OBi100 For $29.99 From Amazon; Unlimited Free Calling From Your Landline

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-OBi Makes Up With Google Voice
-My $0/Month and $0.00/Per Minute Landline Phone…
OBi100 For $29.99 From Amazon

This was $38.89 yesterday and is now tied for the lowest Amazon price ever.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime you can get free shipping by adding a cordless phone like this one to your order to get over the $35 threshold.

The OBi now officially supports Google Voice and allows you to make unlimited phone calls to the US and Canada for free with no monthly or per minute fees. Calls to other countries are very cheap as well.

HT: DanH, via DDF

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Dan's the Man

It says Google Voice calls to the US are free if the call is made from the US and it’s 1 cent from anywhere else. So if I get this and use it when I travel to Israel to call back to the US it will be 1 cent per minute? Or as long as I set up the account in the US will it be free even if I plug it into a cable modem in Israel? Anyone have experience with this?
I know other VoIP phone systems (like Vonage, Ooma, etc) work the same way as they do in the US if you use them when you travel overseas.


@Dan’s the Man:
People use this in Israel with no fees to the US/Canada.


if i wanted to use google voice for my land line i would need this?


if i wanted to use google voice for my landline i would need this?


how is fax capability anyone


how exac does this thing work? u jst plug it into ur landline plug thing and it gives u unlimited calling for good?


Do I need an internet connection in order this should work?


@mcl click on dans above links to answer your question yes free for life
@elye yes u need Internet

@dan if I buy the cordless u suggested above (it does not have answering machine) will google voice be my answering machine if I cannot answer ?


I just got my obi100, and i am wondering how to port my regular home phone to my google voice. on the other hand i a thinking maybe its not worth it. Because maybe Google voice isnt so reliable. I am currently paying for Verizon 66.00 a month for unlimited local calls and unlimited web service. I would like to lower it, would some one guide me to do it?


If you want a reliable Internet-based phone service with features comparable to or even exceeding what a land-line offers (E911, good call quality if your connection is up to par, etc.), then you want a paid VOIP service. Look up reviews for Vonage, ViaTalk and others.


@ SA:
Why Not the OBI100?
Who would be a good High Speed Internet provider, without phone service, Here in New York City. I called Verizon, and they told me they don’t provide internet service without phone service, i would need to take a bundle phone/internet service with them.


i just bought this on Newegg for $29.99!