Lock In 33.3% Off At Amazon Across All Of Your AMEX Cards!

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Update: Seems like people are still confused about this offer and how to save 33.3%, so here goes:

-This promo will work with all American Express consumer and business credit and cards.
-Register all of your cards BEFORE spending $75 at Amazon via this link.
-You can register both primary and secondary cards.
-You can only get a $25 credit once per card that you register for spending $75 by 12/31/13.
-You can still add additional secondary cards to take advantage of offers like this one and the myriad of other American Express offers that make having their cards so valuable. You can get one $25 credit on each card.
-You can add additional user cards online with a social security number, there is no hard pull.
-You can add additional user cards over the phone without a social security number, just say you don’t have it on you right now.
-To get a 33.3% discount on items more than or less than $75:
-You can buy an email gift card here for $75 and the code will be sent within 15 minutes. You will get a $25 statement credit on your AMEX statement so you are buying Amazon money at a 33.3% discount.
-Alternatively you can buy a physical $75 gift card here with free overnight shipping.
-Once you have the gift card code you can save it to your Amazon account via this link. There is no limit to how many gift cards you apply to your account and gift card funds never expire.
-During checkout just select “pay with gift card” and it will deduct from those funds that you purchased with a 33.3% discount.
-In other words if you have 11 primary and secondary American Express cards you can buy $825 worth of gift cards for $550 so that everything you buy from Amazon up to $825 will be at a 33.3% discount. And you can always add more additional users
Originally posted on 12/01:

You can now register every single one of your primary AND secondary AMEX cards for $25 off $75 at Amazon via this link.

Don’t wait-register them now before registration fills up for this offer.

This deal does work with gift cards! Just buy a $75 gift card via this link and you’ll get $25 credited back.

You can select email delivery and you’ll have the gift card number within minutes.  You can apply the gift cards to your Amazon account and use it on as many orders as you want until you’ve finished your gift card balance, it will never expire.

Or you can order a physical gift card with free next day shipping.

Secondary users are free on AMEX credit cards like the best in class Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express so you can still order more secondary user cards to register for this promo.
“-You may register more than one Card for this offer, but only those Cards you register individually will be eligible for the offer.
-Using your registered Card, you must spend a total of $75 or more online at Amazon by 12/31/2013.”


There’s still time to signup for additional cards (and add additional users to each of those cards) to take advantage of this and other promotions:

Consumer cards include:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express
-TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
The Platinum Card® from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
-American Express® Gold Card
-Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express
-Blue Cash Everyday Card® from American Express
-Blue Sky from American Express®

Business cards include:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN
-Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN
-The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

Amazon offers free shipping with $35+ orders or get free next-day shipping on all orders with a free trial of Amazon Prime. Prime members can share benefits with a Household member here, allowing them to double up on Amazon Prime promos!  A 6 month trial and discounted Prime membership is available with Amazon Student. EBT/Medicaid Cardholders can save on Prime Membership here.

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If I register now and get confirmation. Do I have to buy the gift cards asap ? Or I have time ?


Received @connect response but no email – any reason for this?

Chaim Leib

Does this work with a USAA AMEX?


This is separate from the twitter sync deal?
Can I register same card for both?


Not all amex card AUs are free. For instance the green card is $10 per additional card.


DO I have to make a separate twitter account for all users?


Do i need a new email address for each card?

Eli L



when i finish the registration it comes up more offers one of them is by Costco. Whats the offer?


@TG wont let you register for both


“-You may register more than one Card for this offer, but only those Cards you register individually will be eligible for the offer.

What does this mean


Any idea if you can add Amazon gift cards purchased with different credit card numbers to the same account?


can i use multipule gift cards on a single purchase?


Ok so have only one twitter account how do i sync the secondary card? Do i need another twitter account? Anybody knows?


You have until 12/31 once registered.

Same deal, just a new way to register.

I said on AMEX credit cards.
The Green card is a charge card.

You no longer have to do Twitter.

Same email is fine.

@PAL Fan:
I’d love to know too 😀

Exactly what it sounds like.
You need to register every card separately.
You can’t just register a primary and assume that all AUs will also get the credit unless you register each AU separately.

Sure can!


Nothing to do with Twitter anymore!


