New Roundup Of Stackable Diaper Coupons On Amazon! Get Diapers For Free!

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Update 3, 04/01: All codes have now expired!!!

Update 2, 03/31.  No codes have expired but it appears that all codes may be set to expire today! Codes have had expiration dates of 11/30, 12/31, 01/31, 02/28, and 03/31.  All of them still work for now, but this may be the end of the fun!

Update: There is now a $2 pampers coupon on Amazon!

Exchange diaper codes on the DansDeals Forums!

Stackable offers:

1. 30% Off Diapers Promo Linky (With free 2 day shipping with no minimum order!)
There is no limit to the amount of 30% discounts you can get.

You must join Amazon Mom (it’s free!) to get the 30% off.

2. Amazon Coupon Book $2 Savings Linky You can use one of these coupons per Amazon account.

3. Various magazines from November 2010 through March 2011. Coupons can differ based on the region they are published in.  These magazines include:
-Parenting The Early Years
-Baby Talk
-American Baby
-Fit Pregnancy
-Parenting And Newborn
Some of these magazines are given away for free at stores like Babies R Us or can even be subscribed to for free!

While codes say they expire, they still haven’t yet! I just used a code today from November Parents that was supposed to expire on 12/31/10 but it is still working!

Stackable codes:
-YT codes. These are 20% off codes that have the letters “YT” as their first 2 digits. These codes can be used multiple times on an amazon account.
-YJ codes. These are 20% off codes that have the letters “YJ” as their first 2 digits. These codes can only be used once per amazon account!
-$10 off codes good for baby purchases. These codes can only be used once per amazon account!

All 3 of those codes can be stacked together on one case of diapers.

For Offer #1:
No promo code is required. Click on the brand names on the Amazon page to see the full results for your desired brand.
Amazon’s diapers are already priced lower than the MSRP, but with the sale you can get the 30% off by using Subscribe and Save. Just click on the product link and select the 1-6 month subscription offer on the right side of the amazon page and select “subscribe now.” Do not click “add to cart” or you will not get the savings. You must click on the “subscribe now” button.

With Subscribe and Save you will get free shipping without any minimum purchase and you will get 30% off which will be reflected on the final checkout page.

You can cancel the subscribe and save service at any time with absolutely no obligation or penalty. To do so just click here to manage your subscriptions and you can choose to change or cancel your subscriptions at any time. Easy as 1-2-3!

For Offer #2:

There is a coupon this month for $2 off Pampers Diapers or pants.

You may need to refresh the page a few times until you see the coupon. After clicking on the coupon link just come back here and click on the 30% diapers link and select the pampers diapers. You can only the coupon once per amazon account, but you can use the bonus 30% off savings below as many times as you want! The coupon savings will be reflected on the final checkout page.

You can open another amazon account and get the coupon savings again.

For Offer #3:

Let’s say you buy a 216 pack of size 1 Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Diapers, normally $46.99, and on sale for $40.20 shipped (18.6 cents per diaper)
Even if you have no magazine coupons you will get 30% off and $2 off for a total of $26.14 shipped! (12.1 cents per diaper)
If you have a 20% off magazine coupon you will get 50% off and $2 off, for a total of $18.10 shipped! (8.4 cents per diaper)
If you have both the YT and YJ 20% off magazine coupons your will get 70% off and $2 off, for a total of $10.06 shipped! (4.7 cents per diaper)
If you also have the $10 off coupon and both the YT and YJ 20% off magazine coupons you will get 70% off plus $2 off plus $10 off, for a total of $0.06 shipped!

$40.20 was the original price, free shipping on all subscribe and save orders, less 20% off with a YT code, less $10 off code, less 20% off with a YJ code, less 30% for amazon mom subscribe and save discount, less $2 amazon pampers coupon, for a total of 6 cents shipped!  (The other 6 cents came off with the $20 Amazon GC for $10 that living social had last month)

Information and images on are copyright by Dan’s Deals LLC, please do not copy and repost without obtaining explicit prior permission. Thank you.

Special thanks to smurf, from the DansDeals forums, for donating a code for research on this post!

HT: David, via the DansDeals forums for the tip.

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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Where can the YJ codes be found?


i have a code that exp.9/30/10 will it still work




Just like to point out that the 10$ of coupon is good for anything in the baby section. I got 720 wipes with the 30% off for the subscription and 10 off for 4 dollars. So better to use the 20% off coupons on diapers and the 10off on anything else like wipes formula etc.


If you do S&S do you have to cancel and reorder every month in order to add those discount/coupon codes?


anyway i can get a code from someone, i subscribed to parenting from the deal you posted a few weeks ago but havent gotten my issue yet.


where are the codes in the magazine…couldnt find one!


Does anyone have any diaper codes they are not using? can you email me at



Anyone have any $10 codes to trade?


