HURRY! Amazon Basics Ergonomic Mouse And 6′ USB-C Cable For $1 From Amazon After $21 Price Drop!

Test Subscription Bundle - Tech Made Simple
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Update: Cancel your subscription here!

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Amazon Basics Ergonomic Mouse And 6′ USB-C Cable For $1 From Amazon After $21 Price Drop!

Bundle includes an Amazon Basics Ergonomic Mouse And 6′ USB-C Cable.

There is also a subscription to a digital item, be sure to cancel it under your orders by following the prompts. 

One review reports receiving a mouse just last week, if you don’t receive these items be sure to chat for a refund. 

HT: myi.

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39 Comments On "HURRY! Amazon Basics Ergonomic Mouse And 6′ USB-C Cable For $1 From Amazon After $21 Price Drop!"

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Seems dead as soon as notification was received (?)


so cancel it?


No, it was live by me….


I got an error message in red that it was unavailable, and no way to add it to cart. I think I had to use a browser & I instinctively used the app. Thx for ur reply.


This signs you up for a digital tech subscription that costs $50/month after a few months


You cancel it afterwards…


By placing your order, you agree to Amazon’s privacy notice and conditions of use.

You also agree to Amazon’s Games and Software Terms of Use and authorize us to charge your default payment method or another payment method the price listed on your order below. Your subscription(s) automatically renews until cancelled and you will be charged the recurring subscription price(s) listed on this page + any taxes on each renewal date. However, renewal prices following any initial subscription or promotional term(s) may change with prior notice to you. You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting Your Memberships & Subscriptions.


There’s a $49 subscription that auto renews after 3 years


Thanks, I got one. What’s the subscription for?


seems to also be subscribing me to some thing for 36 months for this same dollar and then 3 years from now it plans to charge another 50 bucks for another 36 months


I think you are also signing up for some $1/mo subscription


Whats this plan?



Dan\'s the Man

Is this a subscription that needs to be canceled?


Anyone know what the tech made simple subscription involved in this is?
It’s $1 for the tech made simple software and $0 each for the cable and mouse.


Dan mentions the cancel in his post


It also seems to send you a Samsung tablet


looks like you need to cancel the test subscription once the mouse/cable ships otherwise you will get charged in 3 years for $49

Dan\'s the Man

Can someone post how (or post the link) on how to cancel this after we receive the item?


thanks x2


3 Star ratings for those who didn’t realize


I was able to get one, does come with a subscription, as soon as you get item i will cancel subcription.




Doesn’t work on app for me. Only browser



Just Saying

Where on website can I find the subscription and how do I cancel?


Ordered a bunch . We’ll see if it gets cancelled


Items shipped, even after subscription canceled. Total $1.00 plus tax


What’s this tech made simple sub that comes with it?


You have to make sure to cancel it after the order of u don’t want to be charged 48 dollars the next month


I just got a bag 40oz bag of almonds 🙂


Are you joking


completely serious. I couldn’t figure out who ordered it, until I saw that the mouse was “delivered”.
Still waiting on the cable. Hopefully something fun comes


It wasn’t sold by Amazon, it was some random company claiming to be Amazon, look back at your order.


“There is also a subscription to a digital item”

What exactly is this service? When I click on it, I get the amazon dog error. And when I click on “digital orders”, it doesn’t show up.


mouse and usb-c cable were cancelled by amazon


I got both items and when I cancelled the “subscription” they returned the dollar

Boro boy


Just Sayin

Your subscription to Tech Made Simple: Back to School Tablet has been canceled. Because you canceled within the first 23 days, we have issued you a full refund. The refund amount will be credited to your original payment methods. Credit will be issued within 10 business days.

This is the message that I received today. No explanation.