Can this offer be used with any gift card sold by Amzon on their web site (like the Kohls card) or just for Amazon brand gift cards? THANKS!


Has anyone tried this with amazon payments ?


The problem I have with Amazon gift cards is that I want Amex extended warranty for most of what I buy on Amazon.
Any suggestions?


My cards are not on me right now, is there anyway to get the card number from my online account?


No idea, if you try let us know what happens.

I haven’t seen any reports yet but I doubt it.

Gotta weigh 33.3% off versus that. Would depend on the item really.

No, but AMEX will overnight them to you.


Do amazon fift card work only on items sold and ship by amazon? Or anything on the amazon website?


@Dan Will this work for MyHabit purchases?


Thx Dan once again


Anything on the Amazon website!

Dunno, if you try let us know.


does this work with the amex gold card? is the gold card considered a charge or credit card?


If I register my card, do I have to use it? Or I can register first and then decide if I wanna buy something?


If I make a purchase for $150 on Amazon, can I pay with two separate credit cards to make this work?


Does this sound like only one credit per account (including authorized users)

From the T’s and C’s

“Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels”

It seems as though authorized users would generate more than 1 statement credit????


dan: Is amex gold and optima card eligible? Also, can purchase be made right after registration or do you need email confirmation? Thx


Anyway to enroll a card that’s on the way from a recent sign up? I called to try to get the numbers?


kollel yingermen

if you find out that it does work with amazon payment please post it on your blog tnx dan.


It will work.
Gold is charge, so AUs aren’t free.

Lol, how would they force you to use it??

Just buy $75 emailed gift cards on the 2 cards, apply both GCs to your account, and checkout that way.

That just means you can’t get a credit for registering the same card on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

1 credit per registered card.
You can definitely get the credit on primary and secondary cards.

Wait for registration confirmation.



@kidooo: You can see the full card number on your statement (which you can get in your online account)


I love you man! Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!


@kidooo: it should be on your statement – at least the primary card


thanx thanx thanx just registered 15 cards.. problem is what do i do with so many gift cards?


I registered more than one card, but only got one thank you for registering….. I think I jumped the gun by buying my amazon gift cards too soon!

Tzvi J.

Thanks, Dan! Very helpful.


I posted this in the other thread but no answer so Im re-posting here

my sister just signed up for Amazon Prime with the new offer for free prime membership on new blue cash cards. do you think this offer (#amexamazon) will work when her card is charged after the free month of prime is over? or should she charge $75 separately?


will it work for a macys american express?


Why do I only see $50 option when I wanna buy a email gift card?


Can I make multiple purchases of $75 on the same card and receive $25 of each one?


@Dan, does it have to be one purchase? Or can it be a combination of purchases totaling $75?


it worked tx tx tx




It will only work for purchases by 12/31.

It should, did you try registering?

You can type in any amount you want.

No, 1 credit per card.

Combo works!


I am only getting one email confirmation, yet when I try to register my husbands card again (in case the first time it didn’t go through)- I am getting a message that it is already registered.

Not sure what the lack of email confirmation means. Has the offer reached its limit? Is it a problem if if I used same email address?

I already purchased two gift cards, not sure that the offer will apply to the second one since I didn’t get the confirmation…


How long until you see it posted on your amex card?


Dan = THE Man


I jumped the gun and bought a $75 card before registering. I did register about 15 minutes after placing the order. Will I still get the $25 credit?


Just wondering. When and which promos does amex make available to register on the website vs just on twitter ? Because when has a few cards its easier and faster to fo it on the website rathen then to have to sync with twitter and wait for @confirmation then sending a tweet. And a lot of times I get a error message duplicate tweet.


I’ve gotten confirmations for each.
Be sure to check spam, promo folders in gmail, etc.

It says up to 90 days, but it should post within a week.

Why thank you!

Probably not.

Beats me.
When you can duplicate tweet just tweet something different after the hashtag to register all your cards.


Your original post was 33.3% off amazon –I am presuming up to max of $75 purchase (1/3 off)-correct?

Any way to really boost savings besides buying gift cards in $75 increments (1 gift card /registered card)?

Was looking to buy a TV-any thoughts?


No, if you want 33% off a TV you would have to go the gift card route.


