NutriChef 3.2L Hot Water Urn For $36.12 Shipped From Amazon


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NutriChef 3.2L Hot Water Urn For $36.12 Shipped From Amazon

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This was selling for $53.54 and is now the lowest price in the past three years from Amazon.

  • KEEP WATER HOT PERCOLATOR: The cordless electric kettle boils water and keeps liquids hot in a hot pot kettle for quick warming and a vacuum insulation keeps water warm, longer.Power: 120V
  • SIMPLE PLUG-IN OPERATION: The kettle electric features a convenient power cord, as well as an auto power off function, LED illuminated power indicator and a child safety lock-on lid
  • COMPACT TABLETOP DESIGN: The electric water kettle is safe for placement on any kitchen table or countertop, making it suitable for anytime use. Entertain your guests or pour yourself a coffee or tea with ease & style
  • GOOD FOR ENTERTAINING: The electrical water boiler features a multi-dispense ability with three modes including auto, button & pump. The button-activated water dispense function makes entertaining and catering to your guest’s needs easier than ever
  • LARGE WATER CAPACITY: The hot water kettle electric features a large water capacity of 3.38 quarts, which means fewer refills and more time spent with your guests. Note : Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for User Manual

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Liam K. Nuj

Kosher for Shabbos use?

Ask your Rav.

Big Machlokes.
Ask your LoR.


Whats the Machlokes?

Ask your Rav.

May recent models of urns be used on Shabbos?

Many recent models of urns come with a gauge which indicates how much water is in the urn. Since it’s connected to the main chamber, its water level rises and falls accordingly; thus, whenever water is taken from the urn, some water leaves the gauge and reenters the main chamber of the urn. If the water in the gauge isn’t heated before Shabbos, then letting water out of the urn will cause cold water from the gauge to enter the main chamber and be heated up, which is a very serious problem of mevashel (the prohibition of cooking) on Shabbos.

Fortunately, the water in the gauge of many models is heated when the water in the urn is boiled for the first time; it then gradually cools off and isn’t maintained at boiling point like the rest of the water. If the water in the gauge hasn’t cooled down completely and is still warm enough to be served as a warm drink, there is no problem with it being reheated when it reenters the main chamber of the urn. In many models, all that needs to be done initially is to let a bit of water out of the urn before Shabbos begins, or to tip the urn backwards; doing so causes all of the water to heat up before Shabbos. However, if the water in the gauge cools off completely over the course of Shabbos, it becomes a problem again.

There are certain urns on the market that come with rabbinic approval for Shabbos use. Alternatively, one should use an urn without a water level indicator, or examine how the gauge in their urn operates to determine whether it’s permissible to use it on Shabbos. One can also seal the hole of between the water gauge and the main chamber of the urn with duct tape which will prevent the water in the gauge from entering the main chamber


Same question!


I dipped it in the mik. Waited A week for it to dry out. It never worked.


Did you shake it out turn it over etc?


Is it a jewish company does it need tvila


It’s sold by Amazon, which is not a Jewish company, so it needs tevilah


who? amazon ? lol


Boil didn’t stop boiling. Just kept boiling and steamed up the whole kitchen until I noticed and unplugged. Returning