magic jack itself or just documentation that I bought it.
Can someone clarify for me?


Would this work in place of a regular DSL line located in Israel – so that I can make calls to America for free? Where would the local number be from then?


there r no hidden fees but they do offer more services for extra fees and also if u want to port your current phone number you can for a fee of $40 unlike on majicjack


You can get any USA number that you want and can use the ooma telo from anywhere in the world.


is there a ooma that will have free calling worldwide even for a fee


Based on what I read, it sounds like if someone were to be in America 6 months/year and Israel the other 6 months, they can just bring this with them, and as long as they are internet connected it will work all the same. Is this right?

Also, about the magic jack rebate: Can I just buy a used (or even a new) one on ebay, or do we need some original purchase receipts, etc.?

Thanks a ton! 🙂


@Rivka Goldstein: whats the area code?


@Dan/Ctownbochur: I agree that if you buy it on ebay you don’t have 30 days if you don’t like it. That’s why I checked it out first from a friend that had it and I loved it!

Just to clear up a few questions, there are no hidden extras, it is clearer than Magic Jack, you can take it anywhere in the world and call the US for free, Ooma issues a US phone number included for free, you can port your existing number for an additional one time fee of $39.00, you MUST have a high speed internet connection (cable/DSL), you don’t need to have a phone line, you are able to keep a phone line if you wish to.


@Dan/Ctownbochur: i know the price diff. i was wondering about performance etc.


Ooma sound is very good and the unit itself is nice. Don’t forget that you need to have high-speed Internet to use it – it is a replacement for your landline phone. Israel is 2.8 cents/minute (mobile is 21.5 cents). You can also pay for the international bundle, which is 500 minutes per month for $4.99 which includes Israel. My main complaint is that forwarding the voice mail message to e-mail is a premier feature (!), so you have to pay extra for that. You can check your voice mails on the Ooma website for free.


thanx for all the info – i think im going to cancel my $70 verizon and go for this!! whats the cheapest high speed internet deal out there now?


Some questions for the Ooma people from us landline people:

1) How does voicemail work? Can you call in, or can you only check it online? Would an answering machine work with it?

2) Are features such as Call Waiting, Caller ID, Enhanced 911 free?

3) How fast does your internet have to be? (Can you steal off your neighbor?)Is there anyone who can suggest the best deals on internet-only pkgs in their area?

4) Can it handle a few phone extensions for one line?

5) Is there a way to get a fax line?

Thanks so much.


@ hocker
1- u can check online, on the box they give you has a built in answering machine,and yes a seperate voicemail also works with it as lon as its programmed to pick up b4 the ooma voicemail
2-those features are all free
3-wouldn’t recommend that bc for the clearityf ooma its imoportant that it precedes all home networks on your network and preferably should even be befor the router stealing will severly hamper the sound quaility
4- not sure what u mean by the question but if u mean have one base with many handsets then yes that works fine with it
5- yes read for info online how to use it as a fax line


I do not understand why anyone would return the majicjack for the $40 gift card to amazon…correct me if i am wrong, but doesnt majicjack give you back $40 if you cancel plan before one year?
Also, does it allow you to forward calls to your cell phone(even if it is an israeli cell phone) for free?
thank you.


How do they make money? Many phone companies went bankrupt within last years, since they sold services for less that they bought them. if this is the case here, that they make some nice money first year from you $200, but then have to loose money every time you call, i don’t think it would be “for life”.



I dont own either one (the Magic Jack or the Ooma) but there is an reviews web site that did a video comparison of the 2 –
The site does reviews of infomercial (and some regular) products.


Also – for all you who had questions, some of them are answered on at the above link and also at:

Ooma Telo Review


Magic Jack Review

They have a lot of differences – like Magic Jack doesnt let you port your number… computer always has to be on for Magic Jack to work… Ooma telo doesnt offer all the services youd expect unless you sign up for their premier service (which has a monthly fee)… theyre both pretty good with good sound quality… just good to know the facts 🙂



@Avromi: There actually are some hidden fees with Ooma… about $12 / year after the first year… also – they make you sign up initially for a free trial of Ooma Premier. If you forget to cancel, theyll charge you for it.