Can I cash out the gift cards on amazon payments


@Dan, I am going to be closing one amex card in 4 days because it’s been one year plus 26 days… (I was told by Amex that in order to get the full refund, I need to cancel the card within 30 days) so will I still get the credit if I purchase now, and close in 4 days?


In general, is there a way to get “offers” to show up for an Amex AU? On my account, I only see “offers” for the primary.


can i buy gift cards aon amazon with gift cards? i.e. get a 150 kohls card with two 75 amazon gcs?


Is there a way to cancel a gift card purchase?




That’s alot of gift cards!!!
looking at a samsung smart tv for > $1000

Any other way to drive the price down


Hmm,i registered 4 cards, my SPG both mine, and mine husband as an AU. My husbands gold business card and myself as an AU. I have only received a confirmation for one on an aol.com address. The other three I think used my @me.com email address but nothing in my spam folders. Any thoughts???


If we add addtional users to the amex card, don’t you have to wait till you have the new amex card numbers to be able to register for this deal?
How long does that take?


Hi..do you know if this can be used on Amazon if you buy something from another seller through Amazon? Or can you only purchase something through Amazon direct?

Also I need to buy a laptop-what is the best way of getting a “free” laptop? I have over 40 different cards between me and my family..the thing is if I buy so many giftcards, I will get the $25 off for each card. but am laying out the $75 per card, which is alot of extra money!


Anyone else not getting the standard “Thanks for using your synced card” Normally get one within a few minutes, its now been a few hours, and I don’t want to buy more gift cards if they don’t get the credit.


i did it when it was still with twitter i got a error because i already sync’d a card but it still comes up in “my offers” make sense?


I got:
Oops, our records show that you’ve already registered for this offer. We limit the number of times that a Card Member can register for each offer.
Looking for other featured offers? Visit sync.americanexpress.com to learn more about our partnerships with Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and TripAdvisor.


Got my answer from Amex: According to the terms and conditions of the offer the card has to be active to get the credit.


do I need to wait till I get email confirmation from amex?


@Dan my question is will paying $79 for amazon prime work with this promo?

David R

@PAL Fan: I found a Canadian offer with the help of Google. https://enroll.amexnetwork.com/CA/en/Costco-2013/
Anybody find a US offer for Costco?

SoCal Dude

Can anyone find mail/physical delivery under “Delivery Type”? I only see following 3 options: E-mail, FB, Print at Home. I want mail but don’t see it. Anyone?


I read this in the terms.
Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels.
Does tyhat mean if you already used there small business offer that you don’t qualify for this?
What does it mean if not ?


regarding macys amex: i received in the past the ‘confirmation’ but actually didnt get credited for it in similar type of offers. and as Dan wrote a few times in different posts… once you dont get it by itself, it’s extremely hard to get it through a rep. amex doesnt handle this card and you are at the mercy of macy’s. good luck with them


Can anyone please explain why it says this is 33% off? If I only have 2 american express credit cards and make a $1k amazon purchase I only get $25 back for each card/purchase? where is 33%?
Thanks alot


How is it 33 percent isnt it only $25 off $75 ?


you are supposed to buy many GCs with many CC then use them all together if you dont have more then 2 you cand save more then $50

David R

@Yoko: @Dan: To my recollection, the protections built in to the AmEx card do not require that you pay the entire amount with the AmEx. They will cover up to the amount paid with AmEx. So, if you are buying a $150 item, you may be better off buying one $75 gift card and paying the remaining $75 directly with another AmEx.

@Shimbo: @Yehuda: My statements, both mailed and online, only show the last six digits. What kind of card do you ave where the statement shows the entire account number?

@Nathan: @BB: If you already have the primary card, you can log in a couple of days after the card was issued to find the last digits of the authorized user / employee card. The first digits usually match the primary card. This strategy worked for me for last year’s Small Business Saturday.



Actually you have 60 days after an annual fee to close it.
But, yes. You should get the credit.




13 AMEX cardsx75?

@SoCal Dude:
Locate where it says “Free one-day shipping, and click on those cards.

There’s no connection between those promotions.
It means that you can only earn this Amazon credit once per card.

Add more free AUs!

No, you can add more free AUs and buy as many gift cards as you have cards.

