OBi200 For $37.99 Shipped From Amazon: Make Unlimited Free Landline Phone Calls For $0/Month

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-OBi Makes Up With Google Voice
-My $0/Month and $0.00/Per Minute Landline Phone…

OBi200 For $37.99 Shipped From Amazon

This was selling for $47.60 yesterday from Amazon and has 4.6 star reviews.

Here is an easy tutorial is set this device up with Google Voice for a free landline phone.

-Works with Google Voice
-Easy to Set-Up Using
-Also Supports T.38 Fax and SIP Bring Your Own Device Services like Anveo Callcentric,, etc.
-Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port

Quick FAQ’s about this device:
-It costs $0 per month after you buy the machine.
-A phone number is free with Google Voice.
-It works with any regular landline phone. For example a VTech Dect 6.0 cordless phone with caller ID is $14.97 or a VTech cordless phone with Caller ID and speakerphone is $17.99. A 2 handset system with caller ID and speakerphone is $31.96.
-It makes regular outgoing and incoming calls with caller ID.
-Calls are free from anywhere in the world to US and Canada numbers.
-You can call international numbers for a little as as 1 cent per minute. Israel is 2 cents per minute for landlines and 10 cents for cell phones. All rates are listed here.
-You can only port a cell phone number to Google, so if you want another number you’ll have to first port it to a prepaid cell service and then port it to google. Porting in your old number costs $20.
-You don’t need any other phone service, just broadband (DSL/FIOS/Cable) internet service with a router. If you don’t have a router you can buy this WiFi adapter to allow the OBi to work over WiFi.
-You do not need a computer.
-You do not need a phone jack.

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Reading the reviews shows the vendor charging 10/yr for support after the first year – for things as simple as updating the google password and firmware updated – has anyone used this successfully for more than a year?


I bought an OBi200 a couple years ago and it’s still working fine without having updated it or paying anything extra.


Is there any reason to upgrade from obi 110 to this one? Please advise thanks


i don’t have internet service what now?


Is there away to set this up that when you’re internet connection is down calls get forwarded to your cell?


Is there a way to keep my regular land line number? Can I port it to a prepaid cellphone and then port it OBi ?

Thanks a mill!


I want to cancel getting phone service through my cable company. $45 a month is a rip off. Is this the recommended product to buy to do so? I remember seeing another item you posted the other day which also allows free calling through the internet. IF I am canceling my phone service which is the best and recommended product to purchase to make free calls (domestically) through my internet? thank you



Do you have any unlocked WiFi signal?



This product is cheaper and has no monthly fees, though setting it up is a little more technical than the Ooma.

Personally I use this product.


@Aaron: this is true, I just had to update the firmware myself two days ago, BUT! In the product forums they (other users) tell you specifically not to pay the $ and they provide easy simple ways of circumventing this ridiculous attempt at a cash grab.
For the $10 they will let you automatically update the software by pressing a few buttons on your phone.

Otherwise you can achieve this for free by manually installing the firmware via your computer. There are instructions and it takes 3 min.
This is only for devices older than 1 year old.
No big deal at all.


If im porting my number from Optimum, do i have to port it to Obi first and then cancel the phone service with Optimum?

Chaim free

@Aaron: no need to pay for support I have it without the support and don’t pay anything

Chaim free

@Aaron: There is way to update software without support you can get the info on Google and it’s free


i Have Obi100 for the last 3-4 years maybe more, rarely i had to change/update/upgrade anything


To clarify, it’s for devices that were purchased over a year ago.

There is one caveat though that I guess should be mentioned… you cannot call 911 through google voice. Once set up, everything will work, but not 911. You can program you local law enforcement number as a speedial or keep an old cell phone plugged in near your phone if you want to have a back up… those will call 911 and it’s free. (The ooma and the Obi provide services for approx $30 per year to enable 911 location enabled calling which will allow you to dial 911 and will tell the 911 operator your location right away as opposed to a cell phone or google voice, you will need to give your location to the operator….tmi?)


@Dan: According to the reviews – if you change your google voice password – you would need to invoke support … have you ever tried to do this?



this seems like a deal breaker, no? how do you get around this?


Any big differences between this and Ooma telo?

Can you post a current landline ?


@ac – Use an E911 service with your OBI. I’ve been using Call Centric. Small fee of $1.50 per month but it gives me that peace of mind I suppose…


@ac, as @lurker said, Callcentric is the way to go for 911 support. This also gives you caller ID name, Google Voice only gives caller ID number.

My setup is as follows (all happens automatically once configured):
Incoming: Google Voice -> Callcentric -> OBI202
Outgoing: Directly dials from Google Voice
911: Calls through Callcentric
International: Calls through Callcentric

I route international calls through Callcentric since their rates are better than GV. The OBI200 is pretty much the same as the OBI202 that I use except the 202 has 2 physical lines so I have a 2 line phone hooked up and you can make/receive calls on the same number even if the other line is in use. The 200 is only 1 physical line (both have up to 4 virtual lines, ie 4 different phone services)

I’ve had this setup for about 2-1/2 years now and works great, cost is $1.50/month + international calls.


I would like to get this device but do not have a home or Google Voice number. When I go to sign up for one it asks me to add a forwarding phone that will ring when that number is called. I would like the Google Voice number to ring in my home. How do I go about getting a number without putting down my cell phone as I do not have a house phone.



Dan you wrote – “You can only port a cell phone number to Google, so if you want another number you’ll have to first port it to a prepaid cell service and then port it to google. Porting in your old number costs $20”

Can you please post some more detailed info as to how one can port their existing landline number over to google voice so that it can be used in connection with this device. Thanks!


@Dan: How can i find out if I have a wifi unlocked signal?


I think you would have to enter your cell for creating the GV account and then just uncheck the number so it doesn’t forward to it. Google doesn’t intend you to use their service as a Home Landline replacement, you always need a number to forward to except in this case of using the OBI devices, which was not created by Google, hence the phone number requirement.

I used tmobile prepaid, I ported my home number to tmobile prepaid (many times there are sim cards for free or < $1, I think I paid 1¢). You then have to buy air time, the cheapest is $10, you'll also need a phone that works with the sim. If you don't have one I've had luck with buying/returning at Walmart, I opened the package carefully so it would be returnable and used the other sim that I purchased separately so I could return it unactivated. Once the port tmobile is complete you can then start the GV port process. Total cost for the port for me was $30.01 ($20 GV, $10 air time, 1¢ sim).


i have obihai200 when i make a call my name doesn’t come up on caller id. is there any way i can get my name to come up?


What is the cheapest way to Port my landline to Google Voice?


I have Viatalk how do I port my number to Google Voice?

Dovid Cohen

Will this work from Israel?


I have an AT&T landline number. I also have sprint cell phone service. Can I port my AT&T landline number to a sprint cell phone and then to google voice? Can I just go straight from my AT&T landline to google voice? what is the easiest way to keep my landline number for my google voice number?