12 REESE’S Plant Based Peanut Butter Cups Now Just $20.86 From Amazon

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Update: Alive again and now just $20.86!

Update: DEAD!

12 REESE’S Plant Based Peanut Butter Cups For $23.37 Shipped From Amazon


These are likely to sell out quickly.

This has been sold out from Amazon.

  • Contains twelve (12) 1.4-ounce packs of REESE’S Plant Based Oat Chocolate Confection and Peanut Butter Cups Candy
  • Indulge in a vegan and plant-based version of your favorite classic peanut butter cups from REESE’S candy
  • Plant-based REESE’S cups made with peanut butter and oat chocolate confection for a delicious kosher candy and vegan snack experience
  • Enjoy REESE’S peanut butter cups in back to school lunches, birthday parties, anniversary dates and every special occasion in between

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Never tried it, but I’m fairly certain I’d rather wait 6 hours and eat a dairy one.


LOL! I would like to try one before buying a case.


Absolutely, I’d much rather wait 6 hours.

Peanut butter chocolate flavor

I think that these are really quite good

Littlebit Jewish

Not everyone eats (OU)D. So that isn’t an option for them.

Rich C

It’s OU Pareve


$2 each is on sale? Wow, that’s expensive
I prefer to not ruin my childhood memories…:)
I want to remember them the way they are supposed to taste LOL


I paid $4 from the Hershey’s store when they were released earlier this year!

$1.95 per 2 pack of these is cheaper than I’ve seen anywhere.


But how are they?


I’ve never had the dairy version, but I thought these were pretty good.

But I’m sure milk chocolate is better. Always is.

El Capitan

An uncle of mine who doesn’t keep CY said they’re pretty close.

Steve Klein

These are very good. Hershey also now makes a pareve Almond & Sea Salt chocolate bar, which is also good.

Too bad one of my kids is allergic to both tree nuts and !


Awesome for my allergy kid! Thanks Dan




Trader Joe’s has some good kosher options as well


Not nearly as good as these.


Yeah, totally agree! These are much better!


Sold out

Noam Kamara

sold out


I was excited to try these and I was able to obtain one a couple months ago when it came out. I remember really enjoying these when I used to eat OUD.

They are really bad.


I’ve been finding them in Walmart in person, that’s been the most consistent place to buy it.

Naomi Bodek

The peanut butter flavor is the same as the dairy version, but the chocolate tastes like dark chocolate. It is a decent pareve snack, but it is no replacement for the real thing.


although these are sold out, they are similarly priced at walmart


Reb yid

That links to a third-party seller who is selling it for $6.78 PER PACK, most definitely a jacked-up price compared to the above price from Amazon.


These have a very strong oat chocolate flavor (obviously). If you don’t mind that flavor then they’re pretty good. If you’d like to preserve your memories pre cholov Yisroel or allergy days I’d skip these.

Price here is best I’ve seen

Dan Fan

Theyre very dry in comparison to the dairy ones


Nogs James street in Lakewood has these and the chocolate bars for $1.99

Just Sayin\'

You can now buy it on Amazon for $49.99 + 5.14 Shipping.


The trader Joe version for $1 are great (just as good as these)


IMHO, these are much better than the TJ cups.


Target has as well for $2.29.


reviews online say they are not creamy the chocolate it doesn’t melt.

Menachem Mendel Yosef Halevi



I had some, CVS had/has them buy one get one half off, similar price to Amazon after the discount. I thought they were very good, actually quite similar to the original although former. I’d get them again.


Tried ’em. Better than I thought they would be.
But, if you are a Reese’s lover like I am, they ain’t gonna do it for ya – not even close.


Luckily I’ve never had the real thing, so these are quite enjoyable!

Nekama Airlines

Moishas in Flatbush had these on Friday for $1.79 a pop.
Not like the original. Pareve. Not bad. My yeshivish nephew ate em all. He loved them.


I was in moishas today.
They are on sale through Tuesday for 1.79. My wife loves them




Deal is dead again 10/29/23. 3:35pm est




In town vs OOT. Just about every store in Lakewood has them at 1.99-2.99


And this is…checks notes…cheaper than any of those. And delivered to your front door.


Except that the stores in Lakewood have as many as you want in stock.


OMG! Just tried it this weekend!!!! Was shocked !!!!! Exact same flavor as the dairy one!!!!! Definitely worth it


I love freezing them


Cool, will try that.

Barry D

@DansDeals Imagine making a parve cake and serving this at a Shabbat meal, that would be awesome.

Do you know if they have any soy in them?


Allergens & Warnings:


Awesome idea!!!!!