@David R:
Huh? If you pay $75 by AMEX and $75 by GC the item will only be warrantied for $75.
May as well put the full $150 on AMEX if you want the warranty or otherwise save the $50 and use GCs for everything.


for all you who keep asking according to t/c its a one time credit(not like bp)and it doesn’t need to be all at once as long as you spend $75 by 12/31 you will get $25 credit statement

@dans thanks again i got all my cards sync onthis one:)


Can this be used in amazon UK?


Is there any way to cash out Amazon GC?


citi amex?

SoCal Dude

Can anyone figure out how to get gasoline purchases out of this? I can’t find any GC’s for gas stations, VISA or AMEX. Getting $75 worth of gas for $50 would be great!


I have “only” 7 cards, and it’s so nerdy to have a script registering them all at once. 😉


@dan will citi amex cards work?


@SoCal Dude: im gonna call staples and amazon about buying staples cards and using those for shell gas. office max does mobil i think

David R

@chilzech: @meir: That should work.
“An “Eligible Card” is a valid American Express Card issued in the U.S. by American Express, Department Stores National Bank, Bank of America, First National Bank of Omaha, Citibank, USAA Savings Bank, Barclays Bank Delaware, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, and GE Capital Retail Finance; however, certain Cards are not deemed Eligible Cards, including corporate cards and all prepaid card products (other than American Express Serve®).”

SoCal Dude

@noturbizniss: Staples GC’s for Shell Gas? How/why would that work? Awesome if it would but I don’t see the connection…looking forward to your response!


Dan can you explain how you were able to find this sign up page? Is it possible to have the same type of page for other American Express Sync deals? Like the one for Sprouts or Best Buy?

I’m trying to figure out how to enroll multiple cards in other deals.



Any idea whether purchases made prior to registration work towards the $75 if you subsequently register?


I see that you can buy other gift cards on Amazon as well. such as Nordstrom, Starbucks, Sephora, Dave and Buster…


Staples T&C states that you cannot purchase a gift card with a gift card. I purchased a $75 staples gift card, and plan on using it to buy a ‘debt’ card from Staples. If works, a $200 debt card would cost $181.95, plus UR points and Plink.

SoCal Dude

@yehudis: but anything for gas stations?


No idea.


It should.

@SoCal Dude:

Time to get more cards 🙂

It should.

They won’t.

Not sure if those will qualify yet.


Check your junk mail for your confirmations I found mine there


Hi, I only see how to get a 25$ credit, how do i get the 33.3% off?
Thank you


If I buy all Amazon GCs now,
Can they be used on Cyber Monday?
(by tomorrow? Do they have a code emailed or do I need to wait until the physical cards are mailed?)


Add more free secondary cards to your account to buy more gift cards at 33.3% off!

Code is emailed within minutes.


how long does it take for the credit to be applied?


Any idea if this will work with amazon payments? Will I get the $25 statement credit if I send my mom $75? Thanks!


If I use gc’s to purchase an item, and use Amex for the last $50, will amex purchase protection work for entire purchase or only Amex portion ?


See 51.

See 20.

Only AMEX portion.


Dan, Im gonna give you some Nachas…..
The Wife really wanted an UppaBaby Vista, sooooooo
UppaBaby Vista is usually $729.99
Its now on sale for %20 off-$584.99
I added a jolly jumper console -$11.99
Signed up 8 Amex cards for $200 off of $600 Amazon gift cards
Total for Vista and console……..$384.99 (no tax)


Thanks Dan. Would u know amazon refund policy ? If I get a Bosch would they deduct $50 from refund for return shipping ?


Actually $395.99 🙂


can i use 1 card twice 75×2?


@sol: Your joking, right ?


there is no 51 it says whiteout

Makir Tova

Dan you are the best!!!

Question – If I apply the email GC code as a credit to my account and later I want to purchase a physical GC for someone – can’t I just then order a GC and use my “credit” to pay for it?


i would like to get AMEX warrenty portection, can i use multipule credit cards (not gift cards) on a single purchase?


Does not look like this will work for Amazon Payments.

Registered and tried an amazon payment with this offer. Received the confirmation of the payment, and I checked my american express account. The account shows a pending charge of $75 for “Amazon Payment” and no confirmation from American Express on the $25 statement credit.