This morning I bought 2 YJ coupons on ebay (buy it now) for only 2.75 each and have already gotten the codes. Great price for the additional savings. I will stack this with the $10 and older Y coupons I got in my Parents magazine. Thanks Dan!

amazon lover

does 2 coupons of the the same mag. stack (2 coupons from parent,babytalk etc.)


@bringer good idea! what do i search for?


Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother got a HT!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have an extra $10 off coupon expiring 3/31. ill trade it for two 20%off coupons (one YT and one YJ).


I can make that trade if you want.


Wow I never thought i’d get a mention on the main page.
Thanks for the shoutout dan.


On ebay search for “yj amazon coupon” or “y amazon coupon” or “amazon 10 coupon” Click on the Search only Buy-it-now and you can usually complete/pay/get the codes from the sellers in a matter of hours.


looking for a YJ coupon or a $10 coupon if you have any and are feeling generous it would be a HUGE help tnx


Where do i get the $10 coupon? Which mag?


can u only use 2 20% off promotional codes? I am trying to enter more but its not changing the price


where can I get adult diapers?


dan anymore deals on tide on amazon….that was great but im runningout of it need more!


thanks for this deal, just for pples info in case you cant get a hold of these coupons, i but target brand diapers, and i have no complaints! they are really comparable to pampers baby dry!


email me at chailazar at yahoo


where can i get the $10 coupons? which mag?


10$ coupons are in feb. “Parenting early years”




I can trade a yt and a yj for a $10 coupon.


my YT codes only work once even when i used a different account. anyone have any ideas?


do you mean the same yt code? they are one time use.


$10 codes are also in Fit Pregnancy.

Baby Depot (at Burlington Coat Factory) should have the free American Baby and Baby Talk mags. Babies R Us definitely does, Go to the registry desk for them.


can someone please tell me where in the magazine these codes are!!!!!PLEASE!!!!


@cl: In the Baby Talk mag it’s on page 13, there is an ad for amazon diapers and an insert coupon. If there is no insert there then someone already took out the coupon


tried entering a yt code from parents magazine on the same account that i used amonth ago it did not accept it, said it has been used please explain what i should do


In the parent magazine for March that I got today, there is a $10 off anything in babystore


Try it on another account. If you get the same error message than it sounds like someone already used the coupon (either wrote down the code in the magazine at the store or took a quick picture on their phone…


bringer, where did you find the $10 in the parents magazine….which issue?


Thanks! This is a real steal because you don’t have to spend 10$ on the mags like you had to in the past. Just to update the readers with a little info. The feb. Babytalk and american baby have the yt and yj codes the MARCH issue of babytalk has the 10$ off coupon. I haven’t seen the march issue of american baby yet. If you can grab the feb. ones before they switch the stack by the counter to march ones, then go back a week later and grab the march ones before feb. 28th when the feb. ones expire you can get the diapers truly free. I have a stack of feb issues and march issues and I’m giving out free diapers to anyone I know (because I already have enough untill my daughters bat-mitzvah)


Also fit pregnancy has the code but it costs 5.99 and in barnes and noble its in a sealed plastic, and I’m not able to see if it is really in there.


Dan please update!

There is also a $1.50 off coupon for pampers easyups in amazon coupon section, just refresh if you don’t see it.

Fred where could i get from u a free coupon code…?


do you have extra $10 coupons? Thanks!


I have 2 YT codes expiring 2/28/11 that I want to swap for YJ & $10 off. Emaile me


i hve a $10 off willing to trade for two YJ codes


Just get a babytalk mag! Its free don’t be so lazy!


@cl: green or orange postcard size tear out coupons


Wow… I just spent $2.36 for a case of 204 Pampers. Dan, you’re great!


i have a lot of YT codes, willing to trade for YJ codes. please email me @ chailazar at yahoo


fred! where can i get baby talk & american baby magazines?????


@ fred: I can’t seem to get the yj coupons…are they only in one specific magazine? if you have extra yj codes i would be willing to trade them one for two yt codes… thanx so much


what if we joined amazon mom already?


@joshual Both are given out for free – Babytalk at Burlington Coat Factory Baby Depot and American Baby at Babies R Us at the Registry desk.

March Babytalk has a code – mine had a YJ code, but they differ by region.

March American Baby sadly doesn’t have a code… 🙁

Also – I found a $10 code in a magazine called Pregnancy & Newborn or something like that.

@Mendy if it expired open up another amazon account! if it didn’t expire, it should be fine.


im desperate for yj codes!!!! ill trade 2 yt codes for 1 yj…please email me if interested at chailazar at yahoo

Deal guy

Dan, I have a YT code that expires on 3/31/11!


Where do you live? All the babytalk march issues in nj stores I’ve seen have the 10 coupon.

fred (diferent one)

just to be clear, you can use the same YT code on the same account multiple times?


I don’t see the pampers coupon


Refreshed like 20 times and still dont see the $2 coupon… (all I see is grocery coupons) is it the right link?


