Ends Tonight! Get The Lowest Price On Bosch Mixers After Cyber Monday Savings!

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29 Comments On "Ends Tonight! Get The Lowest Price On Bosch Mixers After Cyber Monday Savings!"

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What’s the difference between the plus and classic model?
Is the classic model also on sale?


It seems to me that this doesn’t come with all the mixing pieces… like the dough hook ….


Says in the description – dough hook sold separately, but I don’t see it being sold on Amazon.

Malka S

The white bowl is cheaper and it’s same wattage. Does any one know if I can mix a 5 pound bag of flour in the white bowl?


Yes, you can. I do it every time. A stainless one is great too.


You can, but I find the stainless bowl easier to clean.


I do so, but wouldn’t recommend more than 5 Lb


I bought the plastic one but my wife doesn’t want it so if you want it and live in brklyn let me know and I can sell it to you


for 375?


I’m ready to buy it for 375, Let me know.


I bought an extra of the white one, was $375 plus $24.84 tax for total of $399.84. Selling for $400 located in Lakewood if anyone wants to buy it off me before I return

Voice of Reason

The stainless is worth the extra splurge.


My Stainless Steel 6.5-Quart bowl broke, where can I get a replacement?


Depending on where you live, local appliance store usually sells them


Service@royaluxusa.com on alpine ct in chestnut ridge, (monsey) 201 785 8840
Frum company that fixes bosch braun and I think some pump pots. They might be able to fix your bowl because it is expensive to replace.


On the Nutrimill website they write that this silber bowl isn’t what is needed for Challa, rather a bowl that has no middle stick that is sold on another website.


Is the stainless bowl good for making challah?


You can make challah in any of the bowls.


To make dough out of 5lb of flour or more, you need a different bowl. It’s stainless steel but not this bowl, you have to buy it separately.


5 pounds works fine in any bowl.


So whats the diffrent between the $417 and the $399 one?


It’s only showing the white for $399


So what’s the difference between the Amazon one which has a stainless steal bowl, seem to come with dough hook, for 399. And the other model for 525?!?


The Model that comes with the additional Special Stainless Steel Challah bowl is the only bowl that you can use for baking challah.

The Black Bosch that comes with a stainless steel bowl or the regular white plastic bowl will break the machine if you make 5lb challah with it.

M Kahnow

How is the special stainless steel bowl different than the SS bowl that comes with the black mixer?


Bottom line, am I yotzai the mitzvah of challah with the $399 stainless steel mixer without purchasing the extra bowl and sifter?