I registered two cards and then bought 2 $75 gift cards but Don’t see that I received $25 off. Where do you see that you get the reduction?


is this the only offer that is extended to each AU or the other deals (such as #amexwalmart) will also work for each additional card)?


used this deal on 11 Amex cards B”H 🙂
thanks Dan

Thats A Lot of Chanukah Gelt


Do I have to sync with social media after I register for this to work?


If I never shop on amazon is this worth anything?


Nicely done!

Free if there’s a problem with it.

@Makir Tova:
You can’t order a GC with a GC.


Often times a confirmation email doesn’t come.
That being said I don’t think AP will work.

Will post to your account within the next week or so.

If you sync and unsync cards from your Twitter account you can enroll AUs.



Are you from Mars?


@Dan: So in English you are saying that it is not worth anything for me? Correct?


Can you use this for all things sold on Amazon? even what is sold by another seller but through Amazon?


Is this $25 credit only once per amex card?
what if i make multiple $75 purchases on amazon?


I got this message when registering my ninth card:
Oops, our records show that you’ve already registered for this offer. We limit the number of times that a Card Member can register for each offer.

What’s the deal?


No, I’m wondering how it’s possible that someone doesn’t shop on Amazon.

Works for all sellers.

1 per card.

You already registered that card.
Perhaps via Twitter?


Sorry for being skeptical, but when checking out with e-gift, it says “Sold by: ACI Gift Cards, Inc.”??


I’ve already gotten confirmation emails for both egift card and regular gift cards.



Any reason not to go to CVS buy as many $75 Amex serve cards as possible–>register–>buy gift cards?



Serve is one per person, no?
Why not just add more AUs to a real AMEX card?


@Dan: AU’s would take a few days, no? Serve is instant; and no there is no name associated with it..I did it for a few cards already and got confirm emails..




Dan, Can you provide us with a direct link for the Walmart offer?


Thanks! does confirmation = 100% guarantee? Like with the SBS it said pending.



I’ve never gotten a confirmation email and not been credited.
Anyway this doesn’t say pending.


Getting “The offer you selected is currently unavailable.”

Tried two different accounts.


Ok Thanks Dan!
I took the plunge, both GC, and Amex email came instantly.


Still working for me.



do Serve cards cost anything at CVS? and aren’t there monthly fees associated with them?

im tired

me and my wife have the same cc numbers but diff names on the card it will only let me reg one of them is that correct


@im tired:
Sounds like you have a Citi or Macy’s AMEX in which case that’s correct.

im tired

that’s exactly what i have thanks


Dan, when you say that au charge cards have a fee, are you talking about this offer, or just to order au cards from Amex ?


To order AUs


@Dan: What would i be getting on amazon? When having a choice i would rather get from a regular store where I can walk in and return as that is faster?


Amazon is usually 10-50% cheaper than regular stores and you can get prime shipping for $15 for a year that gets you everything in a day or 2.

Add 33% off on top of that now…


@Dan: OK you win. I will get it. Thanks again for everything as always greatly appreciated!!!!


in for 55 x 75. Thanks Dan.


How do you get Prime for $15/year instead of $79?


@JOL: If I remember correctly, amazon UK GCs can’t be used on amazon USA


I get the 33% ($25 off $75), but how does this apply to other purchases as referenced on the heading and cookware thread? 148 comments and this hasn’t been asked?!? -The Circulon Elite Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set retails for $465, and was $189 yesterday. Today it is $134.99.
Or with AMEX it will be $90.04 after 33% off.


By buying gift cards on multiple primary and secondary cards as the post says.


Got it. Thanks


the offer will work on amex charge cards as well, Correct?



Dani YeahThatsKosher

2 things:
I was able to register my charge (business Gold) card.

Whilst trying to register my 5th Amex card in my name, I received the following error from Amex: “Oops, our records show that you’ve already registered for this offer. We limit the number of times that a Card Member can register for each offer.”

I tried doing again with a different email. Didn’t work. Was able to register a couple others under wife’s name, but no more than 4 cards per person.


@Dani YeahThatsKosher:
1. Why wouldn’t you be able to register a charge card???
2. Interesting. Maybe try that number with with another name…

Dani YeahThatsKosher

@Dan thought I read earlier that someone couldn’t with a green card. Perhaps I misunderstood. Will try same CC under another name and will report back.

