Motorola Nexus 6 Unlocked Smartphone For $249.99 Shipped From Amazon

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Update 2: Sold out!

Update: The Blue 32GB phone is back in stock. Apparently these will go out of stock for good, so grab one before they’re gone!


Blue Motorola Nexus 6 Unlocked Cellphone (32GB): $249.99 Sold out!
Blue Motorola Nexus 6 Unlocked Cellphone (64GB) $299.99  Sold out!
White Motorola Nexus 6 Unlocked Cellphone (32GB): $249.99  Sold out!
White Motorola Nexus 6 Unlocked Cellphone (64GB) $299.99  Sold out!

The Nexus 6 will work with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and more carriers.

It also works with Google Project Fi. Project Fi requires no credit check. Unlimited talk+text is just $20/month. Date is just $10/GB no matter where you are in the world. You even get a refund for unused data, so if you only use 0.4GB in a month you would get a $6 refund. Plus Project Fi gives you the ability to freeze the plan for $0/month as needed.

-More space to explore – A bigger phone with more everything
-Brilliant 6″ screen and dual front-facing stereo speakers make content shine
-Go longer and charge less with 3220 mash battery and turbo charging
-Get the most out of Android 5.0 Lollipop (compatible with Android Marshmallow 6.0)

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White 32gb out of stock


Got it on black Friday and its a sick phone.
better than the galaxy note IMO

A European

I have this phone and its great (if you don’t mind the size … It between a phone and a tablet its called phablet)


Will it work in Israel?


White 32g back available

A European

@Yudig: yep


None available


Blue 64GB is still in stock.


Thank you Dan 64gig


beware : its a us version , its 3g and 4g networks wont work outside usa

Saw this on a obscure forum…
Is that true?


No, the US version has plenty of foreign bands and will work just fine:


whats the resale value ? how much would these go for in israel ?

Tsk Tsk

Wikipedia is as “reliable” as djangos “obscure forum”


@django: bought the US version on black friday; using it in Israel, getting 3G and LTE, no issues.


This is not compatible with SPRINT. I spoke to a rep from Amazon. Sprint has to be CDMA this phone is GSM


Your Amazon rep is clueless, this works fine with Sprint.
It’s a CDMA+GSM phone.


Thank you, I ordered the phone. It seems like Otterbox does not make a case for this phone. Does anyone know of a good case that could handle little kids dropping the phone a few times a day?


Would this be an upgrade to a Galaxy S4. Looking at this site, it doesn’t appear that this would be?,Samsung-Galaxy-S4/phones/8626,7597



Thanks, I want to know if 4G would work…

According to this not-so-obscure forum, it won’t.

This seems to be a great site:


It almost every regard it is an upgrade. You lose the removeable battery though.

It has many foreign LTE bands, just not every one.


@Tsk Tsk:

“Tsk” “tsk”
Google: “nexus 6 us version work overseas”

You will find many many “reliable” and not so “obscure” forums.
I can’t find the original “obscure” one that I copied from word for word, but I’m sure you can give it a shot.


Can i get data only on project fi?



Yep. It will work in Israel but not on every carrier’s fastest band for data.



Seems like Israel is LTE band 3, which is available on this phone:

Are there other bands in use in Israel?


Is this new or used?


Brand new.


Hi Dan just a question do you have this phone? i am following you since the old nexus when you had so i am just curious if you have this one if not would you mind sharing which phone you have now.


I use a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and love it:

I did buy this Nexus 6 though for an upcoming trip abroad to use with Project Fi.



What do you do about battery?
I stayed by the note 4 cant decide what next


The Note Edge has a removable battery.


64Gb is back in stock, cheaper than before!


@Meir: Look for “Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO Series Heavy Duty Full-body Rugged Hybrid Protective Holster Cover with Built-in Screen Protector for Motorola Nexus 6 – Black” on Amazon. I have it and am very happy with it. It looks and feels like an Otterbox, but is only $20.