HURRY! Vtin Waterproof Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker For $2.99 Shipped From Amazon After Stackable Codes!

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Update: DEAD!

Update: Now $12.49

Vtin Waterproof Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker For $2.99 Shipped From Amazon After Stackable Codes!

-Clip the $10 coupon on the product page. You may need to refresh the page a few times to see this coupon.

And use the following code at checkout: 3G89VXEE 

  • Bass Boost Tech. With professional DSP technology, provide extra deep & solid bass, suitable for rock, hip-hop and rap music.
  • Two Music Modes Available. Press “bass” button to switch modes. Bass mode: you can get more bass when listening to rock music. Normal mode: Vtin improve the clarity of the midst/highs Pitch and aims to make it a superior speaker for Lyrical/Classical/Light Music.
  • 14W Loud Speaker& Hifi Sound & . Equipped with 14W speaker, it is loud enough for party use. The sound-tech sources from some big-name HiFi speakers, no distortion, no sound blew out. Note: To get the biggest sound, you can turn up the volume of your phone and the speaker at the same time.
  • 20H Worry-free playing time. Equipped with a 3.7V/2200mAh battery, This portable Bluetooth speaker can continuously play music up to 15-20H(At 50%-70% Max Vulume), Suitable for those who need to use it whole day long. Recharge it with the included Micro USB cable. Note: only 3.5H needed to be fully charged, the red light will always on after being fully charged.
  • IPX6 waterproof. As a Bluetooth speaker waterproof, It is easy to clean that you may rinse with water if it get dirty. Compared to IPX5 water-resistant, IPX6 waterproof is more powreful in protecting inner structure. Even if encounters stem when shower or heavy rain, it is OK to use. (Note: IPX6 speaker cannot be submerged.)
  • Aux in & effortless Bluetooth connection. With a 3.5mm aux cord, you can plug in directly to phone or other non-Bluetooth devices. Besides, the newest Bluetooth 4.2 technology provide a quicker and more stable connection, which reduce the occurrence of disconnection. Compatible to: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, tablets, laptops, computers and Chromebooks. Work great with Amazon echo and Amazon echo dot. Note: long press “+/-” buttons to switch songs.
  • Portable design & Perfect Gift. Lightweight, easy to carry, Suitable for outdoor use, like picnics, hiking, boating, swimming, traveling, etc. With music accompanied, your outdoor footprints are no longer alone.

HT: Davidthebest, via DDF

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Why the total by me it’s 14.14?


How do I get it to 2.99 its only going to $12 by me


Makes sure the 10 dollar coupon is clipped, it took me 2 tries to get the coupon to clip


Got one, thanks Dan!


i think they just chapped – code not woirking anymore

SoCal Dude

Got one! Great gift item! Thanks!


It works when you press on buy now instead of adding to chart! Thanks! Im in for 10!!


Try going incongnido. It worked for me


Just got one, didn’t work on mobile even when I saw the clippable coupon. Switched to PC and refreshed till I saw the coupon and it worked


Worked for me. Thank you!!

Yisroel Henig



Worked for me, give it few tries.


Also got a no rush ship credit


Got it for 3.26


Worked, thanks!


I clicked the coupon on the page but it doesn’t show on checkout.


Worked just now


The $10 coupon does not seem to be sticking. Is there a trick to get it to still be there when the item is in the cart?


Worked for me


Just got it. It’s working. Thanks!


Got it. Thanks.


Shavua tov Dan, Thanx so much for everything!


Is there a way to use this deal twice per account np


Thanks I just got it for $3.24


Got it for $3.26


it tells me not eligible for it


Great deal, coupons work like a charm.

Since I’m a prime member, it gave me the option to ship via delayed shipping to get $5 cedit in PrimeNow. So speaker was actually FREE and got back $2


i tried 30 times it didn’t work finally after 30 tries it worked 6:44


What did you do or keep doing that you finally got it to work?


Got a message that I am not eligible for this coupon




Worked! 6:32 pm ET

y id

Being charged 12.99 tax on it….live in NY….how come? Guess the seller lives in NY??

Deal Lover

I tried it a few times from my phone, was $12-13 each time, but on my desktop I just got it for $3.


Just worked for me. Thanks.


Sorry you are not eligible for this coupon


Got the “not eligible” message or it didn’t show up a bunch of times, eventually i got it.






No longer available from seller you selected


Still working just got one, thanks.


Got the cancelled order email!