Dani YeahThatsKosher

No dice: “Oops, for your security we have detected that you have entered invalid Card information 3 or more times. Please try again in 24 hours.”


Is an Additional user the same as a secondary card holder ?


@Dani YeahThatsKosher:



@dan know how/where to get free Serve cards?


@Amex Amazon
Close your browser and try again.
I had the same issue. I reopened in a new tab and it worked.


dan before everyone gobbles up buying all these, you should really warn against the loss of extended warranty and return protection buying from amex comes with

Thanks DAN!!

Just ordered 6 GC’s – got 3, but 3 are still processing an hour later.. any idea what’s going on?


I just bought something few days ago on Amazon and just yesterday I registered my amex for the $25 off $75, would it still work on what I bought few days ago?
I still didn’t understand how you get 33% off?

David R

@David R: Just noticed the Costco offer in “Offers For You” tab on the web site! Get a one-time $15 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a total of $115 or more online at Costco.com by 12/31/2013. POID: AW4Q:0001
I also see new offers for Kohl’s, Toys R Us and Chevron.

David R

@David R: Or as Dan would put it, 12% off everything at Costco! (Buy $100 cash card and $25 cash card on Costco.com, get $15 back.)


Because you can do it on every AMEX primary and secondary card that you have.
Many people have dozens…

@David R:
No, those offers can only be done once.


When will I see the credit on my Amex card? I dont see it yet. Unrelated question, Can i fight a purchase on a card from 3-4 months ago?


How many times can i use each card? For example if i want to buy 10 $75.00 Amazon gift cards on 1 amex card, can i do that, and get $25 back for each gift card? Or its only a 1 time $25 credit per amex card?


@yosef gosh read the past 168 posts!


Has anyone had an issue buying multiple $75 gift cards (with different Amex cards)? My first purchase went through immediately, but all of the subsequent ones seems to be held up.


@TheNewGuy: im a new guy to this myself, lol!
Yes or no?


Will I get credited back from amex if I bought two 75$ GC on a primary and secondary Amex Gold Card? Or is this only for AU cards that have a fee?


@yosef @salty Amex has different numbers per au. That’s why although every offer (besidesbp) is only one time per card, still each au may also get the special. Therefor: one card gets only one credit for a 75 $ purchase and that’s it. However if you have an additional user on your account, you can register that card as well to recieve one more “25 off 75”


thanks for clarifying!!!!
Also 1 more question, when would the credit come back to the card?


Do I have to buy gift cards or can I just make a purchase on amazon? Also, will this show up when I check out or only afterwards?


Some of the schemes you recommend, such as the sharing of an Amazon prime account, seem unethical and possibly even fraudulent (criminal). Reader beware.

Ari Nachshoni

Dan, you rock!


does it make sense each gift card cost me $1? did i choose the wrong one?


is there a promo code? I am just at the check out and it asks for a promo code? Do I need one. Will it register to my Amex delta sky miles account?

SoCal Dude

Does Amazon sell Costco GC’s? I don’t see them…anyone see ’em?


can I use the gift cards to purchase a camera on amazon?


what if I just purchase a 100$ gift card instead of 75 will it give me 25 back still? also wht kind of form of money does the 25 come back in


its only with amex cards?? can I buy
gift card on regular card and then use then use it for 75 purchase?


I tried regitering my amex card, but they aren’t showing any offers on my account. I called amex to ask about it and they said that this offer is only for certain customers and if i didn’t get an e-mail offering it, i am uneligable. is there any way around this?

trying to buy

i just purchased one gift card got it right away and then did another three- and they are taking a long time to come- should i wait it out for them i wana grab the bosch deal?


@trying to buy
its taking a long time because they suspect fraud when you purshase with so many CCs. at least thats what they told me last night


Does the amex credit post instantly?

(I’m asking bec I plan on closing the card in the very near future)
Thank you


@david it’s an offer only fom Amex and you need to register
@devo that will also get you $25. As long as you spend at LEAST $25
@chanie no promo code. As long as you registered, it will be an automatic credit on your statement
@yitzchak any swipe of $75
@yosef will be credited to your statement within a few days


I thought I read elsewhere on this site that adding a lot of authorized users was a trigger for an audit or shutdown of accounts? Was that for chase and not Amex? Signed Scared newbie


Dan. I think you want to edit your reply to devo to say at least $75


@Sesmo: I remember reading the same…

amex cc

does $75 mean the item alone or can it include tax?