Can anyone help?? I cant find the $2.00 coupon even when I click on the link provided.


Try clicking on any pampers from this link and see if you see an option to clip the $2 coupon on the diaper page:

Let me know if it works!


@fred – the one I got in brooklyn had a YJ code.


@dan… sorry still nothing there even when I click on it. Any other ideas?


Hey Dan Nope nothing happened. Thanks for trying though

Yoel Gabay

Hi, I have 2 issues of BabyTalk but can’t find any codes, where should I look? Anyone have any diaper codes they aren’t using or can share please email me at—Thank You


Just got some yj codes ending 3/31


Thanks Dan got 10 cases for about .26 to .59 each case (depending on the size)!


@fred: where did you get the YJs with 3/31 expiration?


It would appear that the YT codes still work.


I’m also having a problem finding the $2 code. I am from Brooklyn. Other people from NY also reported having problems. Maybe NY is excluded from the $2 off pampers code?


Anybody not in NY want to place the order for me for one size 4 pampers and i’ll give you my three codes to enter – let me know.


Parents march issue has yj codes


I found the $2 dollar code but it wouldn’t apply to my purchase unless I changed my shipping address to NJ.


Although on the plus side you also won’t pay sales tax if you ship to NJ in addition to the $2 code.
I wonder why they would exclude NY?


I actually live in NJ now so shipping there isn’t a problem i just thought it was weird that even after clipping the coupon it wouldn’t apply.
Also those people who can’t get the coupon to appear probably don’t have an out of NY address listed on their account


just used 20% off that expired 12/31/10 it worked!!!!!


Just checked parents mag. April issue at my local barnes and noble….no coupon….is this deal finished? Anyone see any 20% off coupons since march?


I ordered some of these magazines with a free subscription for the 1st year, and still have not gotten any… anyone know how long it takes to start getting them, it has been at least 1 month?
Waiting for those diaper coupons, till then will manage with 30% off!


There are reports that the coupons that expired in Feb still work. I have 2 that I will try to use soon


It seems that all of the Pampers Swaddlers sizes have been updated in packaging and quantity. A pampers swaddlers size 4 now goes for 45.74 instead of 40.99. If you try to buy the “old version”, there isnt an option for subscribe and save 🙁


I finally got my subscription to Parents for the month of April and there are no codes the only thing I see for Amazon diapers is the standard one of get 30 percent off with subscribe and save,
but there are no Yt or YJ codes, are they not giving out codes anymore or am I missing the code?


i got two ten dollar off coupons and tried stacking them, only one worked and the second won’t even work on another account and it says coupon redeemed 🙁


no coupons in april editions of parents, parenting, babytalk, american baby, fit preg. anyone see any in any other mags? it seems like the fun is over……i guess maybe next month, but it seems that they are done! grab those old ones even expired ones. I just used a yt code that expired in december that i found in my local doctors office, worked like a charm




hi would you be able to post update info on this deal and if anybody has codes i would greatly appreciate it


I used a YT with 12/31 exp today and it still works.


anybody have codes they could please email me?


@smurf: i am ready t otrade one with you you can email me @


Cant find the $2 coupons on Amazon for the diapers?


i tried using a yt code in my amazon acct twice it didnt work! even tried different amazon acct didnt work please explain howto do it!!!


Thanks! I am completely stocked on diapers and wipes (used my $10 off for those) for the next two months at least. Now if only I can train my 18 month old so that when we run out we don’t need to buy more! 🙂


can’t seem to find the 2 dollar coupon. can anyone confirm that its still around?


@youG: Its not there anymore. But I asked amazon where it is via a chat and they gave me a 2 dollar credit to use. YMMV.


how do you chat with amazon?


@Chaim AA Partner LAN connects in Brazil


how do i get the tweo dollar coupon??
i clicked on the link but dont see anything related…thanx


I have the same problem. My coupons are only for food products nothing related to diapers no matter how many times I refresh it?


Anyone know if more coupons are coming out ever???


@chaim: click on help => contact us => fill out the form and then choose chat.

chat for 2 dollars?



I just tried a yj, yt and a 10 dollar off.
Got the same message for all 3.
“The offer is expired etc…” Looks like the party is over.
Good thing that I have 20 cases of diapers in my garage.


I was able to use yesterday again a $10 coupon on the same account even I used one in feb. Looks like it was a limit one per month!

Yj code gave discount even on 2 boxes yt gave only one 1 box


fortunately I was able to use the last 4 coupons I had at @ 12:30 AM EST today so they definitely worked earlier in the morning. Thanks for the great deal Dan, I probably got 10 or so boxes from prices from .86 cents to $7 to $17 dollars. Hope something similar comes along again


Looks like the party is over…thanks dan for all the updates. I have about 20 boxes in my basement besides the 5 boxes I used already since I caught onto this deal in july. The prices were from 2.69 to free now I need to figure out how many I actually need and then give out boxes to all the neighbors that need them.