You mean a la the 9″ 3.25lb Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie that Hershey’s made and sold for Thanksgiving 2021?


As a young kid the real ones were my favorite treat. 30 years later I was excited to try these for the memories. I was so disappointed!! Unless my memory fails me these were totally not like the real thing… didn’t even finish the first one, went back to my cholov Yisroel chocolate…

Belmar Boy

Alive again


In stock again. As of 10/30 11:30am NY.


I also never had these but my favorite cereal growing up was reeses puffs…


Is it gluten free?

David P

If anyone is ever in Switzerland the Megros sells really good kosher plant-based chocolates





Voice of Reason

Alive again 10/31/23 8pm


Try the TJ sunflower cups Parve. Pretty good also


Not as good IMHO.


Those are good but too thick, need a glass of water with the TJ ones. Interested in trying these but ship date end of November.


Available at npgs in Lakewood for $1.99

Liam K. Nuj

Available individually at many Targets.


Another option but also nut free. OK Parve.
Chocolate Large Pea “Not” Butter Cups




Alive again. Just ordered.

John Beckingham

Finally got these…
Sorry @Dan they are certainly not worth it. This is coming from someone who used to eat cholov stam and has since stopped and has been searching for good alternatives for years.

The chocolate in this product has a chemical or foreign type of taste and it’s hard to get past. I’m going to stick with the Justin’s peanut butter cups (dark chocolate has no milk), until something better comes out. This was not the answer. Sadly.


Well yes, if you’ve had the real thing, I’m not surprised this doesn’t do it for you. 😀

Sadly, Justin’s peanut butter cups appear to be OU-D.


John Beckingham

Not you LOR but from what I understand they don’t use OUdE on most products anymore, so on certain products where you see in the ingredients they do not contain milk such as oreos, they will say o u d but they are still safe to eat… Ask your lOR though


You need to ask the OU if these are really “DE” or not, you can’t always tell from the ingredient list. They are very helpful with this type of question.


The justins are 100% dairy. There is dairy inside. Was tested on someone allergic to dairy. Plenty of cross contamination


Just because someone allergic had a reaction does not make them Halachikly dairy. Asking the OU would be a better approach.

John Beckingham

It’s also not that I’ve had the real thing. It’s just that this chocolate isn’t any good. I’ve eaten the trader Joe’s oat milk, as well as some other oatmeal chocolate from other companies, and they did not have the same issue here…


Agree. Maybe because I used to have the real thing but I don’t like them at all.

I’ve had some awesome homemade ones though.


Yes They are dairy. Not just de. Was tested on someone allergic to dairy


I was also really disappointed…The free2be ones are so much better and pareve too


Idk if Justin’s are DE or not, but I do know

1. that we don’t assess this based on whether some random person has an allergic reaction.

2. Is the ou was actually helpful they would indicate DE whenever appropriate, so we all wouldn’t have to guess based on experiments on kids with allergies.


I was never able to have reeses when eating my steak. This should be an interesting combo.


Weird tasting chocolate with a horrible aftertaste. I don’t eat Non CY so I was never spoiled by the original.

Now, the Parve Hershey’s Almond & Sea Salt is divine! If only Reese’s would use that chocolate for their Parve PB cups


NPGS has the Oat Chocolate Confection on sale for 1.99

John Beckingham

I agree with others that the after taste was bad and I won’t be finishing my box. However, those who still want to give this a try are better off finding a single pack, trying it first, before snagging a box. I grabbed the first box that came in stock and regret it now. someone let me know when the justin’s dark chocolate cups go on sale!


The parve Reese’s cups are awful. Both the chocolate and filling have a strong artificial taste, texture is dry. The TJ’s version is far superior.


Is the kit Kat vegan kosher?


If you want to taste it before committing to a case, Target has it for 2.59 each with 2 offers: 15% off candy and another 15% off Reese’s (stackable). And you can buy just one pkg.

Eating the regular Dairy one is not an option for people that use only Cholov Yisroel! You might actually be surprised. I tried 7th Heaven oat-milk based chocolates, and I couldn’t believe they were Pareve. So I’m hoping this will yield the same result.

El Capitan

No Chometz concern for delivery?


Are they trying to get rid of their stock before pesach? Don’t think I can finish 20 in a week and a half

Yakov Gendler

Tried these a few months ago. Figured they are made by the brand so they must be pretty close to the real thing, being parve was obv a huge plus. These are not even close to the real thing, they are also just not very good. There are much better parve, and cholov yisroel options already on the market. Aside from the novelty of eating a “name brand” parve candy, there is no reason to buy these. Just bad chocolates.