We’re very sorry to inform you that we won’t be able to fulfill one or more items from the following order(s) due to a technical error. We have canceled items from the Order(s) listed below

Arye her

Worked for me
Thanks Dan and davidthebest

Joe Kay

It refuses To go into my cart


Code not working


Just got it! Limit 1
Thank you Dan


Just refreshed like 20 times. Coupon does not appear.


same thing




there is no coupon to attach!!!!


Officially dead


showing for 13.85


Got one tx took a few tries to clip


priced changed




link changed so buy the seller(amazon) on bottem for origanal post


its the 25.49 one


dan check out the other seller(25.49) thats the original one
amazon changed your link


Can you please advise where can I select Other seller?


was able to get the code applied, but the coupon was not working (even though i clipped it) price was $13.xx. took screenshot of coupon and chatted with rep. got them to manually apply $10 discount. Thanks Dan!


I saw the clip $10 as well but I could not attach. That was smart to screen shut it. Can you please share.


how do i post a screenshot?


If you can email it to me I appreciate it



Not cool

Amazon just cancelled mine.


Got a cancellation email

We’re very sorry to inform you that we won’t be able to fulfill one or more items from the following order(s) due to a technical error.












Amazon canceled the order.


Order cancelled

Brian turner

Cancel email from amazon


Mine also canceled

Been there

Got it at 12.49 and it was cancelled as well.

Israel W

My order was canceled, as well. Chatted with amazon rep and got them to issue me a $22 credit if I replaced the order, bringing down the price back to $2.99 (but ended up paying tax on the full $24.99 price, but still worth it IMO).

Arye her

Amazon canceled my order


Amazon cancelled my order 🙁


damn waited to long the copoun expired


Mine order was canceled as well.


Got an email than my order was shipped


I got an email that my order shipped but when I clicked on the status/track, it says “order cancelled”. No email about it.


Just received it in the mail yesterday. THANKS DAN!


I received the speaker and then I got this long email how I should return it because it was a mistake and they lost 3 mil. Email was written very badly so wondering if it’s a scam or they are really asking me to ship it back?


Same. Came here to see if that happened to anyone else. I wonder of it was 3 mil in estimated profits or in actual loss. Anyways, you think people are going to return it?


I’ll return it if they send me a prepaid shipping label. I’d also be pay more and cover the cost of one of the coupons because so far I’m pretty impressed with this little speaker.


I never got that email. Now I feel bad…


I also got the email…it’s really poorly written though

Daniel Jacobson

Dear customer,

Thanks for purchasing from VicTsing.

This email is to convey our sincere apology. We hope beg your sympathy and you can help return your order. Below is the explanation of this issue.

Because of the human error by new staff and amazon system’s bug, two big promotion codes were used in conjunction with each other. What’s more, it has been posted by deals web accidentally and spread widely. Hence, you bought the item in a very low price, at $3.99, and its original price is $25.49. Our loss is over $3,000,000 currently, and as a small shop, we cannot afford such huge loss.

We understand your disappointment receiving this email. We have a presumptuous request, which is hope that you can help return the speaker to Amazon. For the return label, would you please request a prepaid return label on the return center? If the prepaid return label is not available, would you mind paying the shipping fee in advance? Please send us the invoice and we will issue you the shipping fee via your order. We are still trying our best to contact Amazon on the free shipping label, to confirm whether there is other channel that can return the item back without paying for the shipping fee ahead. There is still no conclusion so far. Amazon offer us above suggestion for return the item back: Paying shipping fee first, them issue the shipping fee and order refund together via order.

You must feel ridiculous and speechless. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience cased and sincerely hope that you would help us out.

From the phrase of research and development to its molding, we invested a lot of money. Prepared a whole year, just wait for the peak season, however, the situation happened accidentally, all the related staff was shocked and frustrated. Prepared for 1 year, and ruined in 1 hour.

We are a small seller, and cannot afford loss like this. We are badly sorry for the inconvenience caused, and please kindly accept our sincere apology.

Sincerely apologize for all these inconvenience.

Have a good day!


Was pretty excited with this great deal, and I got the speaker right away, though haven’t opened it yet.
@Dan, did you get the speaker? Did you get the follow-up email (posted above)? What would/did you do?


I am inclined to chat with Amazon support and tell them that I reveived this email and ask them what they suggest I do. Do you think the seller will get in trouble with Amazon for sending this email? If so, although I am sure Amazon will learn of this email anyway, I would rather not tell Amazon about it and I will have to reconsider my options. (If I were Amazon I would not be pleased – this email makes for a lot of dissatisfied customers – even if ones keeps it, hard to enjoy the “metzia” after getting such an email.)