Wasn’t clear on this- do gas gift cards qualify for purchase to receive a $25 credit?


Dan, you really are the man. Thank you! Yesterday I signed up 18 cards. Today I am working on ordering 18 egift cards from Amazon using your link. What a great holiday gift from Amex.


my statement credit didnt show up after I made a purchase of $75…how longs it take?


If a purchase something for 73$ with my $75 gift card will i lose the 2 bucks or will it save to my account?


@Cincinnati Yid:
Anywhere from a few days to 90 days.
Likely within a week.

Gift cards help you maximize the savings.

Of course.


Takes at least a few days.

Where do you see gas gift cards?


Anywhere from a few days to 90 days.
Likely within a week.

Dr Dray

How do I sign up AU cards for any of the other Amex offers such as BP?


“In other words if you have 11 primary and secondary American Express cards you can buy $825 worth of gift cards for $550 so that everything you buy from Amazon up to $825 will be at a 33.3% discount. And you can always add more additional users”

I feel like Charlie in this scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XhVLcc36Nk.
I only have 1 Amex card.


@Dr Dray:

Lol, great clip.
Won’t even say what I have 😀




Is this deal over??
When I try to register it takes me to a new page which says “Sorry you missed it! Unfortunately the campaign is over.”

Did anyone else get this? OR only me? Does this mean they got enough cards registered already and had enough?

Can anyone tell me please if it’s working for them now (after 12:00 am 12/3) Thanks! Then I’ll know to keep trying.


Looks like its over


Offer ended.


Got my $50 credit for two Amex cards on $150 gift cards. Thanks Dan and good luck all!


I did “save offer” yesterday by offers in my amex account, it now shows in “my offers” is this enough?




As to Macy’s Amex, I registered for both the $10 small business and the $25 Amazon rebates and received registration confirmations. I’ll now need to see if it actually worked and receive the rebates?


Deal appears DEAD


Dan. thank you. I did a few cards on Monday evening but have not seen the credits yet. Do I need to call or should I just wait?

Makir Tova


Thanks so much!!!

I signed up over 30 cards and used them for both $10 Saturday Small Business purchases as well as Amazon. My account shos no credits for $10 and each account (w/AU) only shows 6 $25 credits = $150

Hope they didnt max a limit of 6!


I did several cards on Monday eve and received no credits as of yet. Has anyone else not received their credits as well?


I saw a forum thread regarding selling the amazon gift cards at a discount last night, but I can’t find it now does anyone have the link?



I did a number of these, but would have liked to do more.
Wish I saw this SERVE thing earlier. Did this really work?

For next time…

Can I add the same AU to the same CC more than one time? In other words can I add my son 3x? Otherwise how is everyone getting around that.


Does one need to spend $75 at once or can one still get the credit if he has multiple purchases that add up to $75?


I only received one $25 credit per statement. My authorized user did not receive his credit even though the card was registered and confirmed. I called AMEX and they said this offer was for a $25 credit per ACCOUNT not per card. Anyone else have this issue?


Nope, got dozens of $25 credits for mine.


i guess its too late to sign up?
can somone confirm if its true.
and if yes , when whould be a next time?


Im also getting a sorry this offer is closed


Amex 33% offer says expired


Not working anymore.


Do I have to link this to a TWITTER account or is that a separate promo?


Never mind Dan- I got the earlier promo before the Twitter one thanks




I’m trying to register my cards and it says that the deal expired. Wasn’t it suppose to be on till 12/31


I’m trying to register my cards and it says that the deal expired. Wasn’t it suppose to be on till 12/31


Will I still get the $25 credit if I spend it today and it doesn’t post to my account until after the 31st? (I registered already)




looks like its to late , this is what I got –

Sorry, You Missed It!
Unfortunately, this campaign is over.


I made sure to go back and click on your links for each purchase.

I got Delta to confirm 3 business class tickets to SAN.

Thanks Dan!!


Dan I registered and re-linked 3 cards via twitter,
can I still buy with all 3 even though the first 2 ware replaced with the last one, do I qualify even if the card is no more linked to my amex twitter account?