HURRY! Massive Savings On Tide Liquid Detergent, Tide Pods, And Powder Detergent After Amazon Credits!

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Amazon credits will post to your account within 30 days of the item shipping. Credits expire 8/25/24. You will receive an e-mail from Amazon that indicates the dollar amount of the promotional credit and that the dollar amount of the credit has been added to your customer account.

Post what deals you find!

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Does each product have their own, meaning can I get to different items within the $14 category and get the rebate for each?


Doubt it unless we know otherwise


I’m assuming it’s one per credit amount, unless someone can show us otherwise.


1 each or 1 for all promos?


What happens when they only give 1 credit for each customer ?

John Beckingham

That’s gonna stink


at least it’ll smell like tide


Per product or category?


$9.50 promo is dead.

$9.50 promo credit when you buy:
Tide Simply Liquid Laundry Detergent, Refreshing Breeze, 168 oz, 128 Loads: $11.85-$13.24


I S&S to 10 of these deals.
how do I track all these to make sure the promotional credits all convey?
On order details and email confirmation there’s no mention of the credit. It’s only on the product page.


Take screenshots of the items you ordered in cart ready to order showing promo amounts


The fine print says offer limited to one per customer and account. Can’t guarantee they’re the “same” credit on every deal but likely.


why does my subscribe and save sometimes show the 15 percent and sometimes only give me option of five percent now and fifteen percent later


What’s the best deal? This is way too overwhelming


Can the $22.50 be each from multiple products??


Anyone got their credit?


Did anyone get the promo credit? I got my detergent a few days ago and anxiously waiting because I see nothing yet. Did anyone take a screen shot of the promo? Because I asked customer service when to expect the credit and they said “what promotion? I don’t see any promotion”


I got for the Charmin that was delivered Apr 28, 2024


Did you order more than one product and only get for that one?


I ordered two products (in two different categories) and did not get credit yet for either. Same April 28 delivery as yoyo above who got their credit, except my order was tide and they got Charmin so I don’t know…

Tonei Glavinic

I ordered the 112 pack of free and clear pods and it still hasn’t shipped despite the fact that Amazon currently has it listed for sale with next day delivery…


Does anyone have a screenshot of the promotional terms? Or something else showing the $15 credit they offered?


Which items?


Tide pods and glad trash bags


Following, I also need a screenshot, I didn’t take one so I have nothing to show customer service when asking what’s up with my credit.

I got one tide pods and one tide liquid


No promotional credit posted yet


Today is 29 days, did anyone get their credit?


Not me yet


Last night was 28 days




Today is day 30 for me, no credit on my account yet. 12 more hours left in the day. Also last day to return so yeah


Just got my email for the first $22.50 credit. Others should come in tomorrow


Got all 5 promotional credits now ($22.50, $15, $14, $10, $8.50). 4 items delivered on April 22nd so came a day early.


This is very reassuring.

I’m with you on the concern that the return window is the exact same as the wait time for the credit…

I’ll keep waiting then because my delivery was a few days after yours. I really appreciate you sharing the update


Ok it’s been over 30 days now and still no sign of credit. I used the links in this post, checked that the product page also showed the promo, and ordered one item in each of two different categories. Have not gotten anything. I meant to check on day 30 and maybe return the item if the credit didn’t come so as not to completely lose out but I dropped the ball and only checked today (2 days later) and nothing doing.


i have not received any emails




Got all my credits yesterday

Eli K

Got the emails. But is there a way to see how much promotional balance you have in your account? It does not show up under gifts cards or no rush credits. Only when i go to check out with an item sold and shipped by amazon will it apply them and it seems like a amx of 5 credits at a time.


One way to see is find something $70+ that is sold and shipped by Amazon. Go to checkout and it should show as $70 promotional credit being applied. Don’t order the item if you don’t need it but that’s a way to see it. Other than that, does not seem to show anywhere


Didn’t work for me. More than 30 days, no email, no credit at checkout, no other way to follow up. People are saying I should have taken a screen shot of the original sale, but none of those people have their own screenshots to share. I’m so frustrated because so many are posting that it worked and I did the same thing and now I’m out quite a bit of money. Without the rebate offer these were much more than I usually pay for detergent. I absolutely checked that the credit offer was there on the product page, I just didn’t keep a picture of it. Can’t figure out why mine isn’t working


did anyone order a few of the same item and receive credits for all?


got my credits bh! i also ordered on a different account, with subscribe and save. hoping to get it too


Will I for sure get an email about credits?


Did this end up working for anyone?


Will P&g rebate stack with this? (

Thinking Jew

My orders shipped May 12th. So can I assume credits won’t post till June 12th?


I received all credits except for one. Chatted and the rep credited me for that one.